Byron Scott Compares Julius Randle To Zach Randolph

Byron Scott Compares Julius Randle To Zach Randolph


The Los Angeles Lakers were fortunate enough to have Kentucky’s Julius Randle fall in their laps with the seventh overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft. As a result, the team was able to bring in a promising power forward to help soften the blow of losing two-time NBA champion Pau Gasol in free agency while also providing hope for the future.

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On Thursday, new Lakers head coach Byron Scott made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show and talked about a number of different topics. Randle came up in the conversation with Scott comparing the rookie forward to Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzlies:

“I know the young kid is very gifted, offensively. He rebounds the ball, he can score in the post. He’s probably got about 15-foot range, handle the ball extremely well for a big man. Pretty athletic. I look at him as Zach Randolph, but more athletic.

“And I think in a few years he’s going to be a monster once he really learns what the NBA is all about and that’s what I’m looking forward to.”

With Kevin Love apparently headed to Cleveland and little chance of the Lakers landing another superstar via trade, the team will likely put a lot of effort into developing Randle moving forward.

It’s the start of a new era for the Lakers with developing young players being unfamiliar territory for the franchise. Not since 2005 with Andrew Bynum has this team had a promising young lottery pick to develop.

Scott appears to like what he sees in the Kentucky standout. The question now is how Randle fits in the rotation and how much time will he see on the floor in his rookie season.


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  • independentbynature

    Randle is the mini-Z Bo.

    • richard

      I just cannot agree with that assessment… Randle has better mobility and athleticsm than ZBo, 2. Randle has a better handle than ZBo, 3. Randle has better post up game than Zbo coming into the NBA….I am not sure why you would call him mini-ZBo… by the way, they are of the same height coming to the NBA at 2.06m. Think again.

      • tailormade2

        well the reason they keep saying Z-bo. and they being all the scouts and nba guys. is because of his college career. how often did randle show he had crazy handles in college? not often. it doesnt matter if you’ve seen him outside of college shaking and baking. thats not what the scouts are going by. they are going by how he was used in college. he was used at a POWER…forward. throwing his shoulder into guys chest to create space and then making a shot even after contact. thats ZBO. getting on the block with his back to the basket and going to work. Now like some have said his back 2 the basket game in college was better then Zbos fresh out of college. thats not the comparison. they are saying Randle has current or close to current ZBO post moves TODAY. Now we know better. we know randle is a hybrid of Zbo and lebron james. thats the reality of it. but no one wants to say that. remember no one knew Blake griffin had handles either.i think randle has a much better handle then blake.

        • SmoothOperator

          I can see the cross between ZBo and Bron.

        • richard

          agree on his power forward play.. that was what Scott was referencing in this interview, not Randle’s whole game. And your Zbo-LBJ cross-breed has validity.

      • independentbynature

        Z Bo is 6-10.Randle is more like 6-8,no matter what they might list him as.And their games are very similar.I feel pretty good about my assessment being echoed by Byron Scott and your opinion is of little concern to me.

        • SmoothOperator

          Actually Z Bo is 6’9” closer to 6’8”, and their games are not similar. The only thing they have in common is that they are both left handed. Randle’s game is more in the high post, face-up and drive. ZBo is a bruiser down on the low block. Rarely do you see Zbo driving to the rim.

          • richard

            Agree with this.

        • richard

          you are exaggerating… Zbo is 2.06, Randle is also 2.06 and is only 19 years old.. he will still grow 1-2 inches… your assessment is one sided… I have given you 3 reasons why Randle is NOT mini-Zbo… Scott, mentioned Zbo in comparisson to Randle because he was replying to the question as to how Randle as a PF not his over all game… read the transcrip as well as listen to the interviews. And by the way, Randle is still a ROOKIE. The Zbo you see now is 14 years into his NBA career.

          • independentbynature

            No,I’m not exaggerating anything..And why are you using the metric system?Not an American?I said Randle reminded me of Z Bo a year ago.I stand by it.Why do so many of you think you know anything at all about basketball?It amazes me how delusional so many on this site are.Legends in their own minds.Too funny.LOL.

          • richard

            I used that,because that is how their heights are listed, that’s why you are exaggerating when you listed Zbo as 6’10”, while listing Randle at 6’8″, when infact they are of the same height at 6’9″ ft = 2.06m, even though Randle is still just 19 years old and may grow an inch or two once he reaches full age at 23yo. I have given you facts, and you came back to me with exaggerations and the “delusional thing”… now, that is not the way you respond to facts that are officially accepted by the NBA itself, unless you are prideful and cannot accept that you are mistaken.

            A man of high moral and good understanding of life can easily see and accept when he is mistaken. Give me facts that I can agree with, one that is accepted both by official persons as well as the majority, and I will be the one to say I have made a mistake.

