Carlos Boozer’s Lakers Nation Interview (VIDEO)

Carlos Boozer’s Lakers Nation Interview (VIDEO)


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Carlos Boozer was introduced at the Lakers practice facility on Friday, as the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers acquired Carlos Boozer via amnesty waivers from the Chicago Bulls last week, admitting today they were fortunately surprised they won the silent bid for Boozer.

While Boozer was in Utah, the Lakers posed many problems for Boozer and the Jazz, who were unable to defeat the Lakers in the playoffs during their late 2000s run. What was Boozer’s view of the Lakers from the other side? Does he feel that he needs to gain the respect of the Lakers fans and the doubters?

And, since he played with Bulls and now he’s with the Lakers, who would he bet on one-on-one, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan? It’s all in our exclusive interview above.


VIDEO: One-On-One With Jeremy Lin

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  • LakerLifer

    I know we are going to be pleasantly surprised this upcoming season, JUST WATCH!

    • X

      I like where boozer’s head is at …….

  • Mike D’Antoni

    Love both interviews, thanks Serena Winters!

    Carlos Boozer sounds genuine when he talks about really needing to work hard for this season. He really got a bad rap in Chicago. Hopefully he can turn it around and become a fan favorite in LA!

  • lakers_824


    • VillainKing™

      Agree of you Lakers team needs to become healthy always..Fucking ESPN Lakers will prove the doubters they are wrong!!!!!!!!!!

  • TomK

    These same people that are saying we are gonna suck this year, said the Suns were gonna suck last year, and they didn’t. Are we going to be the number one seed, NO, but we could surprise people and make the 7th or 8th spot. That’s not bad considering were in rebuilding mode.

    • Lakersssallday


    • cj

      because when you look at name talent the lakers are lacking but if the parts work together correctly they make a greater whole

  • 3339

    Boozer is a solid starter and it still is kinda amazing how we got Lin for nothing.
    The west is as tough as ever, with so many good teams. But we do have Kobe and a bunch of guys being counted out. If they work hard, Lakers could surprise.

    • Ray-Marcus

      He is more than a solid starter bro…he is an all star given the right system

      • cj

        in the east ya i could see him as an all star but not the west. the three best pf in the nba are in the west in la, love, griffen

  • Swaggy m

    Clarkson and boozer have the same number

  • Bulls Horns Up

    Boozer is real in the field.

  • Big Sal

    You got a great player in Carlos Boozer.Lakers got Boozer+Lin+Davis for pretty much nothing but a lopsided trade with Morey and a Bid for Amnesty Boozer and a veteran minimum deal for Ed Davis.Lakers got something for nothing.

  • Ray-Marcus

    Boozer is going to suprise a lot of people. He is still an all star caliber offensive power forward….his numbers just dropped because his minutes fell to Gibson because of Taj Gibson’s superior shot blocking. Just check the stats

  • kbak


  • L.A Lakers Fan for. Life

    Lakers gna be fun to watch I just know it

  • KojiKabuto

    Serena Winters is hot…..i’m new to Lakers Nation

  • Nexzen

    People underestimating this team. I think people are forgetting the lakers signed the best free agent this year, Kobe Bryant. The only reason it’s not mentioned is because they caught him before he became one.

    • cj

      sorry but untill we see kobe playing at a high lvl he wont even be considered a top 5 free agent in this class. if he is kobe again the we got the second best player in this class

  • Nexzen

    Boozer, Randle, Kobe, Lin, Swaggy P, Nash, Hill, Clarkson, Nash, Xavier, Wesley with byran scott can take us places.

  • gerry

    please marry me serena winters!!! ur soooo hotttttt!!!!!

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