Charles Barkley Takes Kobe Over LeBron In Top 10 List

Charles Barkley Takes Kobe Over LeBron In Top 10 List


NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles LakersThis offseason has seen its fair share of ex-and-current NBA players share their Top 10 players of all time lists. They’ve been interesting because there isn’t a consensus on who should crack the list, and personal biases get in the way.

This time around, it’s Charles Barkely talking Top 10 of all time, and had a very interesting answer when asked where LeBron James is on his list, according to Sports Illustrated.

“[…] Those second five fluctuate, but who do I take off my top five? LeBron can get to No. 6 on my list, but here’s the thing that bothers me about the whole LeBron debate: I want to know why y’all killed Kobe Bryant! Y’all don’t even compare him to LeBron anymore. You are skipping him for LeBron and going right to Michael. I’m still going to take five [titles] over two. It makes me laugh with my friends — the media just kills Kobe Bryant. Like he’s dead! Five still is a lot more than two!”

Barkley’s sentiments are counter to what most believe in today’s NBA with pundits shifting their collective praise from Bryant to James — which is understandable considering the accomplishments and accolades that James has earned in the past few seasons.

Barkley, however, still believes that James has a ways to go before he’s willing to give the greatness nod to James over Bryant.

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  • HeKnowsHisSport!

    Well said Barkley! #LBJ has a way to go to get to #BlackMamba’s stature!

  • ra

    Whaaaaattt?? Really? Is this a Charles Barkley robot that’s masquerading as the real Charles Barkley?

    He has traditionally put Kobe down. Also, since he doesn’t have any rings, he has tended to minimize championships over talent.

    This is great. I’ll be watching TNT instead of ESPN from now on.

    • Paytc

      Hold on :-) I would not take things that far off one rightful Barkley action. He may be going through a temporary phase? Maybe he’s taking a new supplement or medication? Perhaps he is only trying out the new supplement? You will have to determine Barkley’s behavior on a consistent basis? But I do have to agree at this point to give Barkley some props for taking a little more risk. For not always just saying something pc for job security.

    • Samuel Pérez García

      No, he has NOT traditionally put Kobe down. Quite the opposite, it’s been a few times he has been the one defending Kobe in these all time greats lists. Just because he doesn’t cater to Kobe 24/7 doesn’t mean he’s a hater.

  • Jim213


    • Paytc

      That actually is not to hard to believe. Obviously Miami (who I predicted would win 3 in 5 years)when they put what I believed “at the time” were the second and 3rd best players in the league Wade(2),Lebron(3) on the same team. They are the favorites again but….(I think Bulls or Pacers may pull the upset)?

      And with the addition of Doc Rivers and CP3’s hunger and heart we must take the Clippers seriously even if you want to be in denial? I am still pulling for the Lakers to win it all !

      But for Barkley(generally a Kobe hater) to finally straighten up his jelly-fish spine of a backbone and “keep it real” is probably the biggest surprise and hardest for me to believe?
      I sure hope his health is well? Why the sudden about face?

      I don’t judge who’s better strictly by rings. Kobe is better because he’s played at the higher level longer. Because he showed Lebron up close and personally during their time together on the U.S.Olympic team what it takes to be the best. Because Kobe did’nt have to seek out the second best player in the league at the time D.Wade to team up with to finally make it to the top of the hill. Because until last year Lebron would never be willing to take the games last shot in championship games. Kobe has a much stronger will and a bigger heart than Lebron.Not to mention he taught Lebron by example how to work harder.

      The league is trying to pass the torch to Lebron because they know Kobe may retire before Lebron. Lebron is one of the best in the “gather an all-star team ” era, but Kobe is one of the greatest in the history of the game. That’s the difference IMO.

      Shame on the league for only giving Kobe (one of the all time greatest ) only one MVP.
      May whoever played a part in that sham have to answer for that some day.

      Go Kobe ! Cheers to your successful return to dominance.
      Go Lakers !

      • Jim213

        Disagree, CP3 is the only thing the Clippers have going aside of Doc. Come playoff time teams will shut them down. Griffin is a good player but needs to develop his game more to help the team more so come playoff time.

        Doc is a good coach but he can only do so much with the current talent around him aside of CP3. IMO, Clipps better finish as a top 3 seed to advance to the second round given that 4 and 5 seeds are more evenly matched.