          • independentbynature

            You confuse your opinions with facts and that is why you are a delusional pinhead.I don’t care about your asinine opinions.My guess is,you will never admit to a mistake.Stop replying to my comments.

          • richard

            I pity you, resorting to calling names when clearly you should just admit mistake. A fish is caught by the mouth.

          • independentbynature

            You are ALL mouth and the only kind of fish you resemble is a jellyfish.Randle is the mini Z Bo because he is smaller than Z Bo.Z Bo has a wingspan of 7-4 to 7-5.Randle has a wingspan of 6-11.Which would make him the shortest armed starting PF of the 22 listed in the NBA.Choke on that fact Mr. Know it all.Oh yea,you know more that Byron Scott.LOL.Pity yourself,arrogant fool.

          • richard

            Randle is not smaller than Zbo… they are of the same size, and Randle is yet to reach his full physique… I will not argue with you anymore, as you clearly do not know your basketball and your love of Zbo is telling a lot. Let’s just get to the season and let the chip fall where they may. I am sure, a lot of people are going to eat crow.

            I still feel pity for you… and I am not arrogant… i know when to admit defeat and when to stand up to bullies who tends to resort to name calling.

          • independentbynature

            Look up their wingspans,idiot.Then tell me they are the same size.What happened to that claim of admitting when you’re wrong.I knew then that it was bull shit.

          • This dudes a fag

            Your an idiot, bro. These facts are listed on numerous websites. Take your delusional bullshit elsewhere. They are not the same height.

          • STFU Richard

            Americans don’t use metric tard face poop pants.

      • G FIelds

        Right, a fallacy of many sports fans, analysts and writers is that too often we compare the newbies to someone else. Sometimes the lead-in uses the term ‘a poor mans’ (so-n-so). Instead, let’s all just let Rookies make a name for their self.

        • richard

          Agreed. I am always surprised why meaningful people cannot see that when rookies come into the NBA…

  • Al Haldie

    Well there will be no LOVE to wait for next yr , so who will we wait for – start getting ready now, and wait for no one .

    • Duckathon

      That’s why theplan to build teams around free agents signings is a huge crapshoot. Rather build with draft picks and player development with free agency as a compliment.

      • TomK

        Building with high draft picks is a crap shoot as well, not every player, no matter how gifted, and good in college, makes a successful transition to the NBA. Greg Oden, Andrew Bynum, Adam Morrison, Kwame Brown, the list is long. The Lakers are pursuing the plan with the highest percentage of success, Keep your options open with short contracts so you have the cap space IF a franchise player becomes available, while building thru the draft. Randle, Clarkson in 2014, One or Two first round picks in 2015, plus One or Two 2nd rounders. develop Ryan Kelly & Sacre for trading chips. We are in the middle of a rebuild, thats just the facts.

        • tailormade2

          i wouldnt put bynum in that group no matter how much some may have hated his attitude. injuries destroyed what would’ve been the best center in basketball. he became an allstar after two really bad knee injuries. regular guys dont do that. oden, never panned out, morrison lol, kwame..butter fingers brown.. But i agree with your original point. its all a crap shoot. its actually more of a crap shoot to wait on draft picks then it is to get FA’s who are proven stars. sure its a crap shoot to wait on them.

    • meep

      oh well love not the only guy out there. lakers could get anyone really if they try.

      • meep

        this is random but how about maybe lakers get oj mayo in a trade down the road. he isnt the best on defense but i think he a little better then young with the right coaching. plus what more fun then mayo and young off the bench

      • jim2

        The Lakers will not be able to get any really good players until Nash/Kobe are gone.

  • Fernando Duran

    Julius Randle reminds me of a less athletic Blake Griffin. Good ball handler and passer for a big man, good post game, inside-out game, average defense.

    • BleedPurpAndGold

      actually randle is pretty athletic he just doesn’t play like he does. Just look up Julius randle and marcus smart dunk off. Julius randle will actually surprise you.

    • thisstinksagain!!

      I just watched the Smart vs. Randle dunk clips. His dunking ability did surprise me so he’s deceptively more athletic than he looks. (sidenote: Griffin would destroy him in a dunk contest). Randle is a great pickup for the Lakers and will in imho have a great chance to make several All-star appearances in his career. I’m eager to see him play during the regular season even if it’s at backup. Also, praying that Ed Davis becomes a defensive monster like Ibaka.

      • BleedPurpAndGold

        also look up on youtube “Juius Randle is a top 7 pick in the 2014 nba draft” theres a couple of sick dunks in there that will surprise you as well im sure youll like.

  • Duckathon

    If Randle develops anywhere near Randolph, that would be a huge coup of a draft pick.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I honestly think Julius Randle will be far better than Zach Randolph.I think he will have a hall of fame career and rank as the best power forward in the NBA.I am totally believing in Julius Randle.I bet on him to win Rookie Of They Year.

