Byron Scott: ‘I Love Swaggy Coming Off The Bench’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="283"] A case could be made that Byron Scott will have the toughest job in the NBA next season. Scott agreed to take on the task of rebuildi [new_royalslider id="283"] A case could be made that Byron Scott will have the toughest job in the NBA next season. Scott agreed to take on the task of rebuildi Rating: 0
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Byron Scott: ‘I Love Swaggy Coming Off The Bench’

A case could be made that Byron Scott will have the toughest job in the NBA next season. Scott agreed to take on the task of rebuilding the Los Angeles Lakers with a 36-year-old Kobe Bryant leading the way and a roster that many people believe could be one of the worst in the Western Conference.

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Despite the odds clearly not in his favor, Scott is embracing the challenge while staying positive throughout the process. Scott wants his players to believe, not count out, the prospect of this team winning a championship next season.

One of the players on his roster that will be an important piece to the puzzle in Los Angeles next season is Nick Young. Scott was a fan of Young last season and has nothing but positive things to say about the veteran guard/forward.

According to an interview with Mike Trudell of Lakers.com, Scott may keep Young as the team’s best option off the bench:

“I liked how he played and how he was giving full effort on the defensive end, and I really love his energy. He cared about winning. He changed his whole persona, what people thought of him. I’d never seen him play defense before. I also saw him being unselfish at times where he made passes. I do love Swaggy coming off the bench.”

Although nothing is set in stone at this point, Scott seems to be leaning toward Young remaining the sixth man via Trudell:

“Probably. He will play together with Kobe as well, but I do love his energy and firepower being able to score the ball off the bench.”

Last season, Young averaged a team-high 17.9 points per game and quickly changed his perceived image in the NBA. Young proved that he’s still a force to be reckoned with offensively and a valuable asset to the Lakers franchise.

After signing a four-year deal last month, Young will be in the team’s long-term plans and a vital part to Scott’s rebuild in Los Angeles.

Interview: Lakers Coach Byron Scott Talks Nick Young, Kobe, Defense

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  • LakerSpartan117

    Know your personnel… Swaggy P is our Sixth man. Period. And to be honest, I’m excited to see Nash lead the bench at PG. Because our bench is very young, and they need that leadership player to slow them down when necessary.

    This team is going to surprise people, watch.

    • vdogg


      staters: lin, kobe, wes, randle, davis

      bench: nash, henry, young, booz, hill

      sprinkle in some sacre, clarkson and kelly.

      the lakers are quietly quite deep.

      • cj

        boozer will be starting to start the season

        • vdogg

          we’ll see.

          • Kishan

            well Kobe is the only definite starter in this roster according to Byron Scott

        • independentbynature

          So will Hill.

          • 1mtoldman

            i think that would make sense but then with randle and davis finishing the season.

          • Lakers Realist

            Still feel Jordan is going to live up to his potential this year. He showed flashes of it last season, and now he is free from the shackles D’Antoni put on him. Excited to see him work with Randle too.

          • Pete

            Since they gave Hill the contract, he will definitely be starting.

          • Jerry Arthur Newcomb

            Hills, contract has absolutely nothing to do with him starting or coming off the bench, as B. Scott said, the one player that beats out the others will start. PERIOD! Except Swaggy P. He will be the 6th man!

      • Thomas Klein

        You don’t pay Hill 9 million if your planning on having him come off the bench, Hill will start. Boozer has the experience , Boozer will start , Kobe will start, the only question is Lin vs Nash and who starts at the three.

      • Alb_LakersNation

        That’s the “thinnest” Lakers starters line up, probably in history… only the 19 y/o Randle is about an average body there, the others are light weight! No… that’s not good… we need some big guys to start , like Boozer, Hill and i would say Jermaine O’Neal, if the FO decides to take sign him.

        • Jim213

          ? Just to let you know JO’s approx. weight: 226 lbs.

      • Jeff

        This is all i want out of Nick Young give the Lakers some bench help by scoring around 12 points a game on 50% shooting from the field and give the team 4 assists a game by being very unselfish and start playing much better defense learn how to become a fucking champion and quit acting like a clown that wants to be on Shaqtin the fool or whatever that stupid Shaq segment is.Nick Young must become a leader on the court and play like a seasoned veteran and not some punk kid.

