Byron Scott Says Coaching Staff Will Be Finalized Next Week Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="309"] Just as important as getting a head coach is putting together the right coaching staff. Hiring top notch assistants is a staple of gr [new_royalslider id="309"] Just as important as getting a head coach is putting together the right coaching staff. Hiring top notch assistants is a staple of gr Rating: 0
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Byron Scott Says Coaching Staff Will Be Finalized Next Week

Just as important as getting a head coach is putting together the right coaching staff. Hiring top notch assistants is a staple of great franchises and can make a huge difference in the success of a team.

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Head Coach Byron Scott took over the Lakers official twitter page today, and said that he is likely to finalize his coaching staff next week:

There are a number of possibilities as to who will join the coaching staff. Former Laker Gary Payton has been mentioned as a possibility, and has even said he is getting interested in coaching.

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Scott will also look at the existing members of the Lakers coaching staff as guys like Mark Madsen are sure to get long looks from Scott. In fact, our own Serena Winters reported that Scott was meeting with the staff just a couple of days ago:

Hopefully Scott is able to put together an excellent staff. Fans have seen the difference great assistant coaches can make. Before he took over in Chicago, Tom Thibodeau used his defensive principles to help the Boston Celtics win a championship.

The San Antonio Spurs have seen a number of their assistants get head coaching jobs recently as well. Who Scott decides to bring in will go a long way towards getting the most out of this Lakers team.

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  • LakerSpartan117

    I would love for Gary Payton to be an assistant HC, bring that defensive mentality to our young guns. Maybe Robert Horry too, and Dave Miller would also be decent.

    • vdogg

      agreed. would love to see GP coach up the guards.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    A starter on his 2nd year as a Laker with total season stats of:
    Points: 102
    Assists: 86
    Turnovers: 31
    Steals: 7
    Blocks: 2
    Rebounds: 29

    Not Smush Parker. Not Kwame Brown. Not Chris Mihm.

    The player that has the worst total stat line in his 2nd season as a starter for the Los Angeles Lakers is:
    STEVE NASH. Your new all-time worst Laker ever.
    Sam Bowie wasn’t a starter in his 2nd season with the Lakers, but the dude posts better numbers than Nash anyway. That’s how sorry Nash is.

    Statistics provided by: ESPN

    • vdogg

      what’s your opinion on steve nash ever since he became a laker? be honest.

      • nash screwed the lakers

        My honest opinion? I hate him. Never liked him as a Sun. He stole 2 MVP’s from Kobe. I hate him with a passion since ’04. This hate is real, and it didn’t even start since he sucked so bad with the Lakers. Always hated him for long. This is just the nail in the coffin.


        • vdogg

          at least you hide it well, lol. i know a fantastic psychologist — madonna is one of her patients. i could put you in touch. just say the word.

          • nash screwed the lakers

            I know, I try to hide it, but only smart people can see it.

          • vdogg

            you flatter me.

        • All You Can

          Steve Nash is not a NBA player but getting paid like a star?Nash should be retired already.That’s the fault of Jimbo Busst and ass clown Mitch The Bitch,they paid him the money it’s the FO that messed up dude not Steve Nash!Nash is 40.

          • Fred Melendez

            nash is a 1971 ford pinto that’s burning oil and the motors knocking never should have been a laker,,he comes here and is just getting paid time to donate the pinto to the scrap yard.

        • Al Haldie

          Your a REAL piece of work – now maybe you can get over YOURSELF I
          don’t believe there are to many guys here on LAKERS NATION, that REALLY care FOR YOU ALSO…

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          your hate is starting to show in your posts. Stop the hate man, it does you no good. We get it that Nash’s contract has not helped the Lakers, but that is HIS contract not yours, or anyone else. He is legally bound to finish that contract whether you agree to it or not. Your hate will not affect that.

          So, a little advice, stop the hate! We know it, you don’t have to keep spewing it in here.

    • meep

      so im guessing till nash gone dont matter what the post is about we will see you cry and whine about nash. sure we all dont like him taking a spot and money if he cant play but we wont whine like you do

    • Fred Melendez

      what about that big ass headed umbanga or whatever his name was.

      • nash screwed the lakers

        he wasnt a starter

  • nash screwed the lakers

    Which basketball player was paid about $26,000 per point that he scored in a game for his entire career as a Laker? Steve Nash.

    738 points in 2 seasons, paid $19,000,000 so far, and $9,700,000 more. If he ends up sitting out 80 games next season, it may go up to $39,000 per point scored in a game. He gets paid $39,000 to make 1 free throw!

    Some people have to work 2 jobs just to make $39,000 annually. Shame on you Steve. Don’t go out like this bro, don’t sit out 70+ games again man.

    Source: ESPN Stats

    • Al Haldie

      Why don’t you just come out and say it –HE has and always will make more MONEY then you – and you just cant stand it…. ha ha ha – what a shame,,

    • Dana Douglas

      So here’s the thing: Nash was injured, effectively ending his career, while giving his professional, all-star, hall of fame effort and talent to the Los Angeles Lakers. He sacrificed his body for this team. He deserves to have the team honor his contract. I don’t know whether your opinion is the result of a lack of ethics and morals or just short-sighted stupidity born of irrational hate. These guys have only one career, and they give it to a team to make millions or billions of dollars off of their talents. If they are injured while playing for the team, they deserve to be paid and not tossed away as no longer useful garbage. Try to think like a human being, here.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    On February 5th, 2014, the Lakers started the game in Cleveland with only eight available players. That dropped to six when Nick Young and Jordan Farmar got hurt, and four when Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre fouled out. They still won, 119-108 (without Nash).

    What was Nash doing during this game? I would take a wild guess and say he was depositing his pay check with his iPhone app from his bank.

    • Kishan

      bro leave him alone id like to see u in his position

  • meep

    cant wait to see who the lakers bring in for the staff maybe former lakers would be nice like say a rick fox or robert horry or how about coach from the laker pregame show

  • Asleep At The Switch Mitch

    Asleep At The Switch Mitch Must sign Jordan Clarkson!Michael Beasley says hi.

  • Asleep At The Switch Mitch

    As for assistant coaches for the Lakers anything less than Gary Payton,Michael Cooper,Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Lawrence Frank would be disappointing.

    • Duckathon

      A bench not lacking in star power.

  • Tune

    Imagine the showtime roster being the coaching staff

  • Duckathon

    Madsen will more than likely be on the staff. Also intrigued by Payton.

  • Duckathon

    Can we do something about the Nash highjacking of this post?

  • Mitch Igbo

    Lakers coaching staff wish list: Robert Horry, Gary Payton, James Worthy

  • Fred Melendez

    heck id love to see gp still play…back in the day 1,2 punch gp and shawn kemp..

  • Fred Melendez

    wheres rudy t

  • Fred Melendez

    the first thing a new coach says is that we are gonna work on defense,,my opinion I would have brought George karl in here very respected coach with a winning record byrons in it for the money and the ride..hope I am wrong

  • Fred Melendez

    I think kobe should start coming of the bench and give back the money he stole from the lakers

    • Kishan

      if u got offered $500,000 would you say “no no give me $100,000 instead”

      dude remember the front office offered him that offer as the first offer maybe if the Front office was bit smarter … remember Kobe wont go anywhere….. and btw who cares even if he got less we wouldn’t of signed a big free agent so end result no difference

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