Byron Scott Says He Has ‘Upper’ Hand Due To Relationship With Kobe...

Byron Scott Says He Has ‘Upper’ Hand Due To Relationship With Kobe Bryant


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The coaching search is in full swing for the Los Angeles Lakers with numerous candidates being considered for the job as the new head coach of the storied franchise.

One of the most popular candidates moving forward is Byron Scott. Although Scott didn’t coach last year, the former Laker is ready to get back to work and appears to like his chances of landing the job.

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In an interview with Sam Amick of USA Today, Scott let it be known that he thinks he’s the frontrunner for the head coaching job due to his relationship with Kobe Bryant:

“I think the Kobe relationship is going to play a big part,” Scott, who currently works as an analyst for the Lakers’ television network, told USA TODAY Sports by phone Tuesday. “Again, I think I’ve got a hand up on (the job) because of our relationship. We get along extremely well. Kobe knows all about me and what I’m about. He knows that I’m an old-school coach who’s very demanding on the defensive end and knows that defense and rebounding wins championships, so I think from that point of view we see eye to eye.”

One of the most important things the Lakers are looking for in their new head coach is an ability to get the most out of Kobe in what could be the final two years of his NBA career. Scott maintains that he’s kept in contact with the superstar and have talked about basketball and their ideas being very similar via Amick:

“Our relationship is great. We talked over the summer. We text each other. His ideas on the game of basketball and my ideas on the game of basketball are a lot alike, so we share a lot of the same views when it comes to the way the game should be played. So to me, it’s going to be fun.”

With GM Mitch Kupchak saying the Lakers will take their time with the coaching search, the final decision on the new coach likely won’t be made for a few more weeks. Scott is definitely in contention for the job, but being the frontrunner didn’t exactly help Brian Shaw or Phil Jackson the last two times the team hired a new coach.

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Scott is one of a few candidates that have already interviewed for the job or are set to. Kurt Rambis, Lionel Hollins, Alvin Gentry and Mike Dunleavy Sr. are also in contention and have been contacted by the team.
Lakers GM Kupchak Says Next Coach Must Get Most Productivity Out Of Kobe Bryant, Plus Likelihood Of Trading The Pick?

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  • Lakers Fan

    If i was Byron, i would chill out for a minute. The Lakers has 2 other candidates to interview, one of whom is Lionel Hollins. Kobe had a good relationship with MDA before he became the coach, and we seen how that played out. Kobe got along with Phil so well because Phil didn’t take Kobe’s s*** and Kobe knew he couldn’t walk all over him. It’s one thing to know Kobe personally and be friends with him, but it’s another thing to coach him. Byron knows the Laker tradition, and he know his .44 career win percentage won’t cut it in LaLa Land. His recent success hasn’t been great either. He’s a good point guard coach, but so is Hollins who coached up Mike Conley. I’m not bashing Byron or anything, but if the Lakers really wanna get a hard-nosed coach who has Kobe’s mentality and can right this ship, Hollins is the clear-cut choice.

    • Josh

      I think Byron is the best person for the job based on his experience building teams from scratch and his post season success. He beats Hollins in both of those areas just because he did it with two different teams. Didn’t have the same postseason success in New Orleans as in New Jersey, but he did take a lousy Eastern Conference team with no home arena and build them into contenders in the West.

      • Lakers Fan

        Well the problem with building a team from scratch is a moot point right now considering Kobe is still on the team, which concedes with my point. Byron would have better success working with a team that have young stars, which we don’t have the only exception being the player we draft. Lionel is better with veteran players, which we do have and will likely target in FA. His style of play is beyond perfect for us considering he will slow the game down and bring a defensive mindset to the team. He also will not let Kobe walk over him, which Kobe will respect more than anything. They didn’t give Kobe that massive contract to watch him be a part of a noncompetitive team. I’m all for building towards the future, and Lionel is the coach who can help us do that. I love Byron as a player, but as a coach not so much. As for having a better record in the playoffs, the Western Conference is a little tougher than when Byron was the coach at NO. You also have to win games in the regular season in order to get into the playoffs, which Hollins has over a .500 win percentage to Byron’s .44 win percentage. He has also beat the top 3 teams in the West in the playoffs while coaching Memphis. Like I said, I’m not bashing Scott but Hollins is the obvious choice here.

    • Reggie

      Ya Lionel Hollins is far superior to any candidate mentioned.

      • truth24

        Need to get off Hollins nuts yo especially since he hasn’t accomplished shit.

        • luc

          thank you. that comment was the truth. personally, i’d be happy with either.

  • Josh

    Byron, these are comments you make to your family, not USA Today. If the front office hires someone else, these type of comments will just ramp up the anti-Buss sentiment among the fan base, and we have enough former players doing that already. Shut your mouth until you get the job. Please.

