Chandler Parsons ‘Can’t See’ LeBron Joining Lakers; Says He’ll Leave Miami Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/nfsSvLw54C4 With the Miami Heat on the brink of elimination in the 2014 NBA Finals, the speculation is starting to run rampant about LeBron Jame http://youtu.be/nfsSvLw54C4 With the Miami Heat on the brink of elimination in the 2014 NBA Finals, the speculation is starting to run rampant about LeBron Jame Rating: 0
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Chandler Parsons ‘Can’t See’ LeBron Joining Lakers; Says He’ll Leave Miami

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With the Miami Heat on the brink of elimination in the 2014 NBA Finals, the speculation is starting to run rampant about LeBron James’ immediate future. Most believed LeBron would stay in Miami, but now with the Heat no longer looking invincible, uncertainty looms.

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Chandler Parsons of the Houston Rockets appears convinced that LeBron will head elsewhere. Parsons made an appearance on SportsNation on Friday and said he thinks LeBron is leaving Miami because he’s done all he can do there, but also thinks the Los Angeles Lakers won’t be where he lands next season.

Even though the Heat are on the verge of being eliminated in the Finals, anything can happen moving forward. Although no team in NBA history has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals, it is still too early to close the book on LeBron and company.

If the Heat ultimately do lose to the Spurs, it’d be safe to assume that drastic changes may be on the horizon in Miami. LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all have the ability to opt out of their contracts this summer and may elect to do so as the result of losing in the Finals for the second time in four years.

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LeBron will obviously be the biggest name on the NBA free agent market if he does opt out and many have speculated that the Cleveland Cavaliers could be a possible destination, but the Lakers and New York Knicks could also take a run at signing the superstar.

A rumor did surface earlier this week that the Lakers are putting their coaching search on hold with the prospect of potentially signing LeBron or Carmelo Anthony in free agency. Although it appears to be long shot that the Lakers would have a dog in the fight if LeBron became available, the storied franchise will likely still try and pitch four-time NBA MVP.
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  • Kobe Will Get 6

    Anyone remember Lillard hitting the game winning three to close the series right in his face?

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    • LBJ

      Chris Bosh is a soft bitch and he is getting less than 5 rebounds a game and he is annoying then you got crappy Dwayne Wade and his bad knees that are worse than a 50 years old person.The coach sucks with rotations and strategy and the Miami Heat role players are MIA they suck.Ya the choice is easy leave the Heat for the Lakers.Done deal.Heat are done.

    • G Man

      Parsons need to shut up and worry about his own job. Which I heard isn’t secure.

    • Micky

      Kobe Will Get 6 as in LeBron James #6.HE’S COMING SOON!GO LAKERS.

  • Jonathan Matulac

    I do. He’s been bad mouthing the Lakers since last year. He’s the reason why Howard moved to the Rockets. Didn’t do them any good though! They choked in the 1st Round against the Blazers! His comments smell of desperation…

  • Ireland

    I would be shocked if LeBron James accepts a meeting with the Lakers.Honestly LeBron James won’t even visit the Lakers in free agency.No way will Carmelo meet with the Lakers either.These guys want to win a championship the Lakers are a lottery team that is not ready to contend until maybe a few years.Wiley and Parsons were being way too nice to the Lakers they are soft these days go hard on the Lakers boys.Come on tell them what you really think about the Lakers.

    • Tim Stafford

      Well, if Carmelo and LeBron join the Lakers with Kobe, don’t you think that would make them contenders? With their 7th pick in the draft, resign a few dudes like Jordan Hill, Pau Gasol, Nick Young, Bazemore, Farmar, and Meeks, you have a decent team right there.

      • Jimbuzz

        Right on

      • Showtime

        If Kobe is paid $25 million/year, then Lebron and Melo are worth $ 40 million / year. Pay the tax and let’s put the show on the road.

        Also, is Kobe prepared to shut and let the King lead.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          Let the King lead? How did it end up having that amount of talent on your team and you are literally kicked in the ass in the most one sided NBA finals ever! Kobe is still the leader of this team, Lebron or no Lebron… shhhhsss…

          Compare the amount of talent this Miami team has with the ones Kobe lead to 2 championships… and you will see what I mean….

      • j.thekidd

        I agree

      • TheEclectic

        Lets get back to reality. That’s not happening.

        • LakersWereTheBest

          All the smog in Los Angeles does affect the thought process sometimes.

      • Jake

        We could have done this if they did not offer Kobe that insane contract. A reasonable 16 mil offer would have made all the difference for lakers getting right back into championship contention, but that ship has sailed and we have to endure this 3-5 year project :(

    • nick

      I think you are disconnected with the NBA world, when was the last time you noticed Championship trophies in Lakerland, it’s quite OK to love your team and dislike other team cause they whoop your ‘you know what’, but then there is true sportsman spirit where if you are a true fan of the sport you follow, you give respect and appreciate any team that has fared pretty well backed by their track record. You admire it, thas a winning attitude of winners in any aspects of life every thing else is of a loser.

