Byron Scott Believes Lakers ‘Have A Lot Of Work To Do’

Byron Scott Believes Lakers ‘Have A Lot Of Work To Do’


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Expectations for the Los Angeles Lakers are relatively low right now. While some believe that the team will be better than last year, most are in agreement that they are far from championship contenders.

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New head coach Byron Scott appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and while he admitted there is a lot of work to be done, he still has only one goal in mind:

I think there’s a lot of people here in Los Angeles that understand that it’s gonna be a tough road for us, we have a lot of work to do. I understand that, I think Mitch, Jeanie and Jim understand that, but it’s still not gonna stop me from telling guys I want to win a championship.

This falls right in line with his star player as Kobe Bryant recently said that all he is focused on is winning championships. And Byron is ready to put in the work necessary to achieve that goal, much like Kobe.

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It is that belief in Kobe that makes Scott confident, even though he admits that he still needs to learn about the rest of his team:

I don’t know how good we’re gonna be, I got a lot of guys that I don’t really know so I got to get to know these guys and see what makes them tick. But I got one guy that I do know what makes him tick, and that’s a great piece to have.

The Lakers are hoping to surprise some people this season and Kobe will be a major part of that. With veterans like Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer and young players like Julius Randle, the Lakers have some very intriguing pieces. Time will tell if they come together.


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  • Spade

    Understatement of the century.

    • Duckathon

      Took the words out of my mouth.

  • meep

    jeremy lin a vet? i guess 4 years in the NBA makes you a vet.. lakers need to work on defense, defense and more defense

  • independentbynature

    Just mentioning defense is already more attention than Antoni paid to it in his whole coaching career.

    • Duckathon

      Well, we can’t do any worse than last year.

      • independentbynature

        Sure hope not.My heart can’t take it…LOL.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    “Byron says we have lot of work to do, but I don’t think so.”

    -Steve Nash

    • JohnnyHomeless

      Nash has this year to redeem himself and can mentor Lin and Clarkson. He’s 100% healthy and wants to contribute and I think he can…as long as he is used smart and sparingly. Work is not a problem for Nash…

      • Dana

        Nash just wants to collect his paycheck. He’s not motivated to risk pain and injury for a 12th seed team.

      • meep

        put nash in the Derek fisher role with how the thunder use him and i think we can get nash for at least 60% of the games

        • joshhh

          this team will surprise people if kobe stays healthy passing up on hollins was a mistake but I like scott letting chris Kaman get away was a big mistake under scott he would of been way better he a great offensive post up player and he’s a decent shot blocker under scott he would of thrived and they made a mistake on letting shawn marion get away they should of been more aggressive and now there gonna regret it

        • Duckathon

          Yep, if that’s what we get from Nash, I’m happy. It’s time to lower expectations on what he can do now.

    • Andy L

      Nash will feed upon the flesh of the living.

    • Mambanation

      ROFL thats hella funny bro

  • Laker truth

    He will do good

    • Mambanation

      are u sure…

  • Dana

    He has a LOT of work to do. Scott has to somehow get a couple pre-season wins, and then turn that into a good start at the beginning of the season. If he does that, then just maybe he will be able to instill some pride into this group of ancients and children who for some reason are wearing my purple and gold.

    • meep

      well for one lakers only have 3 players who of the age 30 or older and i wouldnt call the others children. since we only have 2 rookies and the rest have 4 or more years in the NBA

      • Dana

        They have 7 players 25 or younger. But I meant it in the basketball sense. They are children out there, mere boys compared to the men of previous Lakers teams: Chamberlain, West, Goodrich, Baylor, Kareem, Magic, Worthy, Wilkes, Thompson, Nixon, McAdoo, Shaq, Fox, Horry, Artest, Kobe, Fisher. These guys played like men. What we have now are great players past their prime and young players who do not play like men. Yet. Maybe Scott can grow them up.

        • Yu-Hsing Chen

          most of those 7 guys won’t play though. of the likely main rotation guys

          Kobe / Nash / Boozer are over 30 obviously.
          Lin : is going to be 26 and 5th season, not old but obviously not a kid either
          Swaggy : is 28
          Hill : is also 26
          Davis turned 25 in June and is going into his 5th year.
          Wes Johnson is 27

          most of those guys are not nearly as young as you’d assume, of the guys who are likely to have any meaningful rotation minutes only Randle and Henry are under 25 (and Kelly too if you think he gets minutes.)

          Of course, it is true that a lot of them don’t play that tough in one way or another.

  • Jeremaine Prieto

    Team chemistry is what they have to work on…

    • Eman94

      I agree a team with great chemistry can be better than a more talented team with little to no chemistry.

    • Yu-Hsing Chen

      they guys they get are unlikely to clash that much there, especially if Kobe is healthy that gives them a clear leader

  • Cyrus

    Go lakers
    give your 110% and believe it let your mind takeover your body then will be ok.
    that’s all we can ask

  • Cypressmurf

    I believe Byron Scott can help turn this team around and transition into a new age of Lakers basketball. GO LAKERS!

  • Maxx Daxx

    I need to see how the Lakers will fare after 20 games, not just the no. of wins they get, but in overall team play. Losing is okay as long as we see them give their all in defense and try to avoid blown-out games where they lose by 20pts or more.

    And hopin for a healthier roster…. no more injuries, please!

  • ShowLuoFan

    I think Julius Randle is the best player drafted this year and is going to make a superstar contribution in his first year and the Lakers will compete for a playoff spot

  • LAL All Linning

    Just a friendly suggestion bring Trey Thompkins into training camp.He is a Chris Bosh clone great inside and outside game but Bosh plays better defense and Bosh is a star while Trey Thompkins just wants to prove he belongs and the Summer League proved he is a true NBA player and the Lakers would be wise to sign him.These other scrubs the Lakers signed like Keith Appling and Smith are junk compared to Trey Thompkins.Actually Trey Thompkins is better than any free agent right now.

  • Sean Pasek

    No sense trying to sugar-coat it…they do have a lot of work to do! But given this franchise’s reputation, at some point, they’ll be back.

  • Jerry Jazzbo

    I commend Byron for being truthful and realistic, compared to the delusional (but typical) idiot fanboys who think Kobe’s return will take ’em right to the top. Idiots…lol.

  • Gregg

    Obviously Byron doesn’t know the players on the roster,he was comparing Julius Randle to Zach Randolph lol.Julius is a very different type of player than Randolph.

  • Jarvis

    kobebryant: I like the traffic today @tysonbeckdesign gives me more time to think about everyone that says we r finished #ShookOnes
    on August 8 2014 09:57

    Man that’s the reason i love Kobe he thrives off the piece of crap idiots doubting him and the Lakers.Kobe gets his game on top level once he hears Lakers are finished.Keep adding more hate so the Lakers shook you haters off like a fly.Lakers are going to win 52+ games book it.

  • redram

    The good news: Several players and the coach feel like they have something to prove. This is always a positive for a team. The bad news: Spurs, Clippers, Blazers, Warriors, Rockets, Grizzlies, Thunder, (pick your own 8th seed). They will be a huge improvement over last year if Kobe is healthy. I believe this will be an enjoyable group to watch. And now to completely destroy any of my own credibility: I think they should sign Michael Beasley.