  • Rasta The Voodoo Man

    Byron needs to take a chill pill…This job is far from his…Ever heard of L-Train???

  • Marc

    Lionel Hollins is getting the Lakers Head Coaching job and Byron Scott is going to be butthurt and act like a complete asshole towards the Lakers joining Magic Johnson in talking shit about Jim Buss and the Lakers current direction.

    Lionel Hollins>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Byron Thot

  • A Lot of Far

    Done with the “MIKE” thing. It’s gotta be Scott or Hollins, Hollins or Scott. Hire Rambis, Fisher as Assistants. Done. Enough said!

  • taikens8

    Byron Scott sounds so desperate!!! Let your record do your talking and your coaching record as of late doesnt measure up to Hollins. I smell trouble!!!! Run FO…….because he has a good relationship w/Kobe that gives him the right to beat his chest as though hes the next Lakers coach???? WOW…Hollins deserves another shot, Scott you’ve had so many shots go to sleep B-Scott your embarrassing yourself and The Showtime Lakers.

    • Ken

      People like to say Scott got the Nets to the finals, but ignore that that was a time wherein the East was as piss poor as it can be from top to bottom. If You think the East is bad now outside of Miami, it was worse then when Scott’s Nets were winning it. The Finals were so boring those years, the real excitement was the West Finals which was pretty much the de-facto NBA finals.

      • Lakers Fan

        Finally someone with some sense. Scott also couldn’t get the Hornets past the second round. The Western Conference is much tougher now than it was when he was with the Hornets. With the talent in the West and Scott as the coach, we wouldn’t get past the 1st round. I think more people want him based off his ties with the Lakers rather than actual basketball reasons.

      • taikens8

        AGREE 100%!!!!!!!!

  • taikens8

    Lionel Hollins Lakers Head Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeanie, Jim & Mitch don’t let another good coach walk away when you can grab him now!!!!!!

  • independentbynature

    Too bad haters….Byron Scott is the best choice and will get the job.

    • Jack

      Thank to the Lord that you aren’t our GM. Lol

      • independentbynature

        I’d never have hired coach Pringles,if I were,idiot.

        • Jack

          But you’re choosing Scott over Hollins now; so do not think you can be more stupid. Lol

          • Badazztj12

            hell I wont mind having hollins with his low tempo offensive for kobe and maybe nash but I think scott defensive system is better.
            Head Coach: Hollins?
            Assistant: Scott?

          • Jack

            Can be; everything depended on whether Hollins wants him as an assistant, and Scott accept.

          • independentbynature

            More likely the other way around.

          • Jack

            Yes!! Yes!! as you say!! Lool

          • independentbynature

            Of course I could be more stupid…I could be you.LOL.

      • truth24

        If Scottt don’t get the job then D Fish would cause at best Hollins will only get you to the second round.

        • Lakers Fan

          Like he did last year when he took the Grizzles to the WCF?

        • Jack

          No men; Hollins is the best choice; the best choice men; there is no better among all there; as simple as that.

    • Lakers Fan

      Lol and you know this how?

    • Sylvia Ross

      I agree Byron Scott, is by far the best choice for the job.

  • KB24

    Whoever has a proven tracking record and coach who knows how to play defens,top defensive efficiency,ratings blah blah blah……idk who is a better defensive minded coach if its hollins or b scott? Please answer anyone…2nd qusestion is who is the best overall coach thibs,hollins,b. scott???who won rings among them?

    • Lakers Fan

      Although Scott got the Nets to the Finals back to back years, he didn’t win. He also hasn’t done anything since that time. He couldn’t get the Hornets past the second round and his record in Cleveland was putrid(although nobody could have done anything with that team so Scott gets off slightly here). Hollins and Thibs has had the most recent success and are far better than Scott defensively, but Thibs is a dream right now. Thibs won a ring with the Celtics as an assistant coach, but like I said he is a dream as of now. As the best overall coach, it’s Hollins due to his ability to coach offense and defense.

      • independentbynature

        No way the Nets were going to beat the Lakers or Spurs in the finals.Get real.Do you think they were the favorites?Hollins has never coached any team except the Grizzlies and never gotten past the conference finals.Scott has more experience,was coach of the year @ New Orleans,where he had to rebuild and has gotten deeper in the playoffs.No coach was going to win in Cleveland after LeBron.They are the worst managed team in the league since LeBron left and hired and fired Brown again this year.Another testament to their incompetence.You people are really foolish to judge Scott by the Cavs job.It was a no win scenario.He was very highly regarded before that and still should be.