    • Duckathon

      That will be a good thing, since that means he’ll get lots of minutes to develop. Here’s to hoping that actually happens.

  • Zimmeredge

    if he is zach randolph but more (much) more athletic… by definition he is not zach randolph… period. get over the silly comparison. there is only a few big dudes that are able to dribble coast to coast, and dunk it home blake griffin is one of the few right now. shaq and big game james were too…

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Are you really wasting my time with this ridiculous comparison???????That’s what i would say to everyone about the Julius and Zach thing.Julius Randle has lots of LeBron James in his game for real.People must watch the Summer League Lakers games from 2014 and they will notice Julius Randle is doing what LeBron does in terms of driving the hole and drawing contact also ball handling and finishing at the rim along with passing ability.He made a believer out of me long ago and i am ready to invest in Julius Randle any way i can he will be a superstar in the NBA playing for our Lakers.He is very athletic.

      • BleedPurpAndGold

        I feel a lot of laker fans actually do not see what randle is capable of. To me he is like a hybrid of LeBron james and blake griffin. Can dribble, pass, fast, mobile, agile, athletic, rebound, post game, 15 foot jumper, motor and is built to blow by bigger guys and out strength smaller guys. Hes going to be a problem for other teams. I doubt LeBron james wants to play the four spot when lakers play cavs. Another reason why LeBron wants love to come to the cavs so love can deal with Randle for years to come.

        • BleedPurpAndGold

          Also forgot to put in Julius randle had the same vertical jump in his workout as blake griffin did. So what does that tell you? The kid is athletic go watch Julius randle and marcus smart dunk off on you tube if you don’t believe the hype.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Julius Randle is much more skilled and athletic and versatile also much quicker with better passing ability with great ball handling skills those are things Zach Randolph doesn’t do.Zach Randolph is a great post up player and rebounder that’s it.Julius Randle is much more than that again Julius is very versatile.Yes Julius Randle will be a superstar in the NBA.

      • Zimmeredge

        this comparison is killing me every time i read it. it’s like “omg they will use just to bully inside but he can do so much more”
        that’s a non sense.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          It’s a horrible comparison for Julius Randle as he is a much different player with way more versatility in his game than Zach Randolph.Julius Randle is more like LeBron James than anyone else in the NBA currently.Closest thing to LeBron is Julius.Julius has that open court game end to end MONSTER GAME!

          • Zimmeredge

            problem is that even julius tends to compare himself to zbow… he should not. he should be Julius Randle. You can’t handle Randle!

          • Eman94

            I dont think comparing Julius to LeBron is the best comparison. LeBron is far more athletic and faster than Julius. Julius will be able to blow by centers and power forwards and on occasion some small forwards but he doesn’t have the kind of speed that LeBron and the other most athletic swingmen in the NBA. Julius is also known to be prone to turnovers and still isn’t all there when it comes to passing. LeBron has never been known to be turnover prone not even when coming into the league and was a far better passer, averaging a lot more assists than Julius did. Julius has never been one to put up high asisst totals like Lebron but he’s proven he can pass that ball pretty well for his position and he’ll improve at it in time. If I had to compare Julius to anyone it would be Lamar Odom because they’re both power forwards who are left handed, rebound very well, can handle the ball very well and can pass. In the end Julius shouldn’t be compared to anyone because he’ll be his own kind of player and in the future people will be able to compare a player coming into the NBA to him

  • meep

    im not really a fan of randolph so i hope randle a much better player

  • BleedPurpAndGold

    Julius Randle has the tools and skills to be the best power forward within four to five years. Don’t believe me just watch.

  • BleedPurpAndGold

    I want everybody reading this to go on youtube look up Juius Randle is a top 7 pick in the 2014 nba draft and look at his reverse 360 between the legs dunk and tell me that shit not sick!

  • Ireland

    I have a friend who knows some Lakers people and they all swear up and down that the Julius Randle private workout was the best they have ever seen for any incoming rookie.That’s very impressive considering Kobe Bryant once worked out for them in a pre draft workout.They all say Julius Randle will be a Superstar.

    • tailormade2

      i dont believe this. because if that were the case we would’ve heard that as well. kobe bryant still stands out as the best workout ever. i heard about that pre twitter, pre youtube, prefacebook, pre social media. that means kobe was so good in that workout the world had to know about it. what was probably said was Randle’s workout was ONE of the best they have ever had. remember randle played a little bit vs mark madsen. kobe destroyed coop(DPOY, out of the nba at the time but still in great shape). there’s a difference. now what probably surprised was that julius is so agile, quick with a serious handle on the ball(he can dribble better then wes johnson, he can dribble better then shannon brown. these guys are perimeter players. thats special if you’re a legit PF. not some tweener skinny guy.

