Carlos Boozer Lakers Introductory Press Conference Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers officially introduced Carlos Boozer on Friday morning. A product of the amnesty clause, Boozer said the Chicago Bulls alerted him the nig The Los Angeles Lakers officially introduced Carlos Boozer on Friday morning. A product of the amnesty clause, Boozer said the Chicago Bulls alerted him the nig Rating: 0
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Carlos Boozer Lakers Introductory Press Conference

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The Los Angeles Lakers officially introduced Carlos Boozer on Friday morning. A product of the amnesty clause, Boozer said the Chicago Bulls alerted him the night before he was amnestied. Kupchak revealed Friday that the Lakers were surprised and pleased to hear they won the silent bid for him.

As a competitor who was on the losing end of many battles against the Lakers in the playoffs, Boozer reminisces about the frustrating days of not being able to get through the Lakers. Plus, Boozer goes in depth about his relationship and perception of Kobe Bryant and what it was like to play with him in both the All-Star game and Olympics. Transcription of Boozer’s press conference is below.

Mitch Kupchak Opening Statement:

“Fortunately for us and unexpectedly for us, our bid was the highest bid and we were awarded Carlos. Not for a second did we think that he’d be available to us. Personally, I know he’s going to have a great year this year, at his age there’s no reason he can’t play three, four or five more years and I think that’s his expectations as well. The only downside to this whole thing is that we had to waive a North Carolina guy to get Carlos here, in Kendall Marshall.”

Carlos Boozer Opening Statement:
“For me, I just want to say I’m extremely excited to be here, to be a Laker. I think it’s an honor. I’ve admired the Laker organization for a very long time, competing against them and I’m just honored to be a part of the organization.”

Boozer on being amnestied:

“Amnesty clause is part of the business, like Mitch said. I fell to that, but at the same time I was able to come here so it worked out great for me and I’m excited about those championship balls up there (trophies in the window). That’s what we play for. That’s why I’m here to help us get back to that level. I’m still searching for my first one, so that’s great motivation for me.”

On how confident he is to get back to the level he was two seasons ago:

“Very confident, working my butt off and excited for this new challenge ahead of me, I have a lot to prove, so I’m very excited for that opportunity.”

First step to prove doubters wrong:

“Getting in the best shape I can be in. Coming here and establishing my leadership with the rest of the guys, getting acclimated with the team and with whatever system we’re going to be put into, doing it every day, day in and day out, putting the work in. To get where you want to be you have to put the work in and I love to work.”

On whether he sees himself as a starter:


On what humbled him while playing in Chicago:

“The minutes. Playing first quarter and third quarter, not having a chance to help my team at the end of the game was tough, as a competitor you want to be out there doing everything you can to help your team win. Not getting an opportunity, it was humbling. I learned a lot from that process.”

On the moment he found out the Lakers winning bid:

“I was excited. I was actually in the gym working out when I found out. Rob called me and I was ecstatic. I was jumping up and down and went back out there and put two more hours in.”

On talking to Kobe Bryant:

“I talked to him last week a few times. He’s doing great, said he feel’s healthy. He’s motivated. Come ready, come ready to lead, come ready to surprise some people.”

On his relationship with Kobe Bryant:

“I got a chance to play with Kobe in a couple All-Star games and with the Olympic team in 2008. I see his work ethic. I see his drive, I see his his vision, his focus. To be able to play with him here is going to be exciting. It’s going to be more magnified. I’m excited for it. He’s one of the best players ever to put on a jersey. His drive to win is very contagious. I remember with the Olympic team there were different moments in the Spain game and the Argentina game and different games where he just not only by his play but by some of the things he said you can tell how hungry he was, and that hunger’s contagious and I’m looking forward to being a part of that.”

On playing against the Lakers and losing consecutively in the playoffs while with Utah:

“I was frustrated to be quite frank, we wanted to beat them. We thought we had a good team in Utah. We fell short obviously, but it was frustrating because you want to get to the mountain top and you keep getting stopped by the same team. I admired them because you’ve got to respect your opponent and I’ve always respected the Lakers very much. It’s good to be on this side of it and hopefully we can have success.”

On how long he has left in his career:

“I’m 32. I feel like a spring chicken. My body feels great, I’m looking forward to getting back out there. I don’t know how long. I’m going to play maybe four, five, six more years, maybe seven, we’ll see.”

VIDEO: One-On-One With Carlos Boozer

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  • vmart24

    OFFICIAL 2014-2015 ROSTER

    PG: J. LIN #17
    SG: K. BRYANT #24
    SF: W. JOHNSON #11
    PF: C. BOOZER #5
    C: J. HILL #27

    N. YOUNG #0
    S. NASH #10
    E. DAVIS #21
    X. HENRY #7
    R. KELLY #4
    J. CLARKSON #5
    R. SARCE #50


    • joshhh

      ur missing shawn marion who I desperately want he’s obviously better than any of the small forwards we have so

      • independentbynature

        Marion wouldn’t be bad,but Casspi would be better.He just cleared waivers.I think they are done with signings,though.

