Carmelo Anthony Leaves Meeting With Knicks ‘Aligned’ With Phil Jackson’s Vision Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] Following a two and half hour meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers in El Segundo on Thursday, superstar free agent Carmelo Anthony met [new_royalslider id="160"] Following a two and half hour meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers in El Segundo on Thursday, superstar free agent Carmelo Anthony met Rating: 0
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Carmelo Anthony Leaves Meeting With Knicks ‘Aligned’ With Phil Jackson’s Vision

Following a two and half hour meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers in El Segundo on Thursday, superstar free agent Carmelo Anthony met with the New York Knicks. Along with the Knicks reportedly offering Carmelo a five-year deal worth $129 million, the veteran forward seems to have liked Phil Jackson’s pitch to get him to stay in New York.

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Carmelo seems to be favoring Jackson’s vision for the Knicks:

All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony probed New York Knicks management on the franchise’s plan to restore a contending roster and left his final free-agency meeting largely aligned with president Phil Jackson’s vision, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Anthony let it be known that he will take his time in making his decision on which team he will sign with. The perennial All-Star will have to weigh his options from a lot of intriguing destinations like Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York.

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A decision is expected after the holiday weekend with the Knicks potentially being the frontrunner after the star forward talked to Jackson and company. New York is the only team that can offer Anthony $129 million with a fifth year which might weigh heavily on his decision that could come as soon as Monday.

As of right now, the Lakers are still in contention for Anthony’s services, but it remains to be seen if Carmelo is seriously considering a move to Los Angeles.
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  • rival

    Trade Kobe to the Knicks for Melo in a sign and trade and then sign LeBron

    • independentbynature

      You’re an idiot,bro….

      • rival

        Nice comment bro, your not an idiot anymore. Can’t say the same about you tho DNA

        • independentbynature

          What goes around,comes around.I’m just an instrument of Karma.If you can’t take it,don’t dish it.At least not to me.I won’t take it from you or anyone else.

          • Redemption Rain

            I can’t wait to let this idiot know and say “I told you so,” and laugh at how delusional he is.

          • independentbynature

            The Melo delusion will be over soon and then we’ll continue on with the LeBron delusion.It seems to be spreading.

          • Redemption Rain

            Melo delusion and Lebron delusion are tied together. If one falls they both do. Main reason why LA wants Melo is to attract Lebron, that’s the real prize not Melo. Without Melo, dam sure Lebron’s agent won’t even bother picking up the phone from Mitch yet alone meet Lebron in person.

          • independentbynature

            LeBron is just putting pressure on Riles to upgrade the roster.He’s not going anywhere.

          • Redemption Rain

            What can the Heat sign? Even with D-Wade and Bosh taking crazy pay-cuts they don’t have much, aren’t they over the cap?

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Step 1: Trade Kobe to the Knicks for Melo (something the Knicks would be foolish to do)
      Step 2: Face the backlash of fans (the ones who make all this money for the Lakers) and media
      Step 3: Listen to Kobe bash the franchise for the rest of his life.

      Sounds like a plan to me.

  • Lakers4Life

    It’s simple. Now that Melo’s heard from all the teams, while LeBron’s agent has also finished hearing from all the suitors, Melo will probably speak to LeBron over the weekend and see if they can work out playing together, most likely in LA.
    They can both take a paycut, as endorsements while being a Laker will definitely cover whatever they give up on the payroll side.
    If that doesn’t work out, then Melo will probably stay in NY as the 5y/129mm deal will keep him there. In the meantime, Lakers will go all out on LeBron whom we need the most.
    Should be an interest and fun week for us Lakers!

    • independentbynature

      It really is simple….LeBron isn’t coming,either.I sure will be glad when this delusional idiocy is over and we can get back to reality.A lot of you will disappear or change your names rather than eat all those crow feathers on your plate.

  • Ralph

    Just so my fellow Lakers fans know plan A is Plan A and the Lakers FO is sticking to that concept so say they don’t get Melo or Bron then they will just sign a bunch of scrubs to veteran minimum contracts for 1 year each and then right back at it in 2015 going for plan A of landing a superstar then 2016 comes and they go for Plan A meaning Kevin Durant and if that fails guess what full blown rebuild without Kobe since he will Retire.Pray to god Julius Randle becomes a superstar and Jordan Clarkson becomes a great player because our options are limited we seem to be getting spurned as if we are some small market team in Wisconsin or Montana.

    • Redemption Rain

      NONONO! Go with Plan B and instead of throwing all the money we are allowed to spend in this salary cap league, go for guys like Ariza, Deng, Thomas, Bledsoe, Parson, and Lance. We only have 5 players on the books right now. No chance in hell Durant signs with us if we don’t have a team. Having the LA D-fenders playing as the Lakers doesn’t count. I don’t want anymore D-League scrubs stinking up the court.

