Charles Barkley Does Not Believe Kobe Can Return to Dominant Player

Charles Barkley Does Not Believe Kobe Can Return to Dominant Player


NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles LakersWhenever a player faces a season ending injury there is growing concern that he will be unable to return to his former state.

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Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles at the end of the 2012-13 season, and at age 34, many people find it hard to believe the five-time champion can make a full recovery. Although Bryant’s rehab process is going according to schedule and his eyes are set on opening night, NBA analyst Charles Barkley does not see Bryant returning as a dominant player.

Barkley spoke on the Dan Patrick show this morning, and said we have seen the last of an elite Kobe Bryant.

I think he can be a good player. That’s it. Is he going to be an All-Star? He’ll probably be an All-Star because the fans will vote him in. But as far as being a dominant player, that’s not going to happen.

Bryant said he will return to full form and will do whatever it takes to regain the strength in his Achilles. Kobe has been one of the  most durable players in the NBA and if there is a player that can back from such a devastating injury, it’s him.

The Lakers struggled mightily without Kobe Bryant as they barely managed to reach the post season and got swept in the first round by the San Antonio Spurs.

Barkley talked about Dwight Howard, too, and his thoughts on whether or not Howard has what it takes to lead the Lakers in the post-Kobe era.


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  • Dmouse35

    Says the man with no rings!

  • Mark Anthony Jones

    Exactly Dmouse35, the man with NO RINGS at all. Charles Barkley shutup!

  • hookedonnews

    No one knows how Kobe’s going to play when he returns, but I wouldn’t bet against him. Dominique Wilkins was able to play well after an Achilles injury. There may be a little athleticism lost, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be a great player.

    • Willie D

      Good comment!
      Kobe is a smart player.That’s why he has played at such a high level for so long.If Kobe was foolish and egotistical, he would have hurt himself a long time ago. Media haters have been saying he’s lost a step,he can’t get to the rim and dunk like he use to for years.He knows what he can and can’t do, and is his own biggest critic.Kobe can control and motivate himself without outside support or criticism.However…support is always preferred over the opposite.

  • ken

    i agree with Barkley

    • Willie D.

      We know what boat your on because the like hearted stick together.
      Thanks for the words of encouragement.Another doubter who will continue losing.No game…. so they knock those who do. lol……

  • Crystal

    I can’t with Charles Barkley and his negative ass comments. He never has anything nice to say! Kobe WILL come back better and stronger than ever and when he gets that 6th ring Charles will feel dumb as hell. GTFOH.

  • quickster

    This knuckle head will always say anything to get notice. He always predicting and most of the time he is wrong. Kobe will comeback better than ever. Chuck is always jealous of Kobe Bryant since the day of Shaq and Kobe. He always take Shaq side.

  • Nathan Roach

    I bet Barkley in his prime can’t guard Kobe after his recovery from this injury

    • Paytc

      Great point! and that is more than a medical fact LOL…..

  • Phil Jackson

    Achilles tendon after injury and surgery is shorter. That is medical fact. That leg will never be 100% ever again. Purely from the point of view of athleticism, Kobe will never match his peak ever again. However, in terms of effectiveness on court, it depends on his adjustments. If he is able make enough right adjustments to his game to compensate for his reduced athleticism, he can be just as effective as before. Is that likely? I don’t think so. The injury, his advancing age, the reshuffling of the Lakers, and the rise of the next generation all points to the twilight of Kobe’s career. It has been a great career, but its glory days are already past and unlikely to ever return.

    • Paytc

      How would you know Mr.Fake Phil Jackson?Kobe was not suppose to be performing at the level he was when the injury happened.Kobe will return and continue to impact the game at a high level because he can hurt you in a number of ways.Everyone knows an 18 year veteran is not gonna be at their prime,but we thought the same about the 17 year veteran who should have shared the MVP award with Lebron last year, based on how far he willed an injured team with inconsistent help from other so call superstar teammates.I don’t think Lebron,cp3,Durant,or anyone else could have led that Laker team to the playoffs, based on all they were faced with.Kobe you have the support and well wishes from your true supporters.Being who you are,I’m sure you’ll continue on business as usual,regardless what these critics/haters have to say.

  • Paytc


    Thanks for the words of encouragement….
    I guess you’ll say anything you think will help keep your job.
    It is hard enough to return after an injury.A great player like Kobe deserves your encouragement and support….. unless your looking out for yourself and/or jealous.Kobe has a far more superior mind than you do, so his mental and physical preparation and rehab, will pull him thru.