Byron Scott Believes Being Part Of Laker Family Is ‘An Important Issue’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="289"] As the Lakers move forward in their coaching search, one qualification that has been consistent with every potential interviewee has [new_royalslider id="289"] As the Lakers move forward in their coaching search, one qualification that has been consistent with every potential interviewee has Rating: 0
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Byron Scott Believes Being Part Of Laker Family Is ‘An Important Issue’

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As the Lakers move forward in their coaching search, one qualification that has been consistent with every potential interviewee has been their head coaching experience. Every candidate so far has spent multiple years as a head coach in this league.

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In an interview with USA Today’s Sam Amick, Byron Scott believes he has one advantage over other candidates:

I do think that they (Jim & Jeanie Buss) know how wearing that purple and gold, being a member of their family, that Laker family, is an important issue and I think they’ll look at that and consider that as well.

Being a part of the Lakers organization is something completely different from any other franchise in the NBA. The pressure and scrutiny the Lakers are under can force many players and coaches to wilt.

Having been through that before, Scott knows what it takes to get through it successfully, something that others can’t say. Coaches like Alvin Gentry and Lionel Hollins have no clue what it’s like to be under the bright lights that the Lakers bring.

Scott’s relationship with Kobe Bryant is also something that could help his cause, and Scott has been to two NBA Finals as a head coach as well. He seems relatively confident that he is right person for the job, and he has reason to be.

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There is still likely to be some time until the Lakers make an official announcement and with competition coming from Kurt Rambis, Mike Dunleavy, and others who have yet to be announced, time will only tell if Scott’s ties to the Laker family will make the difference.
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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Skip

    Lakers management will hire the coach most qualified for the job and that is not Byron Scott instead it is Lionel Hollins by a landslide.Your next Lakers Head Coach is Lionel Hollins.And you all will love it.No favoritism.The next Lakers main objective is to execute and win ballgames as a team.Lionel Hollins is the man for this job.

    • Jim213

      ?!? If stats speak for themselves Scott has more experience than Hollins. When comparing records Byron has taken advantage of his opportunity tho Hollins has a better winning% but hasn’t made any Finals appearance tho Scott has two. But in the end one needs more than one top star being more so talent to help carry a team deep into the playoffs.

      Byron Scott came close (01-03) but it wasn’t enough. If experience matters Kobe would prefer B Scott over most of the candidates unless a better option than the current coaches available came along. IMO, I’d prefer the best coach possible to which the interview process is still in the early stages. Although, wouldn’t mind if Scott became part of the staff but if he happened to become the coach then it wouldn’t be a bad thing too.

      Although, the search shouldn’t come down to these candidates only given the early off season but it’d be best to have a coach in place before FA IMO.

    • Dino Madness

      I also prefer Lionel Hollins because of his emphasis on defenses but Byron Scott is a high quality coach and if place in the right situation he will be successful. He took the Nets two times to the NBA finals and did not win because of the Lakers and Spurs mini dynasties. I prefer Lionel Hollins but if they were to hire Byron Scott it would be a good choice as well.

  • Rasta The Voodoo Man

    Lionel Hollins is getting hired as the Lakers next Head Coach 100% for sure!

  • Kliffrichard

    we need a new face and defense coach and have experience coaching in next head coach LA Lakers

  • Lakers4Life

    Being a part of the Lakers in the past is Byron’s only leverage — that’s why he mentions such things. Otherwise I don’t think he has much credibility over some of the other coaches that have a better overall track record.

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-ebwx54m_EuLVMV-Ppzxlg Mr.6160

    Lionel Hollins is what we need

  • tam

    Lakers brass are bunch of idiots who can’t make any decisions. Now Byron Scott is begging to be the coach. Organization is screwed up!!!

  • Dana Douglas

    Byron Scott really wants it. I say when a guy that qualified, who was a member of the family, wants it that much, you give it to him.

    • truth24


    • courtney harris

      I agree

  • Butch

    The same Byron Scott that lost 26 games in a row?You forgot to mention that.

  • Darius

    I think that’s weak If your no.1 calling card is “Well, I’m part of the family, I should get the job”. Yes, he did get the Nets to the finals, but that was during a pathetic couple of years wherein the East was just utter garbage. You think the East is bad nowoutside of Miami? It was worse back then when the Nets were winning it. The running joke was the West Finals (which was primarily Lakers v.s. Spurs or Kings) is basically the NBA finals. The 7 game Lakers v.s. Kings West finals back then drew higher ratings overall compared to the actual Lakers v.s. Nets finals which was so freaking anticlimactic.

  • Andy L

    “Being part of the family” is what got us Jimbo Buss. Literally. I still like Scott though but these latest comments he made are unbecoming. I’m also on the L-Train.

    • Chrmngblly

      Yeah. This is not the way to buy cologne or perfume, I will say that. Sniffing every bottle will tell you nothing. It will just make you “nose-deaf”. Jim Buss is just afraid and scared they will make a mistake and be exposed for the incompetent boobs they really are.

      I was a Hollins man, too, until I found out that analytics was his big beef with his bosses. Analytics is the real deal so that’s a stopper for me. And something about Scott is bugging me, too. I am slowly sliding toward Fisher, I think.

      There are two years of solid losing ahead of us and we need a coach we can feel sympathy for. So Fisher is my man.

  • Swaggy C

    I like the viable options mentioned already minus Dunleavy, and I can at least the organization looking at every option we have and not just making a decision so quickly. I think after the draft, and the players we pick, them whomever coach we interview, will have to go through some hard nose questions on the team the FO has put together. D’Antoni never liked the idea of adapting to the team he had, so I think now the FO can grind out for the right coach and say we drafted so and so and we’ve picked up these players, you tell us how you’ll adapt and what your plans are and how are you going to adapt to the young and veteran players we have.

  • LOTR

    Hollins is too old and we need young blood on both sides of the ball. Byron makes the most sense because he knows the Lakers inside and out and has a tremendous rapport with the organization. Kobe respects his knowledge of the game and ability to coach the guard position effectively. Byron is no slouch defensively either and will build the team on that foundation.

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