Carmelo Anthony On Decision: ‘Pretty Much Always Chicago Or New York’

Carmelo Anthony On Decision: ‘Pretty Much Always Chicago Or New York’


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When NBA free agency began on July 1, the Los Angeles Lakers heavily pursued Carmelo Anthony and were reportedly the New York Knicks’ biggest threat after their pitch meeting. There were even reports Pau Gasol would quickly re-sign if the Lakers were able to land Anthony.

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However, after re-signing with New York, the All-Star forward says his decision ultimately came down to the Knicks and the Chicago Bulls according to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman:

“I was flip-flopping,” he admitted. “It was hard. It was Chicago, but then after I met with L.A., it was L.A. But it came back to Chicago — and was pretty much always Chicago or New York. That’s a situation where I could have walked in now to an opportunity to compete for the next however many years.”

Heading into the off-season, the Lakers were hoping to land Anthony to form a Big Three with Kobe Bryant and Gasol. Unfortunately, the team had to quickly move in a different direction and their first move was acquiring Jeremy Lin and multiple draft picks from the Houston Rockets. After acquiring the point guard, Los Angeles re-signed numerous players from last season’s roster and signed big men Carlos Boozer and Ed Davis.

While next year’s roster has taken shape, the Lakers are still without a head coach. However, Byron Scott is still considered the front runner despite the Doc Rivers rumors. If the former Laker is indeed the new coach after numerous interviews, Gary Payton is rumored to be a candidate to join his coaching staff.


Kobe Bryant’s message to Jeremy Lin

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  • wangkon936

    I knew it. I knew we never really had a chance to nab him.

    • David

      Although Boozer is no where near the offensive player that Carmelo is; I think that due to chemistry issue I am not sure that Carmelo would make this Lakers team better than Boozer. Chemistry is the most difficult factor to predict when an F.O. develops a team roster. But the Lakers FO is too concerned or sharp regarding this issue; their priorities is bringing in superstar quality players to make the brand popular and hope other things fall into place.

      • David

        Isn’t too concerned

      • wangkon936

        Melo is a ball dominator, same as Kobe. It would have been very difficult to see those two on the floor together on offense. Not enough balls on the court to make both happy.

        Can you imagine a team with both Michael Jordan AND Dominique Wilkins? The rest of the team would have to be centers and power forwards because the only way anyone else would get shots would be if they got it from their own rebound.

        • WAYNER

          not really both players game compliment each other Kobe is 36 yrs of age and a smart coach will monitor min so if Kobe and Melo was on the floor together Melo would take a lot of pressure off Kobe each other making it hard for defenders to double team Kobe when Melo is wide open and can shoot and vice versa and when one is not on the floor the other one can take over.

      • Jeremaine Prieto

        One superstar ego is all we need (Kobe) all the rest should just be confident enough (Boozer, Lin, Nash) and he rest should just kill for the ball (Young, Henry, Davis, Hill, Kelly, Sacre, Johnson) Then develop our newest members (Randle, Clarkson)

  • Cypressmurf

    Fuck him… I mean why post this article on this site, its been over for awhile now. Move on, just like most of us have. Mark my words, he will never win a championship in NY. Phil has never built a winning team from scratch, he’s been always given his players.

    Good Luck getting knocked out of the 1st round for years to come Melo, you should have went to the Bulls if you wanted to win.
    “It was never about the money, I want to win…” this guy is the definition of delusional and stupid all together.

    • wangkon936

      Why eff him? The Lakers were coming off a 27 win season and have a 36 year old Kobe. If I was Melo, I wouldn’t have seriously considered the Lakers’ either. You can’t get mad at a person for picking the most optimal option for himself. That’s immature and silly.

      • Cypressmurf

        I wanted him at first to come to the Lakers, but after a long waiting period dragged on for days I changed my mind. If what he said was true, then he stopped considering us after maybe a day or two. Which means instead of telling us to move on and start making deals with FA, he led us on just like every other team that was thought to be in contention. Face it… he’s a primadonna just like LeBron who loves all the attention. He fucked us plain and simple..