    • Ya daddy

      Go suck a dick bitch, and shut the fuck up . Choke on one but do it soft not hard you pussy.

    • Computer Networking

      Not necessarily. LeBron wants money. He already have champioships. He is counted as arguably the best player in the nba right now, and he is getting paid around the same amount as pau gasol, Dwayne wade, and Chris bosh. He will be looking for the money

  • LeRon

    The Lakers just gotta be nice to LeBron James and they have a great chance.

  • Abraham

    LeBron James is signing with the Lakers.They are just keeping it hush hush.Top secret Lakers FO won’t allow anyone to know what they plan on doing.LBJ yes.

    • TheZuluNation

      If it is so hush hush how do you know then? (sarcasm) Lol.

  • Chrmngblly

    Who believes this shit? If Miami doesn’t win this year, why would LBJ rush to join a team like the Lakers that didn’t even make the playoffs? Who’s kidding who?

    • http://instagram.com/allgxld GodlyRebel

      I believe this “SHIT” for reasons i would not share

      • Chrmngblly

        You are welcome to believe anything you want, of course. Should we suppose your reasons are faith-based?

    • kobe

      You asshole

      • Chrmngblly

        Me? Why am I the asshole?

  • itsmarvinyo

    And I can’t see Chandler Parsons winning a ring..

  • rik

    lakers next year:
    Kobe 23 mil, lebron, 20 mil, gortat 7 mil, smart 3 mil, hill 4 mil, okafor 1 mil, bazemore 1 mil, kelly 1 mil, sacre 1 mil, farmar 2 mil, marshall 1 mil, henry 1 mil, nash 9 mil.
    PG: Smart, farmar, marshall, nash
    SG: Kobe, bazemore
    SF: Lebron/ henry
    PF: Hill/ kelly
    C: Gortat/ okafor/ sacre
    West standings next year:
    1. Thunder
    2. Clippers
    3. warriors
    4. rockets
    5: lakers
    6. Blazers
    7. Grizz
    8. Suns
    9. Spurs
    10. mavericks
    11. nuggets
    12. pelicans
    13. minnesota
    14. kings
    15. jazz
    East standings:
    1. Pacers
    2. bulls
    3. heat
    4. wizards
    5. raptors
    6. hornets
    7. nets
    8. knicks
    9. hawks
    10. bucks
    11. cavs
    12. sixers
    13. celtics
    14. pistons
    15. magic

    • Lakers Rebuilding

      what about getting love next offseason?

      • rik

        hill is just a fill in lakers can get love too

    • MustardsOffTheHotDog

      No Nick Young or Pau Gasol?

    • comrade24

      pretty sure that team would do better than 5th in the West. And you have the Spurs not even making the playoffs????

      • Badazztj12

        you not bullshitting even if Duncan and Gino retire, they are a great passing and defensive team. All them have chemistry with or without there best player

  • Lakers Rebuilding

    yeah parsons like anyone’s gonna take you seriously when your sportsnation smh. All ive got to say is anything is possible

  • VillainKing

    how about Parsons says” I can’t see winning championship in the Rockets team”..also for my own opinion I don’t want Lebron in the Lakers..

  • Jim Buss Fan Club

    Lakers gotta prove to LeBron James they are a world championship team with him in the mix.As long as championships are the reality he will sign on the dotted line.

    Lakers Win A Championship Possibly With This Lineup

    PG Marcus Smart
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF LeBron James
    PF Carmelo Anthony
    C Emeka Okafor/Andrew Bynum/Robert Sacre

    • globe_smart_sun

      Lakers will Win Championship with this lineup

      PG Nash
      SG Kobe
      SF Deng
      PF Love
      C Gortat

      • TheZuluNation

        Slow ya roll there bro.

      • Chrmngblly

        Yeah, Gortat is not realistic. What about

        PG Smart*/Marshall
        SG Stephenson/Meeks
        SF Kobe/Gordon*/Young
        PF Love/Kelly/Gordon*
        C Chandler/Sacre/Bynum

        * depends on draft
        Chandler and Stephenson may be doable.via trade and FA

    • MustardsOffTheHotDog

      Why not throw Greg Oden in there as long as you like injured centers?

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    LeBron won’t come to the Lakers.The Lakers is Kobe’s team.No way LeBron can play second to Kobe.Dwight Howard couldn’t do it,and LeBron damn sure can’t.The only reason Nash can do it is for the money.

    • MustardsOffTheHotDog

      It’s gonna’ be difficult to win a championship if your best player is 36 years old.

