Byron Scott Will Work ’16-18′ Hours A Day Next Season Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="302"] The 2014-15 NBA season will be interesting to say the least for the Los Angeles Lakers with a lot of uncertainty surrounding the imme [new_royalslider id="302"] The 2014-15 NBA season will be interesting to say the least for the Los Angeles Lakers with a lot of uncertainty surrounding the imme Rating: 0
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Byron Scott Will Work ’16-18′ Hours A Day Next Season

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The 2014-15 NBA season will be interesting to say the least for the Los Angeles Lakers with a lot of uncertainty surrounding the immediate future of the storied franchise.

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Fortunately, despite all the uncertainty, the Lakers have a new head coach with something unique in comparison to the last few coaches in Los Angeles. Byron Scott brings a passion for the franchise to the table and intends to prove his dedication to the team by putting in the hours.

Scott said the following in an interview with Mike Trudell of Lakers.com about his passion for the team:

“If I could say by hours as a coach in all the other places I’ve been and I was putting in 10-12 hour days, this is going to be like 16-18 hours because I bleed purple and gold,” Scott said in an interview with Time Warner Cable SportsNet.

“This is an organization that I have so much pride in and so much love for that, again, it’s no disrespect to the other organizations that I coached ‘cus I gave them everything I have, but this one is special and I’m going to go overboard to make sure we get back to where we belong.”

The real question moving forward is whether Scott’s passion for the franchise will result in a bounce back season for the Lakers. The team is rebuilding with an aging Kobe Bryant leading the way making many believe the upcoming season could be more of the same without a playoff berth.

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Even though the odds are against Scott and company to turn things around next season, the new head coach is confident the Lakers will get back to form sooner rather than later.

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  • Duckathon

    Hopefully that passion results in wins, becuase the decks are stacked against the Lakers this year.

    • Jim213

      This came out towards the beginning of the week but at least they’re keeping up smh.

    • Joseph Apohen

      This year?! How about the next 5?

  • LakerSpartan117

    Glad to hear that! Byron is definitely committed and I’m sure very dedicated to the Lakers. He’s in a great place, and I’m happy he is our coach.

    Because 16-18 hour work days is 15-17 more hours than the Mike’s ever put into the job. And 16-18 more hours than the Mike’s ever put into defensive schemes and rotations.

    • Mambanation

      Glad, Dedicated, great, happy coach.

      what our lakers nation and team needs!

  • Eman94

    I doubt he’ll actually be working that much next season mostly because if he did then he’ll have no time for his family or his own personal life it’ll only be work and sleep but I still love the enthusiasm he’s trying to bring to the team. Hopefully he can keep the Lakers team motivated and in good spirits next season because they’re going to need to be if they want a shot at having a good season. When you don’t have a roster with all the talent in the world than you have to make up for it with a happy motivated team that’s gonna want to compete hard in every game

    • LakerSpartan117

      From the Leftovers (edited for relevance):

      “Fuck his family.”

      JK… HAHA!!

    • Jax

      He will probably be going over offensive and defensive schemes while he is at home with his family.

    • keenanjen

      He’s divorced, so he can work that long.

  • cyborgspider

    “Well, eight of those hours I’ll be sleeping, and dreaming of ways to make us better. The subconscious can do amazing things. And then for four of the remaning hours I’ll be on the golf course, cause that helps me clear my mind and prepare for games.”

    JK I wish him luck and hope he can turn this around. Go Lakers.

  • apeknows

    Some people are born with certain abilities to do things and others work hard to get those same things done.

    At least we get an idea of Scott’s desire & intensity for a hard-working team.

  • Dana Douglas

    That’s right, B. Challenge every player to work as hard as you and Kobe do. At least while they are on the court.

  • meep

    the most passion out of a coach i heard in a long time. glad Scott the coach. i think lakers did what they did with mike so he can leave with out them having to fire him

  • nash screwed the lakers

    First and foremost, I’d like to personally say that I hate Steve Nash. No one has ever accomplished less than you as a Laker:
    1. Injured in your 1st game.
    2. Played a total of 21 games in two years as a Laker (those few fucking games where you played 1 quarter in the first half and have to sit out the rest don’t fucking count).
    3. Intentionally played the 10th game in the ’13-’14 season so your team cannot waive you with Medical Retirement (you would still be paid in full for your contract if waived).
    4. Play soccer during the off-season, rather than condition your back to play the final year of your career.
    5. Average 6 points, 0 blocks, 0 steals, 1 rebound, and 2 turnovers in a season as a fucking starter.
    6. Scored a total of 102 points in a season, when even Smush Parker scores that in his sleep. YES! I did compare you to Smush “trash” Parker and it’s not even fair to him.

    The Lakers are better off giving the ball boy that $10 million pay, at least the ball boy can help the team.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if you are some legend, man FUCK YOU! As a Los Angeles Laker, you have been a worthless dead weight piece of shit.