      • Ralph

        I say go with plan B if plan A fails.But after reading a article on free agency in the LA Times yesterday i am convinced the plan is to not tie up money in Plan B players since they want cap room for a superstar in 2014 or 2015 or 2016.I think the only B-List guy we can get for sure is Isiah Thomas since he is a huge Lakers fan.Bledsoe nope we won’t get him he is restricted and Suns will match any offer he gets.Ariza is staying in Washington or going to a contender IMO.Parsons would get matched since he is a restricted FA.Lance is going to re-sign with The Pacer IMO he is just negotiating hardball.Deng maybe but not likely would be expensive.I feel bad for all us Lakers fans we are royally fucked if shit don’t change fast.

        • Redemption Rain

          Thomas yes, Deng yes (still cheaper then Melo), and I have a good feeling about Lance. We just need at least two of these guys to play as starters. Lance wants money we got it. It doesn’t matter what superstars there will be next years free agency. No one wants to play with D-League scrubs. You think Durant wants to join Kendell and Wesley? We have to build a attractive team with decent players, otherwise we are doomed in purgatory trying to sign top tier guys who don’t want to waste their talents with scrubs.

          • Ralph

            Oh i agree completely something is rotten here in all my years as a Lakers fan i have just seen what it takes.Like when we were rebuilding post Magic Johnson era well we drafted Eddie Jones,Nick Van Excel,Campbell,Peeler then Shaq saw that we we’re a attractive young talented team and he signed with The Lakers also Kobe and Fisher helped matters in Shaq signing.Now if someone looks at our roster they see Kobe and Julius Randle is that enough to sign with The Lakers if you’re a superstar player?Yes i agree if things on the roster don’t improve by 2016 Durant won’t come even if things improve i guarantee you Durant won’t come to LAL.

          • Redemption Rain

            We will have to pray that Mitch and Jim does the right thing and start building a team, a team with reliable young players who can contribute on both ends of the floor. We do that and start wining games, all-star free agents will consider us. Also we need to pick wisely, no more picking middle aged super stars in their 30s, we have to get young studs like Durant or Davis. This only happens if our roster/team improves along with our record. I feel that Jim and Jeanie are only consider about signing stars for ticket sales, they are going about it the wrong way, evidence is trying desperately to keep Kobe by throwing him a ton of cash.

          • Ralph

            I just hope they can get a commitment from Carmelo or LeBron if not then lets sign Isiah Thomas.Deng kinda old and expensive but worth a recruitment.Lance is a perfect young player we need but he goes back to Indiana IMO.

          • Redemption Rain

            There will be not commitment from those guys, they will have to “think about it,” meanwhile other teams are singing guys like Lance, Ariza, Deng, Parson, and etc. Leaving us behind with crap. Mitch should have locked the door and said you in or you out? You got 10 seconds to give me an answer, I have the contract right here. Answer no? Ok fine I’ll call Ariza, Lance, Thomas, and etc.

          • independentbynature

            Kobe and Fish were unknown rookies when we signed Shaq and had no bearing on his decision at all.Jerry West was responsible for that coup.Shaq wanted to be the next great Lakers center.Their is no West,no Dr. Buss and no confidence in Jimmy Buss running the team now.Our brand has been seriously damaged.No FAs are coming to save the day any time soon.Why would they.Jimmy has no idea what he’s doing and they all know it.

          • kookiebuger

            I don’t see how those above players will push the envelope for the Lakers I would like Thomas off the bench with Young giving the bench a 1-2 punch, that would be nice but I’m not sure if he will agree to it. Lance turned down 8-9 million with the Pacers which is kind of a red flag in my opinion I don’t think he’s worth 10-12 million same with Deng who turned down 12 million with the Bulls but this is better then tying 2/3 of the cap to 2 players (Kobe 23 million, Melo 20+ million).

          • Redemption Rain

            Point is they are better deals then Melo, remember Kobe’s contract comes off in two years and right now we could resign Pau’s contract for a short term giving us more financial flexibility. Right now we don’t have a roster, only 5 players on the books so that’s why I think putting all our money and resources on one or two players is a bad idea. Oh and if you want Thomas to come off the bench, who will be our starting PG? Certainly not Nash (too old) and Kendell well he sucks and Thomas is a better PG then he is.

  • ADox

    Does anyone out there want to be a Laker anymore? It feels
    like no one wants to be in our team. Is there anything wrong with our
    organization? Aside from having Jim which is being balance by having Jeanie but
    that’s beside the point, my point is, we are a storied franchise everyone is
    talking but no one is respecting the organization. No one wants to wear that
    Purple and Gold. Is this it? Or is our beloved team being set up by some
    corporate bad-ass who wants to buy it from the Buss family?