  • Nick

    What now? This new Kid farson, I mean parson is new NBA analyst now? Comedian, is this the same guy recruited Dwight and got eliminated first round? Like we lack in clowns and then there comes a new one.

  • Bravo

    unless divine intervention happens, LeBron is not joining the Lakers this offseason. right now were rebuilding and our roster is depleted. i doubt anybodys going to sign thinking we can immediately contend for a title

  • kiko

    Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and mike woodson and lionel hollins and try to interview i consider Doug Collins for as Next Head Coach LA Lakers please

  • Lakers4Life

    Heh, Parsons needs to worry more about which team he’ll be traded to this off season lol.
    LeBron as a Laker would be awesome and I know most normal fans would agree. Hope Miami loses tomorrow and we’ll see if the Lakers end up giving the sales pitch to the Bron for teh WIN!

  • lateTotheparty

    Hello Wake up Lakers. That should have been done in 2010 and 2007.

    Little late to the party and Kobe’s years wasted.

  • Sean Parks

    Why does it even matter what Chandler Parsons said? How is this news? This website is a 100% joke ran by kids most of the time. Serna Winter is the only thing worth coming to this website for.

  • Robert L. I.

    Totally agree with Sean Parks. Who the hell is Chandler Parsons? Who cares what he says. He doesn’t know shit about Lebron. This site continually pushes dumbassed rumors & speculation & 9 out 10 times they’re no closer to a story than I am.
    Stop “dissecting superstars quotes” to package your wants as Laker’s fans. K. Love says stuff, Lebron says stuff, Mitch says stuff, can’t you wait till they ANOUNCE stuff? That usually makes the announcement clear. It ends speculation

    IMO, Love’s not impressed w/Laker management, you know why I know that? Because that’s what he said. King Leflopper James has said time & again L.A.’s not a destination he’d concider. Now why with Phil Jackson running the Knicks (allegedly) would Carmello move to the Lakers & embrace Jimbo Buss… It’s not gonna happen. Those who continue to dream in fairies you’re annoying and goodluck to you.

    • dlee3

      Lol sounds like your a laker hater! Must be a dwight fan

  • Marty Susman

    Well first off the last player I would like to see in purple & gold is Melo. Next LBJ is NOT going to be playing for the Lakers. Third IF he leaves the Heat, he would be much better off in New York or playing for the Cav’s. Those are the ONLY two places he would go. Forth the Laker’s front office has made (in the past few years) some VERY stupid bad moves BUT I am withholding my thoughts until after I see what if anything they can do this summer…….Can they get Monroe, Stevenson, Irving or any other “YOUNG” future star ??? Can they DUMP Nash for a real player ? Can they save cap space for Love for next year ? & so on….

    • Robert L. I.

      Marty I couldn’t agree with you more. I attribute it to logic. You think logically and probably make great decisions on a daily basis.

  • Marty Susman

    I am going to wait & see how the team looks & plays next year & who they decide on as far asa the coach is concerned. It should be Jeff or Byron with Byron my first choice. They can make Kareem & Rambus asst. coach’s.

  • comrade24

    Well, i “can’t see” Parsons winning a championship before the Lakers do.

    • Paul Roach

      Well, its a million times more likely that Parsons and the young and improving Rockets win a Championship or two before the Lakers and their idiot front office get close to winning anything other than the draft lottery. Kobe is a cancer and is taking up 40% of their cap space for the next 2 years, all the while preventing the Lakers from being able to sign enough all-star level talent to rebuild their cellar-dwelling franchise. The Lakers suck, and its due in large part to Kobe not being able to accept that his ability is diminished, his athleticism is almost gone, and he has never been able to win without an All-Star center on his team. Kobe ran Dwight off because he would not hand over the reins to a younger, more capable star player, and thus set the Lakers franchise back at least 5 years. Lakers management should all be taken out to the desert and shot for their stupidity and incompetence. The Lakers have deserved this lottery level team for so many years. It is soooooooooooooo satisfying to the rest of the NBA and its fans to see the Lakers not be able to buy their way out of a rebuild finally. Suck it Lakers, you’ve more than earned it.

      • dlee3

        Lol another laker hater! Damn you would think they’d be worried about their own team.. unless??? You jumped bandwagons! Lemme guess.. spurs or heat fan?

  • Way-way

    Pg. Smart, Marshall and Nash
    Sg. Kobe, Bazemore
    Sf. Deng, Swaggy P, A vet
    Pf. Boozer, Kelly
    C. Gasol, Oakafor, Sacre.

    If lebron wants to come to la.

    Pg. Smart, Marshall and Nash
    Sg. Kobe, Bazemore
    Sf. Lebron, Swaggy P, A vet
    Pf. Boozer, Kelly
    C. Gasol, Oakafor, Sacre.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Or want him here talented or not

  • LakersWereTheBest

    Anyone can say whatever they want here! I just said the obvious!