        Nick must learn from Byron Scott and Kobe on how to be a champion and do what it takes on the court to be a NBA champion learn how to be unselfish and more focused.This team is relying on Nick Young and that is a scary thought,since he hasn’t proven he can be a great all around player.

        Work on ballhandling to and be less of a chucker and more of a team player that wants to win games and make the playoffs to compete for a championship a Larry O’Brien trophy.He can do it if he really wants to but it’s going to be on him if he does make the adjustments and sacrifice his stats and take much better shots,he needs to drastically improve his very poor shot selection as he has very poor basketball IQ currently.Work on the mental aspect of the game for the team to improve.

        • Kirk Kelley

          Gheesh….relax!!! He’ll be fine…

        • Robert Knowles

          Swaggy P will score more than that …..around 18 ppg as the 6th man

      • Robert Knowles

        and we may sign Beasley too

    • LakersHeatBeef



      Clarkson will receive a fully guaranteed minimum salary for the 2014-15 season at $507,336 and a non-guaranteed $845,059 for 2015-16, totaling $1.35 million.

      If Clarkson sticks with the team to opening night in 2015, his salary locks in for the entire year.

      The Lakers will be able to make Clarkson a restricted free agent before the 2016-17 season, with a qualifying offer of $1.18 million.

      • Robert J. Carmack

        U guys are wayyyyyyyyyyyy too ahead of yourself, Lets see how this season unfolds first Ok??

    • Jose Blanco Jr.

      I agree

    • taviyoung

      Nash will be great for that second unit. Should be one of the best benches in the league. I really like this team and the fact that they can go ten deep and not miss a beat. I don’t know why the so called “experts” are dissing these guys so bad. Anyone who really knows basketball should know that this will be a very competitive team if they remain healthy.

  • Wayner

    I would like to see Nick Young elevate his game and play along side Kobe starting, if you always think of yourself as a bus driver than thats all you will be especially if you have talent in other fields so in other words if you look at yourself as a bench player than thats what you will be

    Kobe and Nick on the floor together is deadly and not comparing Nick to Scottie Pippen but if Pippen was able to score 22 ppg along side Jordan who put up 30 ppg i think the Lakers will be great but just my opinion.

    • Ginnygotshot

      I never thought about that but that’s very true Pippen defense was on a level beyond but if Kobe and B.Scott can give him some defense 101 he’s going to be great as a starter no doubt.

    • cj

      nick is better off the bench like manu and the okc harden

      • Wayner

        So i guess you just totally ignored my entire point smh but you kind of made my point as well because Harden was a bench player but he is now a starter for the Houston Rockets so do you still think Harden is better coming off the bench ?

        • joshhh

          young is made to come off the bench any team would be lucky to have him off the bench. hasheem thabeet will be waived by the sixers lakers would be smart to get him we need size

          • Robert J. Carmack

            thabeet sucks, he was just a good college player, not NBA material

        • Al Haldie

          He played as a starter – but asked to go as the 6th man and played much better..

        • 1mtoldman

          for james harden its better starting for the team hes playing for hes better off the bench. harden never accepted that because of course he considers himself “the best player alive”. but swag seems cool with it. and its not you know its not an exact thing. like san antonio no one played 30 minutes a game. and it isn’t like there is always a first unit together and a second unit together. minutes stagger. but i think swag is better as “6th man”. if you followed the rockets as a lin fan you would have seen that harden gives up more points than he scores nite in nite out and bogs down the offense with his lane driving flops. as long as kobe is playing swag could never take over as the dominant starter/scorer just as harden couldnt in okc. okc is better off without harden. harden is better off in houston. houston is hopeless regardless as long as it retains mchale/morey tandem and lin will one would hope be better off in l.a. and swag yeah at least at this point in his career is better as sixth man instant offense.

          • Wayner

            I agree with you but like i said i would like to see Nick Young elevate his game and become more of a starter beside Kobe instead of a bench player at first people said Nick Young couldn’t play defense but what was he doing last year he was taking some charges and he got better

            Young starting beside Bryant, as both would provide a potent offensive spark. The key will be in Young realizing that he can no longer get in as many shots as he did last season, and having a more defensive approach to his game.

