Byron Scott Reveals Kobe’s Rookie Nickname Was ‘Showboat’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="170"] After a disappointing season, the Los Angeles Lakers entered the off-season with plenty of question marks. One of those was who was g [new_royalslider id="170"] After a disappointing season, the Los Angeles Lakers entered the off-season with plenty of question marks. One of those was who was g Rating: 0
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Byron Scott Reveals Kobe’s Rookie Nickname Was ‘Showboat’

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After a disappointing season, the Los Angeles Lakers entered the off-season with plenty of question marks. One of those was who was going to coach the team after Mike D’Antoni resigned.

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The Lakers front office took their time before finally bringing in former Laker Byron Scott to become the team’s next head coach.

According to a Q & A with Lakers.com reporter Mike Trudell, Scott remembered his time with a young Bryant and how the high schooler had his sights on becoming one of the all-time greats:

He and I just talked a lot. I got to know him so well, that I thought he was the most mature 18-year-old I’d seen in my life. He had an idea of what he wanted to be and accomplish at 18, and he was able to do that. I remember sitting in the front row at the Forum, we’d just had practice, and I’m talking to him and I said: ‘Showboat, what do you want to do in this league.’ He said, ‘B I want to be the best player in the NBA.’ I could see that he was dead serious. And I told him, ‘As hard as you work, you will be.’ And for a long time, he was the best.

Following brief stints with the Indiana Pacers and Vancouver Grizzlies, Scott returned to the Lakers where he mentored Kobe Bryant during his rookie season. While stuck behind Eddie Jones on the depth chart, Bryant only averaged 15.5 minutes a game as a rookie, but still managed to show flashes of his eventual dominance by scoring an average of 7.6 in his limited time.

With ESPN’s forecasts pegging the team as the West’s 12th best as well as the team facing the biggest turmoil, the upcoming season looks to be a challenging one for Scott, Bryant, and the rest of the Lakers. The team will be looking to prove the doubters wrong and get back to winning basketball games.

Kobe Bryant Answers Fan’s Questions, Talks Keys To The Game

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  • Brandon Robinson

    :-) I remember these days. Everyone was upset. . “Like who is the bald head dude airing back to back 3 ‘ s vs Utah in the first round. Lol. But I knew Mamba was destined to be great, because he came off the bench and got buckets with minimal PT. That’s when fans were still skeptical about him and started the “Eddie, Eddie” chants so the FO wouldn’t trade his ass lol.

    • LakerDev

      YUP….I remember after he shot those air balls, first I was like “SH*T”…then I starting thinking, damn, this dude got balls to keep shooting after the first air ball lol.

    • Don

      Dell Harris was the coach that time and I was like….WTH coach?!?! Bench this rookie!

      • tailormade

        one thing you have to give Del in that moment was he taught two guys two lessons at once. he took the ball out of nick’s hands(because nick was not listening to him(del)) which was a thing nick would do often. So del figured the thing that would sting the most is for mr showboat rookie to have his number called for these last shots and not nick(who was the game winner/clutch shooter on our team). but also he knew kobe wasnt as ready as kobe thought he was(not yet). so he also taught kobe. just because you work hard and THINK you’re ready doesnt mean you’re ready, some things takes time and you cant skip time, you have to crawl before you walk. But at the time i was just like you Don, “Coach..WHAT DA???”

    • Jim213

      Per Jude LaCava (Fox Sports 910): it appears the Suns may be giving up on the partnership.

      “I do believe in my NBA sources. You can take this to the bank, so to speak, the Suns are now discussing trade possibilities for Eric Bledsoe.”

      • Jim213

        Bledsoe stats, just throwing them out there for those who believe he’s worth a max contract. smh i’d pass on him (IMO), too much salary to risk/tie up (long term) in an unproven player. But if he was willing to take $10 mil a season + possible contract incentives then it may be worth a shot.

        However, no way Randle is included in any deal. Too much to risk (future) for an unproven player (Bledsoe). But IMO if FO would consider a possible deal the Rockettes 1st and 2nd rnd picks along with Sacre or Kelly should be the only bargaining chips on the table for the lakers. more than enough for Bledsoe tho if they wanted Nash back… by all means.

        • Alb_LakersNation

          Think, Curry takes just 11 million/year as sallary

          • Jim213

            Smh, I’d pass but given FO may be willing to take a risk on him that would be the max $$. But how does Curry’s salary come into play since the NBA’s salary scale is in effect? smh

          • Homer Dude

            The Lakers will never get a good player at this rate.Might as well sign Jordan Clarkson and Michael Beasley then pass on Bledsoe.Gotta hope Lin is not getting traded for Bledsoe.

          • vdogg


          • Jim213

            Agree, surprising that Clarkson hasn’t been signed. I’d pass on Beasley and go after another 5 being that’s the weakest position.

        • Hands In My Pants

          The problem is I do not think Bledsoe would want to sign for only 10 million in guaranteed money. What the lakers could do is pay Bledsoe like 12-15 million for 1 year and then have a team option for the next year; consequently, if Bledsoe doesn’t pan out, then the Lakers could get rid of him.

          • Jim213

            Wouldn’t fly IMO, this is why I’d pass on him. Why give up draft picks then?… as they can be utilized before the trade deadline for a more suitable player for the brand. Opposed to gambling on a player who won’t be around for the long term.

            Best thing for Bledsoe IMO, accept the Nuns QO, show his game will only improve while playing a full season and putting up top 10 – PG caliber stats for 2015.

          • Hands In My Pants

            In regards to giving up picks or Randle, I agree that we should not give these assets up; however, if the Suns would go the unlikely route and give Bledsoe up for not a lot, I do believe we should pay him more than 10 mill in guaranteed money. However, I do see this scenario as highly unlikely, so I think our only chance will be to get him in free agency next year, but if he has another season like his most recent one, he will command more money than I think the Lakers should pay him.

  • They call me Pringles

    I remember Chick Hearn was the first to call him “showboat”. Because even when the whistle was blown for deadball, Kobe would try an attempt to make a dunk to catch audience attention. One time vs the Jazz, there was a deadball and Kobe asked Cory Blount for the ball and tried to do that stunt again, in mid-air, Antoine Carr pushed him. Play stoppages used to be Kobe’s opportunity to showcase his dunking skills, that was when he was a rookie. He was a “wild horse” as Vin Scully would call him.

  • Kishan

    now look at him…. I’m sure Charlotte are full of regrets

  • Jose Guzman

    the best,

  • Jim213

    Q&A w/coach Scott.

    http://www.nba. com/lakers/news/140820byronscott_qa

  • LakerSpartan117

    HAHA!! I remember those days… wow it was really years ago. Kobe used to flex his muscles out and pose for the fans. People would sometimes boo and get tired of his antics, but there was just something about him. You could only say that about a few players, and Kobe had it…. God those were the days.

    I really hope he plays to 42, just like Kareem.

  • Zach

    Beats the heck out of Rape Boy, his nickname a few years after that…

    • Tina Moran

      If you can’t say these things directly to Kobe’s face, then posting them here just makes you an anonymous back-biting bitch.

      • Seriously?

        Just flag the trolls and they’ll go away ;)

  • Zach

    Scott’s rookie nickname was ‘we traded Norm Nixon for this #%^???”

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