  • Stage Show

    Ya man Julius Randle is a way better prospect than Zach Randolph was as a rookie.

  • Lee

    Julius is a once in a generation player,he is the best player of this draft class.

  • Eman94

    Julius Randle is a mix of Zach Randolph and Lamar Odom both power forwards who are left handed like him. Julius has the inside close-to-the-basket offensive game of Randolph and the ball handling, passing, and speed of Lamar Odom. Julius is a good rebounder like both of them but doesn’t yet have the shooting range of either of them yet. Zach can hit shots from as far as twenty feet and Lamar was able to hit shots as far as behind the 3 point line when he was with the Lakers while Julius’s shooting range is like up to 15-17 feet and still a work in progress. Julius has the strong body frame similar to Randolph but more athletic than him and Lamar Odom.

  • Spitfire

    Randle’s game is not even close to Zach Randolph. Julius is good in faceup rather than post up in which Zach’s game is. WTF Byron.smh

    • Ray-Marcus

      Julius is good in in both situations. Byron is saying this because of how Julius was used at Kentucky but in high school and also in the summer league, he showed that he could face-up and even run a team from the mid to high post…more like Charles Barkley than Z Bo to me

  • Thomas

    I am a avid Julius Randle fan he is my favorite basketball player.I also am a Julius Randle and Kevin Durant card collector and i buy Julius Randle cards specifically.The best Julius Randle sports card is the
    Julius Randle 2014 Panini National VIP CRACKED ICE REFRACTOR PATCH Rookie.

    If you want just 1 Julius Randle card buy that card that i mentioned it’s going to be worth great money someday.Right now it sells for around $69.99-$99.99 depending on who you buy it from.Julius Randle is going to be a all time great NBA player,he will make the MT.Rushmore of Lakers Legends.This is the best draft pick the Lakers have had since Magic.

    • JohnnyHomeless

      Well…holding all those cards I certainly see why you would think so…

  • Beastley

    I love Julius Randle he is a great player.Much better than all rookies in this class.

  • Ray-Marcus

    Mitch has got to work on making trades this season….the only available superstars were K.Love and Aldridge….now Love is going to the Cavs and Aldridge has stated that he wants to be a Blazer legend. The next best guy is the injury prone Brook Lopez and then Rondo ang Marc Gasol, who are no better than Parsons, Bledsoe, Lance or the second tier guys in this Free Agency IMO.

  • Maxx Daxx

    If Randle develops into a reliable PF or SF in his rookie season. That’s a blessing for the Lakers. I just hope he’s injury free and improve on his perimeter game 15 – 20 ft from the basket.

    If he and Clarkson improves then that’s 2 young guns who can lead the team after Kobe retires. They just need a vet leader for this team.

    • Kishan

      would you be keen to see a Julias Randle, 1st round pick for Eric Bledsloe sign and trade???

      PG- Bledsloe

      SG- Lin

      SF- Kobe

      PF- Boozer

      C- Hill

      kobe will be better at SF as he will be marking slower players

      • vdogg

        you’re a fool. BE GONE.

  • Ya’ll Know Lakers

    Man Byron Scott must have been drunk when he said Julius is compared to Randolph.One more time Byron they are very different lol.Julius is a superstar face up player that is very athletic and fast with great handles and he drives the lane to create offense like LBJ or Charles Barkley then you got Zach Randolph he is one of the best post up players ever and an amazing rebounder and a better spot up shooter with old man game under the rim and no athletic at all and not fast with no handles and not the passer Julius is.Totally different players.The best comparison for Julius is Charles Barkley as i must say Julius Randle is a much taller version of Sir Charles also has LBJ style of game.

    • Ray-Marcus

      Spot on…Julius is a younger, more under the rim version of Charles Barkley

  • Tito

    Julius is More like Chris Webber than Zach Randolph.

  • jump high

    How trippy would it be if Julius Randle played the role of rookie Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant played the role of old veteran Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Lakers win the NBA championship with Julius Randle winning Finals MVP?Magic Johnson was that damn good as a young rookie.Will Julius repeat history?

    • Tong Zou

      No.. Julius Randle is not Magic Johnson nor will there ever be any player like Magic Johnson. Likewise, Kareem played until he was 42. I doubt Kobe can play that long.

  • 9ik

    He reminds me of Zach and Odom a little bit

  • Mattyb

    He will never be more than a role player

  • Orlando Foolridge

    I don’t think their game is all that similar, I think they are just drawing a comparison to Zbo because he’s left handed and in the league right now. I actually think that Randle reminds me of Larry Johnson, their build is about the same but I think that Julius is Taller and probably still growing. Similar game though.

    If Elton Brand and Larry Johnson had a baby…it’d be julius, he’s not as offensively talented as either of those guys yet, but has better agility IMO.