        • Paytc

          They have a few good pieces in place now. Who is to say Doc Rivers won’t evaluate the teams strength and weaknesses and select a few new pieces?
          That is what the better coaches do. They know how to get the most out of what they have, and when and where to add pieces.

          They also know how to be flexible in the way they attack opponents. Doc is not a “one shoe fits all ” amateur type /over hyped coach. Doc will not be too predictable and easy to prepare for.

          I think it is a very good chance the Clipper will get a top 3 seed. There are no guarantees.

          But again I am not a Clippers fan, but I know they are serious playoff contenders.
          It is far to early to make realistic predictions because so many things could happen. Tonight should be interesting.

          Go Lakers !

          • Jim213

            Possible but when it comes to going to the Finals seems like the team’s that go through the hardships at first are the ones who put themselves in contention on a yearly basis. IMO, I have Spurs, OKC, and Rockettes as the top 3 seeds in the West.

            Like DP has recently brought up H -Town looks good but they’ll need more time to mold themselves to be considered favorites to win a title. Inexperience come playoff time is what places both the Rockettes and Clipps on back of Spurs and OKC, they have good coaches but inexperience (team and leaders) is what places doubt.

          • Paytc

            Yes that has been the common threads of success. But throwing Rivers in the mix with a hungry CP3 puts the norm in jeopardy? I think the Warriors and Clippers could upset your top 3 picks. I do agree Westbrook,Durant ,and company will be hungry. Spurs just have played out their welcome. The Rockets will be playoff contenders but I would be surprised if they leapfrog into the top 3 slot? It is not impossible? We just have to remember it does not matter the seed. Because I have seen number one seeds get beaten by the number 8 seed. It will only be one teams turn to win the championship, no matter how much noise other teams make. Right now everyone needs to be aiming to knock off the Heat !

          • Jim213

            It’s more so the depth that teams like the Spurs have which if they would’ve made them free throws in (late) game 6 against Miami we wouldn’t be talking about the Heat today.

            But I do have some doubts about OKC given Westbrook but given that he’ll likely be returning late November I still have see them as a top seed. As for Wade some say he’s still experiencing knee problems and if he has issues more so this season than last I doubt the Heat would three peat.

          • Paytc

            Outside from the free throws if Pop would have road Duncan’s back in the second half they would have won. The problem I see for the Spurs is just being lucky enough to stay healthy and relevant with so many capable playoff teams in the West. At some point experience will not be able to deny drive and hunger. No guarantees for anyone.

          • Jim213

            Popovich has done a good job in mixing his team with young legs and vets. Likely sit out Duncan and Ginobli towards the end of the season. But yes no guarantees given that teams are just an injury away from being knocked out of contention.

          • Paytc

            So true ! Lets see what we look like tonight. Go Lakers !

      • ra

        Spurs want revenge. Pop has a bad taste from the Finals last year (which they ‘just about won’). They’re going to push it a little more this year, but don’t know how it will play out.

        Meantime, Lakers will provide us with exciting basketball, and next year will take it up a level, I’m sure (after the free-agent summer of 2014).

        I really hope that Kobe re-tools and gets his ‘second wind’ for the next few years.

        • Jim213

          Honestly I’m more interested in watching the 2nd team than the current starting lineup. The newbies have fresher legs and will have a bigger role this season than in the past given that vets will have reduced minutes.

          Looking at it more so in the sense of what player will take advantage of the current circumstances to earn a future roster spot aside of Farmar.

        • Paytc

          I am always respectful of the impact good coaches bring to the game. Pop is a good coach. I thought he took that team further than I expected them to go. I also thought he did a poor job closing out the Heat in game 6. Why he got away from Duncan who killed the Heat in the 1st half makes me wonder? And the lineup he had in the 4th quarter at crunch time? That said the window of opportunity is only so wide with CBA and the number of hungry elite players/teams. I am not taking the Spurs too seriously this season. But I would not totally over look the chances that they may again exceed expectations.

  • jarradcvh059

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  • shw

    LeBron is top 10 already so he surpassed Kobe.

    • Paytc

      Good for you it’s still free to dream in this country :-)…..

