Byron Scott On Being Lakers Coach: ‘A Dream Come True’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="302"] The Los Angeles Lakers have finally found their new head coach in Byron Scott. It was a long process, but Scott always appeared to be [new_royalslider id="302"] The Los Angeles Lakers have finally found their new head coach in Byron Scott. It was a long process, but Scott always appeared to be Rating: 0
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Byron Scott On Being Lakers Coach: ‘A Dream Come True’

The Los Angeles Lakers have finally found their new head coach in Byron Scott. It was a long process, but Scott always appeared to be the answer the team was looking for.

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Following the announcement that the Lakers reached an agreement with Scott, the team’s new head coach said the following about how it feels to return to Los Angeles in an interview with CBS’s Jim Hill:

“It feels fantastic,” said Scott to Hill. “This is a dream come true. I always wanted to coach the Lakers, especially when I got to coaching. Its so unreal. I have to thank Mitch, Jeanie and Jim Buss to give me this opportunity.”

Scott has a history with the team helping the Lakers win three titles during the Showtime era while playing alongside Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Scott was also very close with late owner Dr. Jerry Buss and many believe he would’ve been the successor to Phil Jackson if he didn’t take the coaching job with the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2010.

According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, Scott agreed to a four-year deal with the team giving him some long-term security:

With Mike D’Antoni resigning back in late April, the team chose to take their time in searching for a new head coach. Scott talks about the Lakers brass going through the process of searching for the right man for the job via Hill:

“I really believe that they wanted to do the diligence and to make sure that I was the right guy,” added Scott. “I know there were other candidates out there, and I felt like that with each meeting I thought was better and better, and I felt like they had a better understanding of what I was all about. I thought that the last few hires in their minds, they were a little hasty with, and so on this one, they took their time to make sure I was the right guy for this situation. Again, I think it worked out well for both sides.”

Now that Scott is in the fold, the team will likely start to take shape. The roster is basically already filled with 11 players signed and Wesley Johnson and Jordan Clarkson’s deals more than likely on the verge of becoming official.

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Scott may begin to give some perspective on his plans moving forward. There’s been a lot of debate about the team’s depth chart with a surplus of forwards in the frontcourt and a lot of uncertainty surrounding the small forward position.
Lakers Hire New Coach Byron Scott

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  • vmart24


    • Jim213

      Conflicting reports from Laker Insiders about Scott’s hiring but…

      • Vince

        What do you mean sir?Please elaborate?

        • Jim213

          Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina

          “Lakers maintain they’re still negotiating with Scott. We’ll see how this transpires.”

          However, Scott was on TWC to collaborate the news. The info likely came out close to simultaneously to the media which may have surprised FO.

          • Jason

            Kurt Helin @basketballtalk · 53m
            Report: Lakers say ‘no done deal’ with Byron Scott

            Follow up so maybe no deal with Byron Thot lol.I hope we skip Byron Thot he is horrid.

          • Light23K

            He has 1 bad coaching tenures and that’s bad? What about taking the nets to 2 consecutive finals, is that bad also? Does any candidate the Lakers interview been to the finals? Do you even know what your saying?

          • ag

            corroborate you mean?

          • Jim213

            Thanks, replying as a insomniaciover the weekend has it’s flaws sometimes lol.

  • Thom DuCharme

    Welcome home, coach!

  • Robert J. Carmack

    Welcome aboard Byron!! we’ve been waiting for You..

  • Tyrone

    Well this is a great day in Lakers history,we got a great coach and he is our own B.Scott!

  • Kevin

    Not only did LeBron James come back home so did Byron Scott.This off-season EPIC.

  • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

    Welcome Back To The REAL LA TEAM

  • Sam

    Welcome back Kotter i mean Byron lol.

  • Kareem

    To my brother from another mother welcome back.Win for the Lakers.


    This is all happening through the spirit of Dr.Buss from heaven, i just watched Byron Scott old interview talking to Mitch Kupchack how Dr. Buss invited Coach Byron to games after he got fired from New Orleans to make sure he was doing fine and if he needed any support and the media made a big deal about Byron coming to games cause they thought Byron might be the lakers next coach and Byron didn’t want to bring to much attention and he didn’t want people think he was taking the other coach spot but i really think Dr. Buss made these last couple seasons bad to bring Jeanie, Jim much closer and figure things out i truly believe he brought Byron back and Byron, Mitch and Kobe going to lead this team to two more championships for this franchise.


    • Light23K

      I think Byron Scott is going to bring out the old Utah Jazz Boozer and the NY Linsanity or close to it and surprise everybody.They just needs to be in the right place and the right coach and Scott is definitely the right coach.Along with Kobe the Lakers gonna make some noice.

    • sonatona10

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    • Paul Pairazaman

      WTF If anything is the power of god ,no person has the ability to do nothing once is dead (the spirit of Dr Buss) what a joke.

  • LakerSpartan117

    Does anyone else hate Darius Soriano from forumbluegold? He is so pessimistic that I don’t understand how he is a “major” writer to cover the Lakers. He hates Boozer, pretty much every other acquisition the Lakers made this offseason, and he doesn’t like Byron Scott. Now I understand and respect everyone has a right to their own opinion, but sometimes I wonder how people get jobs for stuff they don’t support.

    I mean, I don’t think he gets paid because it might just be a blog. But why is it posted on Bleacher Report like its important or something?

    Anyway Go Lakers!

    • WAYNER

      Man don’t worry bout it everybody on our team has a chip on their shoulder and us fans gotta chip on our shoulder as well spartan we about to be back on top man trust me.

      • LakerSpartan117

        I always BELIEVE brotha.. I always BELIEVE..

        (Halo 3 reference if you guys didn’t figure it out.)