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      The problem right now is that we have no coach, almost no roster, and we’re spending most of our attention on one player. The Lakers have reached out to quite a few FAs, but everyone knows that we aren’t going to make a move until we find out what Melo is going to do.

      Meanwhile, teams who aren’t pursuing Melo are out there hustling and trying to reach deals with players we otherwise would be going for.

      It’s a tough spot. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

      • Zimmeredge

        The medias are talking a lot about Carmelo but that does not mean we are only focusin on one player.

    • Hector

      Ya it’s tough times,i have never seen the Lakers struggle to get players.Maybe back in 1994 or something not this bad.I think Danny Manning and Horace Grant ditched us in the mid 90′s and they signed with Suns,Magic Manning went with Suns and Grant went to Orlando yep.This is all time bad if we don’t land a top guy or a plan B player.Getting scared.

      • Bruce

        This is exactly why FAs don’t want to come to the Lakers anymore, you can’t keep selling the history, storied franchise and past success or what not, players now want to know what is your long term plan for success moving forward, how you going to build a winning team right now, and Lakers currently are at a crossroad, they are confused and desperate, and FAs can see that, it’s a big turn off for them, that’s why nobody wants to come play.

        • Bruce

          oops, meant to reply ADox


    Thomas Kobe lance Randal gasol is a playoff team. there is a lot we can do without maxing out players. bledsoe Kobe Deng randle bosh.

    • independentbynature

      No way that fits in under the salary cap.Stevenson and Bledsoe are restricted.It will take over-paying them for their teams not to match.

      • Zimmeredge

        The pacers wońt go too high in the bid. Th’ve offered 44 in 5y. Less than 9m a year. stephenson worth 10m a year imo.
        Bledsoe? Intouchable because suns can spending money on him and he is injury prone.

  • Dean

    The Lakers still have a great chance at signing both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony lets trust Mitch can close the deal our franchise is riding on it.Sign em!

    • independentbynature

      You’re joking,right?

  • Eric

    Made it clear we are in the running and a finalist to get Carmelo.But this waiting game is long and anxious moments arise.The Lakers offered the max and he didn’t accept it on the spot okay well then maybe he is waiting to see if LBJ is coming?Oh ya it’s The POS Knicks that have sucked for a century that get him back?Sorry Lakers Family this is hell on us fans all this waiting and speculation.Horrible FA period for the entire NBA so far it’s been slow as Oprah jogging.

    • independentbynature

      We are not a finalist.He used us to get the max from NY.He never even considered coming to LA.But,Melo does love the spotlight.

      • Eric

        Well some crack head writer said we we’re finalist for Carmelo okay i will take you’re word over any NBA writer and analyst at this time since they are all tools and crack pipe dreamers.

      • Eric

        Sorry to bug you man,but i thought The Knicks offered him the max all along that’s what like everyone is reporting everywhere?Buddy you just got me confused as hell lol ha ha ha FML we suck ass.

        • independentbynature

          Phil had hoped to get Melo to take less,but Melo called his bluff.The Knicks are now claiming that they were always offering the max.At least that’s what the crack heads in the media are saying.Melo loves the attention and wants to be wanted,IMO.If we were really finalist,Melo wouldn’t be trying to recruit Pau to sign with NY.Believe what you want,but you’ll find out Monday he’s not coming.Melo and LaLa don’t want to leave NY. She was born in Brooklyn and was instrumental in his leaving Denver to get there.

  • Calvin

    I honestly think this is what happened Melo hated losing all those games last season and missing the playoffs on a awful Knicks team that he wanted to bolt from New York.He saw Chicago as the perfect escape of Knicks basement dwellers into Bulls contenders in the East.So he opted out early and explored all his options and Chicago Bulls looked nice but maybe Derrick Rose and his health issues scared him off and maybe their are other factors like money and other things.So they are not in the running as much as The Lakers are.

    Mavs were never a contender for Melo.Rockets are a threat to get Melo but they need cap space and he must be sold on playing for them.The Lakers i think he fell in love with them and he loves

    The Lakers and he wants to play with his good friend kobe and play with the top rookie Julius Randle and he wants Pau to be with him wherever he plays and he likes the idea of having input in a new Lakers head coach and he loved the stuff Mitch and crew said and did for him like the video and all the roster options intrigue Melo and pairing up with LeBron is his dream.Lakers are really in this still never doubt Mitch and never count out Mitch and The Lakers.Just saying.

  • Zach

    I am 100% confident we will get both LeBron+Carmelo.Just enjoy the drama building up before it’s announced where they will play together.Packaged deal they want to play together and The Lakers can make it happen by trading Nash and Randle to open up extra cap space.$20,500,000 each without cap holds.With cap holds it’s $17,500,000 each which increases in year 2 by a good amount of raise.