        • Lakers Fan

          If you re-read my statement, I clearly said nobody could have done anything with that Cavs team so he can’t be judged by that. Byron is trying to use his relationship with the Lakers as a reason why he is better for the job. People always say “Nobody has interviewed Hollins for a job so that must speak volumes about who he is as a HC.” Well according to my knowledge nobody has reached out to Byron either. Byron took a Nets team to the Finals in a horrible Eastern Conference, and they got exposed when they played 2 superior teams each time. Since then, he hasn’t done anything and that’s only facts. Although the Western Conference was tough when he was coaching the Hornets, its even tougher now. If he couldn’t get the Hornets past the second round during that time, are we even sure we can get into the playoffs let alone past the 1st round? While Hollins was coach of the Grizzles, he beat a #1 seeded Spurs as the #8 seed, he beat the Clippers, and the Thunder. Those are the top 3 teams in the West. I’m not bashing Scott, which is what you may be thinking I am doing. I’m just giving facts, and those facts are showing that Lionel is a better coach.

          • independentbynature

            All it shows is that the Grizzlies had much more talent than the Hornets did when Scott was there,especially when he first got there.That’s why Scott was named coach of the year.It was a tough turn around.Hollins has never coached anywhere else.He does not have Scott’s experience.As for the Nets job,they weren’t very talented,but still got to back to back finals,losing to awesome teams.He got the most out of them he could.Doesn’t matter about the rest of the east.Again,they were terrible when Scott got there and enjoyed their most success ever with him as coach.He was fired because “coach killer” Kidd didn’t like disciplined coaching,which is just what the Lakers need after Antoni.It was what it was.Hollins is not the better coach.He had 3 good years with the Grizzlies,but was still fired.Obviously,management thought they could do better with another coach.Hollins has NO other experience as a head coach.Scott turned 2 losing teams around.That’s why he has more losses.That’s why the Cavs hoped he could do the same for them.The Grizzlies were far closer to contention when Hollins got there,having the talent in place,already.Hollins is not a bad coach,but he is far from a sure thing and is not better than Scott.This is also Scott’s dream job.He bleeds purple and gold and wants badly to bring the Lakers back to past glory.All coaches want to win,but Byron is especially motivated to restore Lakers pride.No one would be bashing him if he hadn’t taken the Cavs job.He knows he should’ve waited for the Lakers job then and has done that now.Scott is the right choice for all these reasons.

          • Lakers Fan

            The level of talent in your conference plays a huge part in not only the record of your team, but how far you go in the playoffs. The Eastern Conference during his time with the Nets was bad, possibly worse than the Eastern Conference nowadays. Have you ever asked yourself why he wasnt able to win the Finals? He played against superior talent than what was in the East. The Hornets are another example. He couldnt get them past the second round due to the level of competition. When he goes up against competition he hasnt delivered. Hollins might not have taken the grizzles to the finals, but he has faced and beat tougher competition than Scott. That is why scott cant keep a HC job. He has gotten fired from every job he has had due to his inability to win. If he couldnt win with those teams(Cleveland being an exception), what makes you think he will win with us facing difficult competition? Im tired of the “laker family” “bleed purple and gold” mess. Every coach knows what comes with coaching the Lakers. Its not just players who used to play for the Lakers. Scott hasnt done anything since taking the Nets to the Finals and that was 10+ years ago. Hollins has the most recent success in a tougher conference.

          • independentbynature

            Hollins has been fired from every job he had,too.All one of them.Coach of the year@ New Orleans is doing nothing.Your argument lacks any merit at all.

  • Jamar

    Translated: I have a great relationship with Kobe because I will dare not cross him. He tells me to jump, I say “How High”.

    I smell a coach here who is just going bend over and give in and let Kobe do whatever he wants out there. That’s the kind of coach the Lakers don’t need.

    • Lakers Fan


  • Evan

    People cite his success with the Nets and Hornets, both are teams who had great PGs. The Lakers currently don’t have that luxury.

    Also, it’s mentioned Scott is a defensive minded coach. Is he better than Hollins?

    When thinking of a new coach, it would also help to think of how much revamping of the roster are we going to need to do? Who can do more with those under contract and those we might re-sign. If we go after Love, who can get the most out of him.

    What about our draft pick?

    Does Hollins’ more recent success give him an edge over Scott due to his ability to succeed in the “small ball” era? Or does Scotts relationship with Kobe give him the edge, as he seems to think?

  • Lakers4Life

    Byron is going nuts lately, and all these comments only make him sound desperate, as if he’s not fit for the job. Never vouched for Byron so this only lowers my opinion of him. Too bad for the FO…we should have nailed Kerr while we had the chance.

  • wangkon936

    I think… Byron Scott talks too much.

  • Wayne Griffin Jr.

    Too many people making assumptions…why argue the point of what coach is best when we don’t even know what the roster will be. Even a great coach will have trouble getting to the playoffs if the talent isn’t there. We always seem to blame the coaches even when the players don’t perform. But everyone thinks they knew best…