      Study the history of the game and the greatest who ever played it and then get back to us.
      Be a good student and study it” carefully” to see what separates the good from the few greats who ever played. Then use your own mind to objectively make conclusions, not just popular conclusions which are not always right.

      There is a lot to consider. Good luck !

      • shw

        I’ve been studying history for 20 years and if i took popular conclusions then i would talk same nonsenses like all KB fanboys. So if you tried to show off, then unfortunately you failed.

        • Paytc

          No, I humbly have enough self confidence to not have to flatter myself.
          I do not know you personally, but based on the fact you would place Lebron in a class higher than Kobe speaks for itself.

          • shw

            I’m not placing LeBron’s career a class higher, but just higher. Overall the whole career they are close now, but Kobe is almost certainly finished and LeBron have all 30s before. So for 5 years it’s almost sure that his supremacy won’t be debatable.

          • Paytc

            Well you are free to have your opinions. I do respectfully disagree with you and think the path Lebron chose to reach the top diminishes his status. Today’s youth think taking the easier path is more admirable. I don’t see it that way. That is exactly what D12 is trying to do. That is why I call this the “gather an all-star team to win ” era. I just respect those who were able to reach the top without leaving their teams (the ole fashion way ) more than the easy way.

            Not to mention Lebron is playing catch up to Kobe (one of the all time greatest) I would never disrespect someone who paths the way for a player who potentially could get there. That is why players like Kobe has too much respect for MJ, Magic,Kareem,Oscar etc… where as Lebron based on his own comments does not. The greatest are real and let their bodies of work reflect their status not their mouths.

            If and when Kobe steps down then and only then can Lebron even think about being the so call greatest player in the NBA. That would only put him in a list of active players. It is so disrespectful for anyone to place any active players to include Kobe and Lebron in a list of all time greatest.

            It is best to let them finish out their careers if you have respect for current players,past players, and the game itself IMO.

          • shw

            Argument ‘not change team’ is very weak, because players have very varied conditions and opportunities copete for the championship. Fact that someone goes to another team change nothing in his value as a player, not everyone has so much lucky as Kobe for example (who may be easily call most lucky superstar ever) to come to holywood at 18, get one week later one of the most dominant player ever and many more in next 15 years. I suggest you come back to 2007 when three years of drought were enough for Kobe to be the biggest screamer in the league who wanted to play any other place, even on pluton. If Lakers didn’t get Gasol that time, Kobe would have been for a long time in another team. So LeBron should be respected that he gave 7 years to Cleveland, but also because he was enough wise to leave this swap when he was young and motivated to fight for the biggest things and not wasting his career in organization which was never intentional to play for championships.
            I suspect that any other player in this situation would do the same, but
            not every of them have to be in that situation.

            “If and when Kobe steps down then and only then can Lebron even think about being the so call greatest player in the NBA.”

            Why? Because Kobe fans don’t like fact that someone may be better? And if any player is better, than there were other who retire, why should I wait to end of their career? It’s not a matter of disrespect, it’s matter of natural turn of things.

          • Paytc

            You are free to believe that . I am free to my perspectives as well.
            Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

          • Paytc

            That is why the commissioner and a few cry baby teams blocked the CP3 to the Lakers trade. They knew putting two of the leagues best players on one team like Lebron did when he joined D. Wade (at the time the 2nd best player in the NBA) was a recipe for 3 titles min in 5 years. As I said you are free to believe what you believe. We are both just chopping up perspectives.

          • shw

            You know Laker fans are the last who can grumble on their situation. Ye, have a nice day :)

          • Paytc

            Thanks you too !

  • gLAdude

    Yeah, and Barkeley also said on Monday Night Football last night that the Lakers don’t stand a chance this year and will be one of the weakest teams. How can that be with these remarks on Kobe? C’mon Charles!!! Your outlook on our season is as bad as your golf game.

  • Badeng

    You can’t compare LeBron to Kobe. Take away Wade and Bosh and see if he can win a ring with non-elite players. Oh, we know the outcome already cause that was his situation m in Cleveland,

  • Golteb

    failed quiz

    • Badeng

      LOL! I would definitely fail that test too just by looking at the pictures.

  • Loisloves

    WOW! Barkley has been a Kobe hater for some time. This is a switch! The other point I agree with Sir Charles is the media killing Kobe off. Amazing,,,disrespectful and we’lllllll see!
    Stay tuned.