        • joshhh

          cuz there retards at least help kobe as much as u can and it wont hurt the lakers future it’s cuz there lazy and bums they have the money and marion is just waiting there plus they hired scoot now scott so it’s over and marion is way better than casspi cuz he’s has experience he’s done it all and he will help the defense a lot that’s what they need stopping penetration

      • vmart24

        alright. i’ll put that in mind when he does sign with the lakers

    • independentbynature

      You know…..you’re the first one I’ve seen that posted a balanced.lineup that actually makes sense.

      • vmart24

        thanks… to be honest some people just posted all kind random shit that doesn’t make sense at all.. i mean they can dream all they want but it’s not kinda happen

    • Lakers Sweep

      Lakers Pencil In Carlos Boozer As Starting Small Forward

      Jul 26, 2014 1:32 AM EDT

      Carlos Boozer was introduced by the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday.

      The Lakers were not optimistic about landing Boozer during the waiver claim process but did so with a $3.25 million bid.

      Boozer heard the news from his agent.

      “I was ecstatic and I was jumping up and down,” Boozer said. “I went back out there and got two more hours in.”

      Boozer is penciled in as the Lakers’ starting small forward, although he has played power forward throughout his 12-year NBA career.

      Boozer said he believes he could play up to seven more seasons.

      Via Mike Bresnahan/Los Angeles Times


      Is anyone worried about Carlos Boozer being the starting small forward on the Lakers?This just seems very weird when we could have signed a legit small forward in the off season.This can be a bad part of the lineup.I much rather see Carlos Boozer at Power Forward and Wes Johnson at Small Forward or better yet just sign Omri Caspi.So i am guessing this lineup starts games.

      PG Steve Nash
      SG Kobe Bryant
      SF Carlos Boozer
      PF Julius Randle
      C Jordan Hill

      • vmart24

        u got it all wrong bro. boozer can’t guard or keep up with players like kevin durant, lebron james, or carmelo anthony. they just drive right by him. unless u prefer randle to play at 3. that could happen

    • ADox

      this is going to be interesting! i don’t care what people or those so called basketball geniuses will say (like this team really sucks!), for me that’s fine, this team might even win a playoff series

      • vmart24

        cheers up.. our lakeshow team gonna surprise a lot of hater out there.

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  • Ebony Ivory

    Goodluck carlos! I hope you play well this season with the lakers.

  • LakerJ

    “Not one, not two, not three, not four….years left in my career”

    -Carlos Boozer

  • Josh

    Guys our second lineup is going to be fuego!!

  • Adam

    Welcome to LA Carlos.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Welcome aboard Carlos, I’ve always wanted you to be a Laker. Better late than never. I know that you will be good for the team and welcome once again to Laker Nation.

  • ethan

    Ok that interview is all good news for us as far as what we can expect from boozer this year we are going to see a much much better year from him..ive been studying microexpressions for the last 2 yrs and I know some ppl think it is total b.s. I will say these 2 things 1st is he is genuinely 100%happy to be a laker although he showed angst when he brought up there(jazz) battles with us (lakers) due to us beating them all the time when asked directly how he felt he showed true happiness he actually thought about the moment and bamed his agent by name instead of just refering to agent also his eyes crinkled which is a sign of a real smile…2nd he is fucking pissed at being amnystied he feels severely disrespected by media and others when he mention he has alot to prove his lips upper and lower tightened so much his cheek muscles flinced tight as well as in I shldnt have to prove shit ive had a very good career..but he is motivated to show that he shldnt have to and hes in a place he wants to be at least one of them…so this is all good basic profile of this is he feels disrespected feels that he has done enough in his career that he shldnt have all thos slander but has kobe mentality as in im going to show them..and is happy to be a laker

  • ɢᴏᴅ ᴄʜʀɪ↯↯↯ ✞
  • kb44k

    Is it me or did Carlos Boozer stole Jordan Clarkson number?

  • preciousbwallace

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  • Rita Long

    Welcome Carlos Boozer

  • John

    Good luck with this guy, Laker fans. You’re gonna need it. He doesn’t play defense, cracks under pressure, is mentally weak, misses easy shots and proceeds to yell, “that’s a foul!” (when it clearly is not), and when the game is on the line he’s nowhere to be found.

    As a Bulls fan, I was excited in 2010 to get him, but that excitement quickly turned to disdain. You’ll see what I mean come December/January.

    He does much better in smaller markets. The bright lights and big stage of an L.A., Chicago, or New York just aren’t for this guy.

    Don’t say this Bulls fan didn’t warn you.

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