  • Orlando Foolridge

    After hearing him and Worthy light up the lakers nightly last year, Byron has to do alot this next season to prove that he can do more than just analyze the lakers problems. It’s easy to see the team had no motivation….Byron, 1st day of training camp get all of showtime lakers together in one room with this team. Magic, Kareem, Coop, not rambis because he’s a traitor, AC Green, Thompson, Worthy, Nixon and invite Kobe up there with you. Lecture these guys on pride and what it means to be a laker. We don’t act like punks, ever (bye bye Kendall)….we play hard and aren’t clowns (that’s you Howard).

    • Viva Lakers

      Orlando that’s actually a good idea

    • Guest

      Why is Rambis a traitor? Because he took a job with another team? If that’s the case, then how do you explain Scott taking jobs with other teams before he returned to the Lakers?

      • Orlando Foolridge

        That’s true, but he can’t be invited because he’s with another team. Temporary traitor.

  • VillainKing™

    Ok the Lakers had the coach..Lakers get ready to win more rings!!!!!!!

  • Lakers4Life

    Awesome…Welcome home Mr. Showtimes. Coach Scott.

  • L4K3R5F4N

    “If you worried about us , pls dnt ..” -Swaggy P, 2014

  • kiko

    Welcome back LA Lakers Coach Byron scott Mr Showtime and The New Showtime era
    pg Lin,Ramon Sessions,clarkson
    sg kobe,nick,eric bledsoe if trade successful trade for randle and one draft pick
    sf wesley,henry,shawn marion or michael beasley
    pf carlos boozer,,jordan hill, ed davis,kelly
    c Greg Monroe,Andray Blatche,Ekpe Udoh
    and waive sacre,nash
    Head coach byron scott

  • We The Lakers

    Alex Kennedy ✔ @AlexKennedyNBA
    Michael Beasley is currently training in LA with Kevin Durant. Lakers could make sense for Beasley. He’d be a good fit to fill out roster.
    2:43 PM – 26 Jul 2014

    • Zimmeredge

      if i had to choose between Shawn Marion and Mike Beasley i’ll choose Marion ten times over Beasley. I hope we still have something to offer to Marion.

      • joshhh

        thank u someone who finally understands

  • Jake

    Welcome back Byron Scott.Well lets just say this much we still need a solid center in the middle because Jordan Hill playing center is a joke he is too undersized and not skilled on offense to be a full time starting center on a winning team in the NBA.Hill is a backup power forward in the NBA a energy guy that gives 15-20 minutes of energy and hustle.Lakers also need a better small forward option because Wes Johnson is junk and he is not at all belonging on a good team,so hopefully he gets cut in training camp for Shawn Marion taking his job.

    Also a backup point guard is needed since Lin gets injured all the time and Jordan Clarkson is a rookie and still growing into the point guard position as he was originally a shooting guard.Maybe a point guard ball handler by the name of Steve Nash nah nevermind he is always injured and missing games and even when he plays we lose because he is too old and slow and horrible on defense to make a difference.

    I love the power forward position we are deep and very talented at power forward with Randle+Boozer+Ed Davis+Ryan Kelly+Jordan Hill.At shooting guard we are the best in the NBA with a healthy Kobe+Swaggy P+Xavier Henry+Clarkson.So basically we are a good center away from competing alongside a Shawn Marion signing.Maybe Ekpe Udoh or Andray Blatche for center?Emeka Okafor can be good.Shawn Marion to start at sf i hope.Backup pg is the other weakness but Lin,Nash,Clarkson should be fine but if not they can always sign Will Cherry.Maybe we will be good?Like maybe a playoffs spot?

    • joshhh

      thank u someone who’s the same page as me why would they even consider Beasley bunch of retards

    • independentbynature

      I was just wondering where you got the idea that Lin gets injured all the time?Last season he played in 71 games/30 min. a game.The year before, he started all 82 games and played 32 min. per game for the Rockets.Those were his only full seasons since he only played the last half of the Lin-sanity season in NY. and was not injured then either.Most analysts describe him as durable and able to play heavy minutes without injury.

  • gerry

    i dont care who they hire, as long as they play defense . . . . . . . and i can date serena winters.

    • Al Haldie

      Boy u sure wish a lot, why>.

  • Lakers4Life

    4 years 17 mil, what a poor, poor decision. But at this point, we really couldn’t have expected any better from Jimmy anyway, so we’ll just have to see how bad we are next season.

    Poor Kobe…don’t expect any rings before he retires, that’s for sure. What a pity.

  • laker32

    lol…this is the most unorganized hiring for a head coach in the history of man kind. scott comes out last night and says he has been hired and the lakers are denying anything is official yet. again, poor leadership on jim and jeannie buss.

    i’m glad b-scott is *potentially* going to be the head coach of the lakers. when phil jackson first retired in 2004, i wanted them to hire b-scott but they hired rudy-t instead. its been a long time coming, i like the fact that he is a former laker.

    • Jim213

      Throw in Mitch too but it’s mostly related to basketball operations.

  • raulcaprice

    Rumors that former Heat Michael Beasley (25) could be on his way to join My @Lakers !!!, New Team is taking shape – Kobe, Boozer, Lin, Beasley, Davis, Jordan Hill, Nick Young…..and others!, would be nice if we make the playoffs !!! LET’S BE POSITIVE FOR OUR TEAM !!! GO LAKERS !!!

    • Truth B Told

      Still need a rim protector….Okafor.

  • Bernard B’Luv Eatmon

    Welcome Back Home B.Scott… Now Bring Us Another Championship…

  • tbreezy

    Lets get Shannon Brown and Metta World Peace and we are set. Go Lakers!!!!!!

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