        So I don’t mean eff him for not choosing us, but eff him for leading us on. I like what we did in FA anyway (no long term salaries outside of Swaggy, and a bunch of talented young players), but we maybe could have gotten more if we didn’t wait for Melo

        • wangkon936

          Yeah, waiting towards the last minute was a bit of a dick move by Melo. The Lakers, after awhile, assumed they were the third horse in what was essentially just a two horse race and started to make FA decisions a couple of days before he made his decision.

          I’m sure Bulls fans are even more pissed of than we are and they rightly deserve to be.

          • Cypressmurf


      • WAYNER

        well actually he’s telling the truth i mean when Phil went to chicago they had Pippen, Jordan, Paxson, and Grant, and when he went to L.A. he had Shaq, Kobe, Fisher, Horry already so it makes sense but i’m not one to count people out but i must say Melo took $121 million to play with a team who only one 12 more games than us and didn’t make the playoffs as well, everyone one on our roster now avg more or the same amount of points the Knicks roster did so choosing the Lakers wouldn’t have been a terrible choice because you have a healthy 5 time champion in Kobe Bryant and the rest of the pieces would have fell in place.

    • LakersOverEverything

      Fuck melo! I agree with your other points

    • Lakers Realist

      I mean he did say that after his meeting with the Lakers he had them at the top of his list. He had every right to make his own choice, the paraphrasing of his quote is a little misleading. That said I’m glad the team didn’t go for broke by signing him and being stuck in a clear 2 year minimum rebuild.


    And like i have been saying this entire time whether Kobe Bryant had taken less on his contract or not star players still wouldn’t have come to L.A. Melo knew he was resigning with the Knicks before free agency and Lebron knew for sure he was going back to Cleveland all along and this proves it was so obvious, so from a business point of view the lakers were smart at what they were doing and Kobe was smart for taking the money because they can put some good pieces around him like the spurs did duncan, but its funny he get criticized for not taking less to win and Carmelo took $ 121 Million and wants to win.

    Statically we will have the better team than the Knicks this year if you we base last years stats to our players now with Boozer, Young, Lin, who avg just amount or more points than J.R. smith, and Iman Shumpert


    The next free agent catch for the Lakers…..they gonna hold out hope and wait for Lebron James Jr. & Carmelo Anthony Jr. & heck, why not, Kevin Love Jr. SIGN THEM NOW, LAKERS, develop them… while u still have the chance.

  • lakers4life

    Anyone who thinks boozer coming to the lakers is a better choice than melo is delusion. Boozer himself cant carry a team to the first round of the playoffs. He doesn’t command a double threat. and melo and kobe would have killed on offense. laker fans are tripping. Real recognizes real. If you don’t believe then go look up melo highlights when he was on the 2012 Olympics and score 37 points and tell me if he is not a guy you would want on your team.

    • meep

      But the guy who plays for team USA and plays in the nba are somewhat two different people.

    • lakers72

      how far did melo carry the knicks into the playoffs last year ?… not to say boozer is a better choice , id pick melo over him too but really ?

  • meep

    Who care anymore can we just move on and focus on the players who are lakers


    Thanks for the misleading title you asshole. I can tell most people in the comments didn’t read the actual article either.

  • lakers4life

    what doesn’t make sense to me is melo lives in los angeles during the off season and lakers current team is better than the knicks current team but he still didn’t strongly considered LA from the start. Melo get the fuck out of LA either your a part of this city or your not. Well I hope you are satisfied with your decision and you will accept having a career like Charles barkely with no rings.

  • Kb24

    You should have said it publicly after a week that it was nyk or chicago,if that happens,we can offer deng similar from miami and he will surely go here instead of wes

    Nash,lin,kane/mo will

  • Rodel Fernandez

    True Carmelo Anthony will never get a ring until he retires playing, he took all the money from Knicks, feel sorry for him he should not be called superstar don’t even have a proof to be called, poor Anthony….


    all this talk about Melo and Lebron not coeing to L.A .. makes no sence .. just move on .. we are a re building team but still have talent.. lets work with it .. I would rather see names like Durant or Love not those other two! too much premadonna work with them.. look how long it took them to figure out what they were going to do or who was going to please them the most.. im good with them .. I would rather cry over Durant, Love, Westbrook, CP3, George,