    But, I hear LBJ should take a pay-cut. No players should take a pay-cut. The owners do not give discounts on the ticket sales.

    Now, why in this world should LBJ, the best player on Earth (I get it the Lakers fans do not think so, but that is not important, all the top ESPN personnel agree on this one) come to a broken Lakers and take a pay-cut. Why should LBJ, this alone will turn him off. To begin with your house is a Hyundai, now, take a pay-but to ride here. Kobe, now, as it stands, WAS NOT THE BEST PLAYER BEFORE INJURIES. Where Kobe will rank after injuries is all speculations.

    Did Kobe take a pay cut? I not advocating that he should. LBJ is at leat worth 2 times the value of Kobe. Is the Lakers going to pay him $50 million dollars a year.

    LBJ has nothing to proof. If he retires today, he is already considered top 10 players of all time and If he wins one or two more, he will crack top ten.

    What a joke!!

    As a fan of the Lakers since Kareem Era, it is so sad that the best Club in the World is struggling for Identity.

    During the 80′s the Lakers had three 3 players who were top 5.

    In the 2000′s the Lakers had two players who were top 2!

    Where is all that glory? Let’s not write about it, let’s see the proof.

    • dlee3

      You ain’t no Lakers fan! I am so I know we can still contend, lebron or no lebron! Before kobe fell he was top 3 in scoring not to mention he was in his mid late 30s lol it won’t take 5 years to get back. We will make the playoffs next season. They’re the Lakers and they know how to build a team so go ahead and hate!! LA NATION!!!!!!

  • Daryl Peek

    Diaw starts as Spurs put on Game 3 clinic:

    LeBron James gave the Spurs credit for putting Boris Diaw in the starting lineup following Game 4 on Thursday.
    “Implementing Diaw into the lineup has given them another point guard on the floor,” James said. Diaw dropped nine dimes to go with his eight points and nine boards in 36 minutes in Game 4 and has really helped space the floor on offense.

    Another PG on the floor? Kwahi; athletic wing, Danny Green, Patty Mills, Belinelli, ETC… three point specialists? This kind of basketball philosophy sounds very familiar? Diaw the STRETCH 4 who’s heavily impacted the finals, hmm?

  • Easy Street

    Better than Miami is this lineup.

    PG Marcus Smart
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF LeBron James
    PF Carmelo Anthony
    C Chris Kaman

  • Magic Man

    LeBron James knows the Lakers are the right team for his career to progress.Coming to play for the Lakers gives him more rings than staying in Miami.With the Los Angeles Lakers he will be surrounded by great players ever year he is with the Lakers anywhere else you can’t trust the management but with the Lakers we have a proven track record of winning championships and competing for the gold every year when we have a stacked roster.Welcome to LA LBJ!

  • Marcus

    After losing 4-1 to the Spurs in the NBA Finals in the blowout fashion that the Heat lost in their is no way he stays with that broken down franchise and team.Coming to the Lakers is mere formality by now.Lakers are the perfect fit for LeBron James.


    The Miami Heat got their ass kicked so bad by the Spurs,if it was a boxing match the referee would have stopped the match very early in the rounds each loss.The Spurs dominated the Heat so bad that LeBron James will not want to stay.The Heat got beatdown by the dominant Spurs team.The Heat will never be shit again.They are now irrelevant especially if LeBron James comes to the Lakers.GTFO Heat.Fuck Heat Nation ya LeBron James is coming to PURPLE AND GOLD NATION.

  • Super Girl

    Sad to say Parson is really scared Lebron will bejoining the LAKERS!! HAHAH! he better be careful saying anything against any NBA player because he might be AMNESTIED to make way for a more RELIABLE player than him…. BWAHAHAHA!!!

  • iEATcelticBabies

    i dont give a shizzat WTF !!! i will always and forever bleed purple and fart gold..smell me?

  • The_Sports_Dude

    When I found out Houston wasn’t going to pick up the option on Parsons, allowing him to become a restricted free agent, it made me hope the Lakers would pull a Houston and make a ridiculous offer that causes Houston to balk at matching, just like what they did to Chicago for Omer Asik and the Knicks for Jeremy Lin.

  • @2loudoun

    he takes defensive advice from j harden enough said after all that to lure d12 to houston nothing to show for it if lebron went there teams would just file him and howard and that would make d12 the 4th option anyway his job is not safe anyway

    and the slippers will not be doing anything bad ft% so that makes no sense but hey ppl never thought he would leave the cavs either

  • asdasd

    le bron is not welclome in the l.a bcoz of his uggly face

  • asdasd

    he is a humble palyer a cheater bad moves

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