            I think it will be a lethal combination because the two and the three [positions] in any system are interchangeable in the NBA , They both can score and create off the dribble, and it also helps that they’re in the cross match defensively because I’d like to see Nick Young chasing and covering guards while Kobe gets to guard the small forward.

          • 1mtoldman

            good points. i always like what you have to say always some of the most well thought out and respectful posts.

        • cj

          yes harden fits best in the current nba as a bench player. the current nba likes 3 and d guys at the 2 and scores at the 1.

        • blackmamba

          Harden is really bad as a team leader, as Howard is. Great players but… leaders?

    • DKWTTY

      It’s not about that really it’s just what’s best for the team, a scoring punch off the bench. They need bench scoring. Nick actually prefers it and doesn’t really seem to want to be anything more than that so you can’t do anything about it. His life. Harden was different because he was full of himself and actually thought he was more than a bench player and wanted to be more than a bench player, Nick doesn’t seem to be that way.

      • Wayner

        Okay we will see when the season starts cause i also heard him say in a interview that he wouldn’t mind being Robin to Batman and the interviewer also asked nick do you think Kobe will pass you the ball he said of course Kobe will need help so we will see, Maybe James Harden should have always been a bench player and never proved that he can be more than just a bench player maybe Nick will do the same.

        • DKWTTY

          Meh. It’s apples to oranges to me really. James had that will and knew what he wanted but I’ve never got that impression from Nick. I’m sure they’ll share the floor sometimes even with him coming off the bench. Nick is less productive when he starts but maybe if he does it more he’ll improve…I don’t want that jeopardizing the Lakers success if he starts. It’s weird that he’s so much better off the bench though, that’s an issue he needs to work out because if he isn’t productive as a starter Scott is going to bench him anyway but we’ll see like you said.

    • Kishan

      But Swagg P doesn’t do anything else on the floor like rebound or assist…… he more of a come off the bench and catch fire type of player he’s better suited of the bench and it strengthen the bench up

      • Wayner

        True, but you do realize that before last year he didn’t play any type of defense right, he has never been known to play a speck of defense at all in his career, but last year in one of the worst seasons ever why do you think he took the initiative to play some defense when Dantoni dont even stress defense ?

        He has said that Kobe has been a huge mentor so obviously Kobe is helping him build an all around game, my point is in america you look at a person and say that person should stick to doing one thing just like Jordan and Kobe was drive the lane players hell Pippen wasn’t even a shooter but he average 22ppg Kobe and Jordan had the will to change their game just like Nick did last year you never seen him play defense, his foot work was better, go watch the difference between him with the lakers and the clippers they said Kobe has them in the gym and 6 am practicing i think Kobe can be batman and they will make nick his robin like Pippen n Jordan.

        but just my opinion.

        • Kishan

          you can be a Robin of the bench…… MJ and Pipen were different players as in there work on the court or role on court was different…. where as Kobe and Swaggy P do the same thing (scoring is first Priority) its best for the team to have one of them coming of the bench so then the teams plays consistent in terms on offence for full 48 mins and we NO FOR SURE that kobe will start….. but yes you do have a valid point….. but the best fit would be Young off bench and tbh Kobe @ SF would be the best in terms of his age he’s better of defending SF as they are slower and easier to defend ( Durant and Lebron different story) …….. Lakers needs to sign one more big player and I’m hoping Bledsoe and then the lakers wont be looking to bad…. good starting pieces and good bench lead by Nick Young and Julias Randle Most Probably

          • Wayner

            Maybe i am right or maybe i am also right but i guess i stand alone which some people don’t see, we don’t know what Nick Young can do if you challenge him and as Kobe said and i quote

            ” When you look at Nick Young you think of him as just a shooter but i challenge him to build an all around game”

            Even Byron saw him passing as well last yr, Okay let me ask you this if we had signed Carmelo in free agency and no i’m not comparing the two but if we signed Carmelo would you bench Carmelo and started Kobe, or vice Versa or started them both ?

