CHALLENGE: Create Your All-Time Lakers Starting Line-Up Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="291"] The Lakers have a long history and is considered one of, if not the most storied franchise in all of sports. It's your turn to put to [new_royalslider id="291"] The Lakers have a long history and is considered one of, if not the most storied franchise in all of sports. It's your turn to put to Rating: 0
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CHALLENGE: Create Your All-Time Lakers Starting Line-Up

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The Lakers have a long history and is considered one of, if not the most storied franchise in all of sports. It’s your turn to put together your ultimate Lakers all-time starting line-up, WITHOUT going over the $18 salary cap.


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That’s one point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, center, and coach. And, if you’re struggling, check out our clearance rack!

Lakers Nation, put on your GM cap, and let’s see what great lineup you can come up with.

CHALLENGE: Create the best ALL-TIME Lakers starting line-up possible without going over the $18 salary cap (see graphic below).

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BRAGGING RIGHTS: Best line-ups will be featured in our slider. Check back to see if your line-up made our TOP list!

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Number of Entries : 689
  • JR Junior

    HC Pat Riley
    Pg Derrick Fisher
    SG Black Mamba
    SF Cedric Ceballos
    PF Big Shot Rob
    C The big Dipper Wilt

    My sqad will not be outscored and if the game comes down to the clutch we have 3 of the best clutch shooters of all time & a cool coach.

  • John Bills

    $1 Derek Fisher
    $4 Kobe Bryant
    $3 Glen Rice
    $2 Robert Horry
    $4 Shaq
    $4 Phil Jackson

    • Brandi Nikki Bennett

      Fish is worth $3 tho

  • Miguel Moran


  • Lee – 50 year Laker fan

    SG Kobe Bryant – no other consideration $5
    C – Wilt Chamberlain – best center ever for $3 is another certain pick
    PF – Robert Horry – Big Shot Rob for $2 – have to choose him to stay under the cap
    PG – Magic Johnson – Hard to have a second at max contract $5 but just back off on SF and coach SF – Glenn Rice for $2
    Coach – Dell Harris $1

  • Stanley Siringoringo

    PG – Nick Van Exel $2
    SG – Kobe Bryant $5
    SF – James Worthy $4
    PF – Rober Horry $2
    C – Wilt Chamberlin $3

    Coach – Bill Sharman $2

  • Kay

    Magic, kobe,Baylor,gasol and shaq

  • Hass

    Magic, kobe, rice odom shaq coach kundla

  • Brian Kawada

    PG-Jerry West, SG-Kobe Bryant, SF-Robert Horry, PF-Pau Gasol, C-Dwight Howard and Coach-Phil Jackson

  • Sam

    PG Derek Fisher-$3
    SG Kobe Bryant-$5
    SF Glen Rice-$2
    PF Robert Horry-$2
    C Pau Gasol-$1
    Coach Phil Jackson-$5

    The lineup is important but with a coach like Phil, he can shape them up into immediate title contenders.

  • GoldandPurple

    PG Fisher $3
    SG Bryant $5
    SF Rice $2
    PF Horry $2
    C Howard 25c

    Coach Phil Jackson $5

  • lilyoyo

    Glenn Rice
    M. Thompson
    D. Howard

    B. Sharman

  • Ryan Hubbard

    A little late but here goes nothing:

    PG: Magic Johnson $5
    SG: Kobe Bryant $5
    SF: Cedric Ceballos $1
    PF: Lamar Odom $1
    C: Pau Gasol $1
    Coach: Phil Jackson $5

  • InTheLight

    PG Magic Johnson $5 – Can’t have a Laker team without the Magic Man
    SG Kobe Bryant $5 – The same can be said of the Mamba
    SF James Worthy $4 – Baylor is probably better but Big Game is right there for the much needed $1 less.
    PF Lamar Odom $1 – Lamar before the break down is a steal at $1
    C Wilt Chamberlain $3 – Again, Kareem would be a better center but The Stilt for $3 can’t be beat.

