Chris Douglas-Roberts Shares Inspirational Story About Kobe Bryant

Chris Douglas-Roberts Shares Inspirational Story About Kobe Bryant


Chris Douglas-Roberts,  Brian ButchChris Douglas-Roberts has quietly been a fan favorite in Los Angeles for the past two years, with the city discretely rooting for him to make the roster. This year, many expected him to, at the very least, receive a camp invite from the team when it was announced that he would again be on the Lakers Summer League roster.

However, it was Elias Harris and Marcus Landry who caught the eye of the team and CDR was left to try and find a home elsewhere. Douglas-Roberts was invited to the Knicks training camp, and was one of the last to be released by the team.

After the Knicks let him go, he shared this story about competing against Kobe Bryant during his first practice with the team in last year’s training camp on his Instagram account.

A lot of ppl wondered why Bean spoke so highly of me last yr. First day of camp Mike Brown tried to throw me in the fire right away. Made me & Bean 1 on 1 partners for the whole first practice. What Mike Brown didn’t know is that’s what I was waiting for. That whole day we went head up. At one point it damn near came to blows bc Bean will do anything for an edge. So he was elbowing me on the low for separation & I couldn’t let that go as a competitor. As a man. The refs were too scared to call the foul bc he was intimidating them all practice. But at then end it was all love. The respect is mutual. Gave me some pointers that are priceless. It’s a misconception on Bean. Ppl think he’s a sucker…hard to play with. It’s just that he expects the most of his teammates bc he works so hard. Easily realist hooper I’ve met. He never lies and I respect that. #ClosestThingtoJordan #HeNeverSleepsEither#ImOut

For many, going head-to-head with one of the NBA’s greats would prove to be intimidating, but for Douglas-Roberts, he took it as an opportunity to take advantage of a situation and try to prove his worth to a prominent organization.

For Bryant, it shows that he recognizes that, even the guys who struggle to make teams can earn his respect just by working hard and competing. Douglas-Roberts’ story shows a side of Bryant that many may not know about just by watching him on the court during the season.

Douglas-Roberts has suffered yet another set back by missing another cut with another NBA team, but if we can gain anything from the story he shared, this wont’ be the last time that we hear from the Memphis product, and he’s going to continue to work to earn his way onto an NBA roster.

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  • Jacob21

    To anyone who said that Kobe is hard to work with: Even a rookie from last year can see that in spite all the tough facade that shows his mates in the team, it was all because he wants to bring out the best in you. It may not show on court, but behind the eyes of the public, he tries to elevate everyone’s game.

    And how long have you been in the league?

    • Paytc

      Kobe goes to work ! He is in it to win it and nothing less. The best have much love and respect for Kobe even though a few are a little jealous.

      Trust and respect has to be earned and no one can deny that’s how Kobe got his. So he’ll be damn if he lets any sucker slack around and create a non business like environment on his clock. Good story. Much love !

  • Gregory Choa

    “It’s a misconception on Bean. Ppl think he’s a sucker…hard to play with. It’s just that he expects the most of his teammates bc he works so hard. Easily realist hooper I’ve met.”…which is all you need to know about why Dwight Howard is no longer a Laker.

    • Super Girl

      Kobe is Kobe and will always be one of the greatest!!! Howard is Howard and will always be easy to hate and a big looser!! I can not wait for him to fail again & again

  • Badeng

    Sorry Dwight, looks like you are not cut above the rest (as you may think). But I’m happy for you that you have found your home in Houston. I guess when your best player thinks Mr.T’s hairstyle is a fashion statement, you don’t really need to be all that serious on court.

  • ra

    It’s world wide knowledge that if you want to improve in ‘any sport’ that you are involved in, you work with someone who is better than you. What better chance ‘on earth’ than to work with the best, Kobe Bryant. And to add to that, KB tries to improve your game.

    So, if anyone thinks he is ‘difficult to work with’, consider this: he is not a ‘difficult person’ to work with — he makes working with him challenging, and so the more ‘difficult’ (the work), the better! I’m sure CDR improved his game just by being on the same team with Kobe.

    • Paytc

      Exactly. You see not everyone is able to be disciplined enough to handle the growing pains and accountability Kobe demands from all to include himself. Yeah he is difficult to work with, and even more so for a sucker because it’s not allowed on his clock.

      I’m patiently looking forward to his return. There is still a lot of basketball inside of Kobe ,not to mention the most heart in the game.The Lakers and the league are not the same without him. Cheers to Kobe’s full recovery !

  • Showtime818

    This is proof that Kobe is the last of a dying breed, he has that physical mentality that was coming to an end when he entered the league. Thats why players now days get mad so easily when they receive a little bit of contact because they are not used to that style of play. Which is why players get the wrong impression from him because they don’t carry that tough mind set and killer instinct that he carries. So many players take him for granted and want the easy ticket to the championship, but working with him should be the biggest honor.