          • Kishan

            i knw ur not comparing but thats one whole different thing coz there both stars and u start them its like Durant and Westbrook there both scorers but they do others things to lead the team… so no i wouldn’t bench Kobe …….Melo does Rebounds the ball….. Kobe can make plays for others , so can Melo (if he decides too) Nick Young doesnt much…. and plus Play making is much easier under Antoni system…. which Young didn’t do much of and I’m not criticising him for it either i like how he plays. …Nick young is not a rebounder, Passer but he shows glimpses of passing……..

            okay lets agree coz i don’t disagree too much on Nick Young starting intact i wouldn’t mind it BUT who would score of the bench for us…. Nick Young is the only Issiolation player of the bench…. if lakers can get a Issiolation scoring playing then its fine to start Young.

          • Wayner

            Melo is just known for shooting thats pretty much it he does a little rebounding here and there but never passes so if him and Kobe were on the same team they would have to compromise,

            Nick is a scorer as well if you have been watching Kobe’s interviews he has been challenging Nick to be an all around player, better his game this why he played way better last yr scoring his highest than any other year cause kobe was coaching him and mentoring him go back and watch how he played last yr oppose to yrs before, I don’t think Jordan made Pippen but helped make him better and watch Kobe and Nick will be the new Jordan and Pippen of our era when Kobe is done with him,

            Just think Nick Young has never been given a chance people put you in a box in this world and now people just look at him as just a bench player and not even given a chance to get better if all my life i did tattoos and i wanted to make clothes people say no don’t pursue that your better off doing tattoos if i am successful at it then what its just people see Nick as a come of the bench player they can’t see nothing else and he’s becoming more competitive.

          • Wayner

            And Wesly Johnson, Clarkson playing the 2, and Randle coming off the bench will be amazing.

          • Kishan

            a bench player doesnt loose Value of a player….. Nick Young could still play 33 mins per game …. Just as much as a starter…….. when JR Smith got 6th man of the year he played 33 mins per game……

            Its about the production……. but hey lets see i hope I’m wrong and u let me knw when I’m wrong…… coz i hope all my expectations on the lakers are wrong this year……
            coz i havent rated them up there ……. please i hope I’m wrong haha

  • Monkeylol

    IMO Scott wants to make a defensive statement.

  • Thomas Klein

    Nash, Clarkson, Swaggy P, Randle, and Ed Davis, our bench will score and compete with other teams benches very well.

    Lin, Kobe, Wes Johnson, Boozer, and Hill will compete as well.

    • Jim213

      They’ll compete or get plenty of time on the bench. But as Scott’s stated, ‘the starting positions will have to be earned.’

      • independentbynature

        You should check out David Murphy’s column,”Who should be the Lakers starters,” in today’s Bleacher Report,Jim.Good article,well written.

  • shoxpox

    Just met swaggy today while he was shooting hoops with his friends. I gotta say that he is one humble dude. He came in for a hand shake with a smile on his face. As a USC student, its great to know that we have one of our own, as well as a humble native on our side. Swaggy P is going for the Sixth man of the year!

  • Lakers4Life

    Byron may like Young, but this is going to be quite a crappy team next year. Slightly better than Dumbtoni, but it’s gonna be a pain to watch another season of Lakers. Only if we had gotten LeBron and Melo!

    • DDub

      Everyone knew that neither Melo and Lebron wasn’t signing with the Lakers, why even waste the thought???

  • http://batman-news.com Duckathon

    I can see Swaggy P thriving off the bench.

  • william

    Kobe, Lin, hill, Boozer and Johnson

  • Zach

    He’ll be even better staying on the bench….a glorified D-Leaguer…

  • Javon Newton

    Nick young will start before the seasons up.

  • wangkon936

    Nick Young is better coming off the bench. He doesn’t provide enough defense or play making to be a starter.

  • Richard

    Coach has the right idea of starting the players who compete the best to be starters, etc. He will have the flexibility to change the lineup as players develop and improve in his system during the season. Swaggy may continue to be more effective coming off he bench as he has proven his worth in that capacity last season. I would also love to see him play some ball next to Kobe and with all of the point guards. He is a scoring machine the Lakers will need to score after losing Meets and Bazemore.

  • Richard

    With all the Laker players working hard, learning the system, in their right spots and doing there jobs don’t be too surprised if they surprise some people next season

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