    If I had a penny more I would pick up Kwame for a future trade.

  • Jonathan Chiado

    Magic-5 best pg ever

    Scott-1 great complement to magic always in on the fast break and a good 3 point

    Rice-2 one of the best 3 point shooters perfect with Shaq

    Lamar-1 very important to this team, a glue guy. read more on him below

    Shaq-4 “can you dig it”

    Phil-5 11 rings

    you have to have Phil here no matter what. Magic, Scott and Lamar would run the fast break. While Magic, Rice and Shaq will handle the front court offense. Lamar would be a great compliment to Shaq while being a stretch four and aggressive on the offensive boards. Even if you could put Pau here (which many of you have) Lamar would be better. Pau cant run and would just get in Shaq way down below.

  • TheWinna

    PG Magic- $5
    SG Cooper- $3
    SF Rice- $2
    PF Horry- $2
    C Shaq- $4
    Coach Sharman- $2

    • BiggestLakersFan

      This line up is great… Shaq is arguably the best center of all time while magic is the best point guard of all time. Shaq was an unstopable force with 3 finals mvps. Magic could lead the whole team because he is a leader and thats what he does, also he had 3 finals mvps and is almost a walking triple double. Then you have bog shot horry in the clutch who can make tough shots and bring energy along with great defense for cooper who troubled larry bird and other great legends. Glen rice is a three time all star and a great offensive player. This meets the salary cap and should be one of the selected teams.

  • Carp

    PG: Magic
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Glen Rice
    PF: Robert Horry
    C: Wilt

    Coach:Del Harris

  • unisource21

    I know I’m going to catch a little flack for this…..

    PG – Magic Johnson -> $5,000,000.00
    SG – Kobe Bryant -> $5,000,000.00
    SF – Glen Rice -> $2,000,000.00
    PF – Lamar Odom -> $1,000,000.00
    C – Dwight Howard -> $0.25 (Just play defense, no need to pass him the ball)
    Coach – Pat Riley -> $4,000,000.00

    Starters Salary -> $17,000,000.25

    Remaining Salary -> $999,999.75 (Use this to pick up a 6th man for the bench)

    This lineup would be tough, offense is good; two solid ball handlers, a scorer, a sharp shooter and the defense wouldn’t be too shabby. With Pat Riley at the helm = Trophies

  • Mike DelToro

    Pg Fisher $3
    Sg Kobe $5
    Sf Rice $2
    Pf Howard 25 cents
    C Shaq $4
    Pf Odom $1
    Coach Bill Sharman $2
    Total $17.25
    As much as i dislike howard for leaving he is still a great player and i would take him at the 4 spot with shaq at the 5 and dominate the boards. Kobe can be kobe. Fisher and rice can spread the floor. With howard’s inevitable foul trouble odom is perfect to come off the bench and spread the floor as well.

  • Bobby

    PG Magic Johnson
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Glenn Rice
    PF Lamar Odom
    C Wilt Chamberlain

    Coach: Bill Sharman

  • knicksrule

    PG: Magic
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Worthy
    PF: Odom
    C: Gasol
    Coach: Sharman

  • mrherrmann

    Nick van exel $2
    Kobe $5
    Worthy $4
    Horry $2
    D12 $.25
    Coach pat riley $4
    Total: $17.25

  • Winner

    Coach-Pat Riley

  • cerv000

    competitive day in and day out..


  • Christopher Sainz

    PG Norm Nixon 1
    SG Kobe Bryant 5
    SF Cedric Ceballos 1
    PF Kareem Abdul Jabbar 5
    C Shaquille O’Neal 4

    Choach Bill Sharman

    and yes i know that Kareem is not a Power forward but he”s just to great and shaq is to big to be PF and he’s all so to good

  • Bryce

    Pg-N.Nixon $1
    Sg-J.West $4
    Sf-K.Bryant $5
    Pf-D.Howard $.25
    C-W.Chamberlain $3

    HC-P.Riley $4

  • thedirewolf

    Since when was Jamaal a power forward?

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