Charles Barkley Has Lakers Favorites in Western Conference

Charles Barkley Has Lakers Favorites in Western Conference


The Los Angeles Lakers have put together a very talented team this off-season, but there will still be critics who argue that they cannot get the talent to work together. Some cannot see all that talent meshing and there will be plenty of debate this season on whether or not Los Angeles can raise the Larry O’Brien trophy.

However, TNT analyst Charles Barkley is not one of those who believe the Lakers cannot succeed. CBS Sports reports that Barkley has the Lakers as the favorites in the Western Conference.

What team he thinks is the favorite in the Western Conference on paper:

“The Lakers. Host: Over Oklahoma City? Yeah. I’m not a big Oklahoma City fan because I don’t think they get any easy baskets. Like last year I didn’t think they could win and the reason I picked Miami to win the championship, the only way you’re going to beat Miami is beat them up inside. That’s what their weakness is. You’re not going to beat them on the perimeter shooting jumpers with Westbrook and Durant. The only way to beat them is the way the Mavericks beat them, with Dirk Nowitzkiand Tyson Chandler down low. Unless Oklahoma City gets some low post scoring, they’re going to win a lot of games because they have two terrific players and James Harden is terrific also, but you’re not going to win the championship just shooting jumpers.”

The Lakers have a very talented starting five and have drastically improved their bench with the additions of Antawn Jamison, Jodie Meeks and Chris Duhon. The Lakers fixed their point guard need by trading for Steve Nash and paired Pau Gasol with the best center in the league, Dwight Howard.

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Still, before the Lakers aim to take the Miami Heat off the NBA throne, they have to beat the young stars in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City is a very explosive team and it can go on a 10-0 run in the blink of an eye. The Lakers will have their hands full when playing the Thunder and it will be the ultimate battle between the rising stars and proven veterans.

  • LiveorDieinLA

    It depends on how hard defensely you play the Thunder…..if u play hard nose defense like Miami did….a few good hard fouls will make any guard think about coming in there…except the likes of Iverson and the great Isiah Thomas…..but it is some serious crybabys coming in the league today…great talent….but spoiled all the way through AAU…but any way….the Thunder can score…but you have to keep them honest on the perimeter….scrappy air……no walking to the sweet spot and shooting…as a defensive player you can dictate which way the guard can go…you have to play 48 minutes of defense against the Thunder…or they will go off……lol….I think the Lakers can beat them…they only lost the crucial games by under 5…….Kobe is not letting them off the hook this year….they are not coming down there with D howard (Manchild)…but we will see…

  • scot

    Lakeers will beat both OKC and MIAMI