Carlos Boozer Expects To Be A Starter On The Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="303"] As far as accomplishments in the NBA, no Lakers acquisition is bigger than Carlos Boozer. A 13-year NBA veteran, Boozer has been a do [new_royalslider id="303"] As far as accomplishments in the NBA, no Lakers acquisition is bigger than Carlos Boozer. A 13-year NBA veteran, Boozer has been a do Rating: 0
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Carlos Boozer Expects To Be A Starter On The Lakers

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As far as accomplishments in the NBA, no Lakers acquisition is bigger than Carlos Boozer. A 13-year NBA veteran, Boozer has been a double-double machine throughout his NBA career.

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Boozer’s play has tailed off in the last couple of years. Combined with an extremely crowded frontcourt with the Lakers and there are questions about whether Boozer will start. For his part, Boozer firmly expects to be a starter with the Lakers according to our own reporter Serena Winters:

With Jordan Hill, Julius Randle, Ed Davis, and Ryan Kelly, the Lakers have a lot of options up front. But none of them have been regular starters in the NBA, whereas Boozer has a ton of experience. Despite that experience, Boozer still feels he has a lot to prove in LA:

Some fans may have been unhappy with the acquisition, but Boozer can provide a lot of physicality, scoring, and rebounding for the Lakers, while also mentoring the younger players.

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Boozer, much like other new acquisitions, has already talked to Kobe Bryant and Bryant’s message was the same as it was to everyone else, ‘come ready to play.’ There is no doubt that Boozer will be ready, and if he is able to get his numbers back up to previous levels, the Lakers could surprise some teams.

NBA Summer League: Julius Randle On Carlos Boozer, Kobe Bryant

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • LakerLifer

    He certainly has the “Potential”. If I were him I would have a chip on my shoulder and something to prove! Now its up to him to prove himself. If he performs he will be a steal, and LA will love him!

    • Dino Madness

      It’s a contract year for Boozer, so he needs to have a come back year and show up on defense. It’s in his best interest to have a great year this up coming season.

  • wangkon936

    Play some defense and mentor the rookie. If he does that then yeah, I might give make him the nominal starter and give him a consistent 30 minutes a night.

  • LakerSpartan117

    Welcome to LA Boozer.. Prove the haters like Darius Soriano (whom I’ve gotten really tired of his negative remarks towards Boozer) wrong and help lead this team with Kobe and Nash. Please mentor young Julius and help him develop his game, especially his mid-range jumper.

    But please do us Laker fans a favor, AND TAKE THE BALL INTO THE POST MORE!!! You’re so strong, why not be the bully you can be in the post. Whoever the next coach is should tell him to be the strong presence in the post that he can be.

    • kennyea

      I agree! Back in his Utah days, he was such a great player. But ever since he moved to Chi-town, im not sure if its because he became the 3rd option or not, but he was never as aggressive. Always putting up those mini 6 ft step backs(which he makes majority of the time, but still needs to take it in more!) Regardless, I believe he’ll have a decent year

  • L4K3R5F4N

    Interior defense and rebounding shouldn’t be a problem this season!

  • Boozer Real Fan

    Carlos Boozer is a great power forward and his stats over the last 10 years are consistently good and rank with the best in the game at the power forward position.He deserves to start and if Julius Randle can knock him out of the starting lineup then good for Julius as Boozer will understand and be a professional while supporting the team and playing hard off the bench.Carlos is a pro and a great guy.Lakers got a good one.

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      Boozer’s stats have declined the last few seasons, even lost his starting job 2 Taj Gibson last season, so he doesn’t deserve anything at this point in his career…The starting Pf slot should either be wide open or Randle’s job 2 lose, and if Boozer beats him out in training camp then so be it.

      • GemmolLewis

        it decline cause of the less minutes, so if he had played similar minutes his numbers would still be consistent, and its not that he lost his starting job, the nba have change over the years, people in the 4 spot is quicker, taj is quicker, so he was a better fit for the faster 4′s….plus the idea came when they had bosh as a 5, lebron as a 4, since erik spolestra did that, thats when thibs put taj as a 4 and he like the results……so in other words boozer just did not fit the system, if he fit byron scott system better, then the starting spot will not be as open as you think and randle will have to work for it……..in a better system boozer numbers can increase, the last time he ever played in a system that fit him, was on the Jazz

  • Thomas Klein

    This is going to be a fun year to watch, barring injuries like last year, we have Kobe, who is being dismissed as washed up and over the hill, with a HUGE chip on his shoulder , Nash being written off as useless, Carlos Boozer with something to prove, Jeremy Lin, looking to prove people wrong, Ed Davis looking for redemption and a permanent home, and Jordan Clarkson, who fell in the draft and thought he should have gone in the 1st round. Add this to the young players who played well last year until injuries derailed the continuity, and the fact that just about everyone is playing on a one year contract, plus Randle wanting to establish himself, and we should see some big surprises.

