Byron Scott: Lakers ‘Better Be Ready To Play Some Defense’

Byron Scott: Lakers ‘Better Be Ready To Play Some Defense’


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The Los Angeles Lakers finally have Mike D’Antoni’s successor in place with the team nearing an agreement with Byron Scott to be the next head coach. Scott brings a different kind of attitude to the table in Los Angeles with more emphasis on the defensive side of the basketball floor.

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Scott returned from a vacation in the Caribbean on Sunday night and told that he’s been talking with Kobe Bryant via text message. Kobe told Scott that he’d be working out with some of his teammates, but Scott hopes Kobe is stressing defense:

“He told me he was working out with Wesley [Johnson] and Nick [Young],” Scott said. “I told them that sounded great, but ‘they better be ready to play some defense.’ “

Under D’Antoni, the offense was clicking for the Lakers the past two seasons, but the team was awful defensively. There was so much emphasis on being dominant offensively with D’Antoni’s system that defense became secondary resulting in the Lakers being one of the worst in the league in that category.

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Hopefully, Scott will be able to help turn around the storied franchise while stressing defense next season. With Kobe making the NBA’s All-Defensive First Team 12 times in his career, there’s no better player on the team to help shift priority to that side of the floor.

Heading into next season, Kobe will be 36-years-old and coming off two consecutive season-ending injuries. It is uncertain how much Kobe has left in the tank, but having a head coach that he trusts and respects running the show can only help matters moving forward.
Lakers Hire New Coach Byron Scott

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  • Cypressmurf

    That’s what like to hear, but saying it is one thing… accomplishing it is another.

    But I’m also glad to hear Kobe is working out with Wes Johnson and Nick Young! Coach em’ up Kobe! Mentor them into developing their game… expand it.

  • Bryant™

    Good shit Byron

  • Xerex7

    Defense? Like protecting the rim? Challenging guys who drive inside? Yuck…gross


    • Josh

      Defense? Like staying in front of your man so I don’t have to leave mine to help you? That would be great!


      • Terrell

        Please. Not even Lebron or Tony Allen gets to stay in front of their man 100% of the time. Players have become faster, more adept, and Offenses have become so good at setting picks and freeing up their teammates. That’s when you need your “Big” in the paint to step up as the last line of defense and challenge the damn shot. Pau just hightails his soft ass out of there giving no damn effort to contest anything. The way Pau is coddled for his lack of effort is absurd. I tell you this, Thibs will not olerate that kind of soft ass mentality.

        • Josh

          Not asking for 100% of the time or even getting through screens most of the time, but a traffic cone is a better perimeter defender than most guards in the rotation the last few years.

          • Terrell

            Yeah, and a traffic cone has done a better job contesting shots in the paint than Pau has as well. Both Laker guards AND Pau are equally to blame. Thing is, Pau doesn’t seem to be held to any fault whatsoever by many fans. It’s always someone else’s fault.

          • Josh

            #11 in blocks/game last season isn’t exactly traffic cone defense. He was only #25 in blocks/48 minutes, but most players who are better shot blockers than Pau offer nothing at the offensive end. Pau’s not blameless in giving up points at the rim, but he’s criticized unfairly for it. So many team issues contribute to giving up dunks/layups, and it often starts at the perimeter and in poor communication between teammates who are not familiar playing with each other.

      • Chauncey

        Both you and Terrell are right. Yeah, it would be nice if the guards can stay in front of their man all the time, but like how Terrell vividly illustrates, it’s unrealistic. Everyone in the league, from the superstars to the 2nd/3rd tier guys like the Darren Collisons, Dragic, and the rest, are so good with the ball that they can pretty much blow by anybody including elite defenders from time to time. Nick Young himself blew by Lebron in many situations last X-Mas day game, either through screens or just crossing him over. Pau is right to expect his guards to do better at staying in front of their men, but the guards in the league also have a right to expect that when they get picked or their man just gets a step ahead of them, that their Center or PF will be right there to help them out too. That’s what Noah, Marc Gasol, Nene, Gortat, and others do.