    • independentbynature

      You are 100% delusional.When the decision comes,you will disappear from this site or change your name from embarrassment.Nice knowing you.

  • jojo oquias

    Lakers should look for young promising talents not Carmelo. He will never win a championship, Invest wisely. Patience is a virtue, rebuilding is not an overnight success. It takes time. Dont mind Kobie, If he really wants a championship then he should have accepted lesser compensation. Lakers should have not extended his contract, just like what they did to Shaq. Lakers should have thank Kobie for his services and let him go. The best way for now is to get younger, cheaper promising talents and hopefully next year or two years from now, they could get an MVP caliber player

    • Brandon A. Benitez

      My eyes are bleeding after reading this comment

    • vdogg

      ok, i’ll bite.. who is “kobie”?

  • Annecy Change

    Knicks going to pull off the biggest money waste of a start player that doesn’t even care about winning a championship. Hope they do, cause we Laker Fan don’t wan’t coward that run away from greatness. Just like D. Coward.

  • Gin And Juice

    I say The Lakers get Carmelo Anthony in free agency.Cali bound.

    • vdogg

      you’re kidding yourself. it won’t happen. accept that. let’s move on here, nothing to see.

  • Milton

    This article is BS that Isola schmuck is just some New York homer lying about Melo.

  • Daniel

    Lakers will sign Carmelo he is already ours.

  • Ted

    Alright so the media is intent on counting us out on the Carmelo bidding.Well then plan B better start today for starters sign Lance Stephenson and then go ahead and sign Ed Davis also get Pau to re-sign for a hometown discount then sign Jameer Nelson but get us Ekpe Udoh to be our shot blocker then on July 10 sign a restricted free agent to a offer sheet perhaps.Steve Nash can’t be relied upon.

    PG Jameer Nelson/Jordan Clarkson
    SG Lance Stephenson
    SF Kobe Bryant
    PF Julius Randle/Ed Davis/Ryan Kelly
    C Pau Gasol;/Ekpe Udoh/Robert Sacre

    That’s about a 40-45 win team that might get the 8th seed or better?

    • RealisticLakerFan

      Nice comment. I’d still like to see ariza in that mix or deng. We could run Stephenson at point at times and have a solid D and options for scoring which equals tons of space. With that kind of spacing Pau is lethal with his foot work down low

    • Redemption Rain

      looks good except Nelson.

  • Omar

    I will keep believing Carmelo is coming.I am prepared to be happy either way.


    So how about them dodgers?

  • Rich

    It sounds to me like this all comes down to paperwork like making the numbers work for LeBron+Carmelo to sign with The Lakers.The story is they want to play together also with Kobe but they also want to get paid good money at the same time.Well Mitch better get his best mathematics person to work on hammering out these contracts for LeBron+Carmelo meaning figure out a way to pay them both and clear enough cap space to make it a reality.Ironing out the contracts just takes math like back loading a contract or front loading it also adding incentive clauses and certain raises for achieving certain goals,all sorts of ways to circumvent the salary cap it takes a smart mathematics person.Good example Goran Dragic would have got millions of dollars if he made the All Star team things like that can be included into the contracts of LeBron and Carmelo for the Lakers FO.

    Must be very creative and excellent at math and crunching up numbers.It’s a contract issue nothing else,hammer it out and we get them both since they want to play together and we can make it happen.That’s why Carmelo is waiting it out he want’s LeBron with him.

  • Badazztj12

    http: //nba -stream(dot)com/live/nba-tv-live-stream/ channel-1/
    Heat and Boston summer league game

    • Badazztj12

      Napier up here ball-hogging

      • Zimmeredge

        Smart shooting bad.

        • Badazztj12

          yup good for us laker fans

  • Vigs

    You know why he has a vision, because he has a very high basketball IQ. Phil is the best in the business next to Jerry West and should be leading the Lakers instead of the Bozo’s in charge now. Without Jerry West this crew would never have won anything ever. Thanks for Chasing Phil out the door.

  • TheTruthKills

    Hoopshype is reporting Melo is down to three teams: Bulls, Rockets, and Knicks. So is this the part where we trash him, say we never needed him, and call him a coward for not signing with us?

  • The LA Barber

    Their is a picture floating around the internet of Carmelo Anthony working out yesterday at The Lakers private workout gym at a Lakers backers house.

  • Joel

    Carmelo to the Lakers rumors are heating up.

    • TheTruthKills

      Stop lying. All rumors have him returning to the Knicks.

  • lu

    Melo should come to the rockets fucc the lakers get a new age big 3 he don’t wanna run with the old ass lakers

  • chris smoove

    Thats a noob move if carmelo resigns v with the knocks instead of the lakers

    • chris smoove


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