    Lakers fan since Kobe was drafted

    • Al Haldie

      It sound like they are spending your money. You sure a DUMB SOB….have a bad day…

    • TheZuluNation

      Lmao… you are acting like Nash is purposely trying to screw the Lakers over.

      • David

        He is!! It’s payback on the down low from the two former suns team.

        • TheZuluNation

          Lol, oh wow.

    • Duckathon

      I’m going out on a limb and say that you’re not a big fan of Nash.

    • Guest

      I believe Nash played in 65 games in two seasons as a Laker.

    • Mambanation

      did everyone that liked this actually read the whole thing? I know i didnt. all i read was….

      “Lakers fan since kobe was drafted”

      ME TOOOOOO thats why i liked it lol

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Love the enthusiasm… that alone translate to 10 wins already…. I can be very optimistic, can’t I?

  • nash screwed the lakers

    Dear Steve Nash,


    Don’t go out this way bro, don’t go out like a bum and shit. Train and condition your back to get healthy for your last season. I hope you can play 15 minutes per game and 70 games is all I ask for. Don’t be like a lazy ass and sit out 70 games again for the 3rd season. Go out on a good note dude, don’t be like the guy who just sits around to collect his pay checks. I don’t give a shit if your a Legend or one of the top 100 players of all-time. You certainly have been trash as a Laker. Stop playing soccer or going on vacation trips bro, work out with your Canadian trainer like you did during mid season last year. Your back needs some conditioning, and playing Soccer does not help that. For once as a Laker, do something helpful and useful for the team! The Lakers did you well by not stretching your fucking contract so you can remain close by with your daughters. Otherwise, your waived contract would have been picked up by some shitty team in the East and if you forfeit and retire, you would have lost over $6Million. I don’t need you to mentor Lin or Clarkson, I just want you to play. Please.

    Laker fan since Kobe was drafted.

    Fuck you, for playing the 10th game last season, you douche.

    • Okaaay

      Who hurt you?

      • nash screwed the lakers

        Arianna Grande didn’t sign my shirt.

        • Al Haldie

          You poor little child ….

  • DOC4DaLakeshow

    At least he is trying to work hard the team sucks so what can he do? Id rather have hollins but it is too late go byron!!

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Hollins was my preference for a lakers coach… didn’t happen, so, I support Scott, 100%. I also believe that Scott will be a very good coach to develop Julius Randle into a very good PF. Randle has the right mindset and the work ethics to be a great player, and the body to be the best PF in the NBA.

  • Kishan

    WELL lakers wont lake in the work ethic departments thats for sure

  • Kobain Kenny

    The Lakers will make some noise! I can’t wait for all the shocked faces next season!

  • Mambanation

    Welcome home Coach Scott.

  • Lakers4Life

    He can work 24/7 for all we care, but it’s the players that win games at the end of the day, so it really won’t make much difference. The fact is it’s going to be another crappy season and a wasted one for Kobe like we all expect it to be.

  • Dragon

    That means he only gets about 4 hours of sleep ahahah

  • Paul Robinson

    NO one is gonna come to the Lakers until Mamba plays better than Lebron. Everyone is going to Lebron. No one will come, I wonder why?

  • Paul Robinson

    MOst of his work should be related to film. He needs to come up with dedicated plans buy watching film to beat each team. Cant have a Dantoni outlook and, play each game the same. We need to win by defeating the stats of opposing teams, that will help us win.

  • G FIelds

    Man, I didn’t have to work that long in Afghanistan. …Get real: work smarter not longer… BScott’s #1 goal should be to equitably distribute playing time. Play at least 10 players each game allocating them 24 minutes each (48 * 5 = 240 mins /10). Of course a hot Kobe, Beasley or Lin etc. steal a little time from the bench guys. Scott’s Rationale, Motivation or Goals: – All players play Intense-D (no resting in the game; leave it all on the floor). – Dictate the tempo and style of play (making them adjust to you like SA). Score efficiently and often as made baskets deter their fast breaks. – Keep a high-energy, max-effort attitude (that’s what D is about). Press often and pick up full-court often. …These are reasons for distributing minutes, but don’t worry, the back-to-back games, minor injuries, situations and rest will help sort it out as players develop and learn to play with various lineups. LASTLY: Set a Primary Rule of Thumb: At least one veteran leader/scorer must be on the floor at all times (Boozer/Lin/Kobe or Beasley). There, the framework is done. …Now sleep on it!

  • Paytc

    My gut feeling is Byron Scott will be similar to my favorite Laker coach Pat Riley.
    It will be good to have someone who was brought up in the Pat Riley era to show this generation how to respect and follow the lead of greatness.

    We have appeared to weed out the busters who really didn’t bleed purple and gold blood. They didn’t want to be here ! Now let’s guide and lead by example like a few of our veteran players have been trying to do all along. We recognized the excuse makers and appreciated the few who were busting their butts doing most of the work. The excuse making finger pointers are gone.

    It will be good to return to a more business like environment.

    Lakers have built a culture that only see’s championships as a successful season.

    Byron Scott and company let’s demand and return to those expectations.

    Go Lakers !

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