    • Lon

      Not really i just expect Kobe Bryant to live up to his huge contract,if not then it’s not going to be so fun as a Lakers fan.Boozer will be double double like always.Lin will be solid at around 14 ppg and 5 asst per game.Nash is too injured to do much i would be shocked if he was a ALL STAR next season lol.Ed Davis is a PJ Brown type of player all about defense and rebounding he will just play hard and maybe he will have a breakout season it’s very possible.Clarkson will be good if he gets minutes if not then it won’t matter.About 40 to 45 wins would be a nice surprise of a season for a team that has been written off by almost everyone.

      • GemmolLewis

        actually lin numbers will grow, on the rockets he had to defer to harden so that cut away some of his assist and stop him from scoring much, look at the games when harden wasnt there he had more then 20 points more than once

    • Jarriq Darrius ThaGreat

      Dudes be acting like hill isnt the true x-factor on this team. If Hill has a breakout season. We go playoffs

  • Lou

    Are the Lakers going to be worth buying NBA League Pass for this season?I am debating if i want to get NBA League Pass or not.I only get it to watch the Lakers anyways.Are they going to be on National TV as much as they were the last season?Or less since they had a bad record and didn’t get a superstar in free agency?Lakers were getting flexed last season by major networks and that’s a sign they won’t be on National TV much.

    • kennyea

      To be honest, I think every season is worth watching for the Lakers. I love them too much to miss games, even if they do bad.

      But to answer your question, I got the NBA League Pass last season so I can watch my Lakers as well. But unfortunately, if you are located in California to Nevada, Laker games are blacked out. And, to make matters even worse, they do not upload the games onto their archive section to be viewed later. So, in other words, if you live in California, don’t get the league pass if you are only getting it to watch Lakers since you wont be able to view any of the games. Hope that helped!

      • Al Haldie

        I live in las vegas and never missed a LAKERS game last yr- with nba league pass {DISH} – I will have it no matter if they win or lose I have not ,missed a game in the last six yrs…

        • kennyea

          Ohhh sorry for the confusion. I also lived in Las Vegas last winter, but I had the NBA League Pass on my computer. I guess it differs depending on what you watch it on. Thanks for the update! *thumbs up*

  • Isaiah

    It’s possible but I rather see a starting frontcourt of Randle and Hill together. Both will bring energy, hustle, and tremendous rebounding. Boozer coming off the bench with Davis will be better. I’m happy with the way the frontcourt is looking!

  • Badazztj12

    I expect him to start. Vets gonna start. Randle need to be put on the training wheels this year. Randle can come off the bench and get like 30-27 minutes. Its best to let Boozer start and Randle take over next year

    • lakers4life

      yea I can tell you were put on training wheels for a whole year huh and just took em off this year. How has it been working for you so far? Go ahead reply back I want you to. just know youll be wasting your time. And who calls themselves badazz? oh yea little kids that just got off their training wheels. Welcome to the big boys world

      • Badazztj12

        Umm… if you got a problem with me come say it to my face. Talk is cheap over internet.

        • independentbynature

          You’re telling me?…..LOL.

    • kennyea

      I agree. I’ve never been a fan of Boozer ever since he moved to Chi-town, but realistically, he will be starting. Regardless, Randle will get his playing time and hopefully he can dominate the opposing bench.

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    He’s gonna start for sure. Boozer’s been a solid starter through out his career. Randle is going to have to earn it. Which is a good thing.

    • ColeWorldNoBlanket

      How can Boozer be a solid starter throughout his career when he just lost his starting job last season?

      • Bee Ballin

        boozer was a starter last year

  • lakers4life

    I would have Randle start over boozer but that’s probably not going to happen. Boozer..whats taking you so long to prove something? you didn’t take the cavs anywhere nor the jazz or bulls. So what all of the sudden your going to be a 20 and 10 guy? If you can produce that then go ahead and start if not then have randle start this dude can ball who ever going against randle starting does not know true up and coming all star talent. Don’t look at summer league stats. You just got to see his capabilities and how it can translate on the court. If you cant comprehend that then you just don’t know physics or science. Meaning you just think like a fan from the sideline and not like a expert. And if I offended you then you must be one of those fans from the sidelines. Please feel free to rebuttal then I know I got your attention and made you waste a few minutes out of your life just to express yourself. Lakers all day

  • VillainKing™

    Julius Randle and Carlos Boozer will become a nice frontcourt duo for the Lakers!!!!!

  • Bruce

    NBA veterans should always start ahead of rookies, no matter what. Boozer is going to be a solid contributor every night at the PF and I believe he will surprise a lot of people and prove his critics wrong. Randle IS A STUD but he needs to earn his playing time.

  • TheZuluNation

    No he needs to come off the bench. Him and Swaggy P would be getting buckets off the bench. With Kobe, Lin, Randle and even Hill there’s no dire need for offense in the starting lineup. We just need interior defense which Randle and Hill can provide.

    • Greg

      You think Randle will play better D than Boozer? I don’t.

      • TheZuluNation

        Boozer can’t defend well. That’s why he was benched during the 4th for Taj Gibson.

  • Jarriq Darrius ThaGreat

    Anyone that thinks randle should start ahead of boozer is nuts. Cant disrespect veterans like than and expect it to be good for team chemistry. If Kobe didnt start his first season i dont expect randle to start either

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