    • Cypressmurf

      HAHAHAHA!!!! I respect Pau for the great couple years he gave us (the championship years) but its been lack of effort and deterioration for his legs for years now… we needed to get younger in the frontcourt and stronger to hold their ground. Even though Boozer isn’t known for his defense, but he has A BODY!! He is essentially built like a tank, so he can man up if he’s up for it. Unlike Pau who is flimsy and sometimes weak on the block..

      In my eyes, Good Riddance Pau. Thanks for the memories.

      • comrade24

        Scott will make boozer play defense.

        • Cypressmurf

          I’m hoping… because if Boozer was being coached by one of the leagues premiere defensive coaches on Tom Tibs and didn’t play defense then….

          Byron might have his work cut out for him.. but the way Boozer sounded at the press conference, he sounded locked in to work.

        • Josh

          Just like Thibs did?

  • Marcus Livingston

    it’s nice from a coach, who made some negative nba record with the Cavs.

    • metalbass

      a fucking disgusting cavs squad. Byron always coached crappy teams c’mon

    • DP

      That Cavs team was worse than a unit of you and me and 3 grocery baggers.

  • Spade

    I like this statement. I just hopes he backs it up and holds players accountable. It doesn’t matter if you’re Kobe or Clarkson; if you don’t play defense you will not play. Period.

  • apeknows

    As a coach I’d say: “no defense = more bench time”. We need stops. Offense will find itself.

  • vdogg

    ed davis needs to start at center. i think he has the makings of a star in this league — he just needs the minutes. i also think the lakers got the better of the boozer-for-pau swap. booz is younger and more durable. his numbers will improve now that he’ll be playing with a pick and roll PG in lin.

  • fanla

    “Hopefully, Scott will be able to help turn around the storied franchise while stressing defense next season. With Kobe making the NBA’s All-Defensive First Team 12 times in his career, there’s no better player on the team to help shift priority to that side of the floor.”

    It’s a poor joke, because Kobe hasn’t play defense since many years, In fact we should care more on other players possibilities.

    • Kïd Špłãšh

      Actually, Kobe Is A Good On-ball Defender. He’s GettingOlder So Of Course He Isnt Going To Be Able To Chase Those Younger Guys Off Screens Or In General.

  • Kïd Špłãšh

    Im Really Happy That Kobe Is Working With Wes Especially.!!!

  • Badazztj12

    Already getting your roster involved with defense. Defense give you wins in the clutch. Playing defense also always give you a shot to face up against teams better than you. Scott is doing a great job so far.

  • Chris Shields

    A coach who actually EXPECTS his team to play defense??? WOW, what a concept!!!

  • Lakers96

    The first time I heard the head coach of the Lakers say “defense” in 2 years. Is this real life??

    Haha all jokes aside I’m glad B Scott’s on board. I really want to see him coach with an iron fist!

  • Hire Gary Payton Defensive

    Byron means play defense,now Gary Payton will show them how to play defense.

  • VillainKing™

    Byron Scott said “DEFENSE” that word is music to my ears!!!

  • Kb24


  • Kb24

    How about trade kelly(since he will be buried below randle and boozer) to suns for okafor(vets min)in that way we can have some rim protection)also sooner or later we all know that lin,hill and possibly nash will be traded for picks or quality players

  • SirHambone

    Here we go!


    Lakerfan is moved by the fact that Byron Scott was part of a winning Laker team 20 years ago – therefore this team is going to be a winning team. NOT! but that’s how Lakerfan thinks. you all get drawn in by the hype. Remember last season – Lakerfan was sure they would get “Love and Wiggins” and “Love is coming to LA eventually” now you know that’s a fairytale Then there was all the hype about “Lebron coming to LA” and “Melo coming to LA” all nonsense. good luck, kids!!