Bynum Ticketed for Parking BMW in Two Handicapped Spots Reviewed by Momizat on . Andrew Bynum's string of knee injuries may have handicapped him during his play over the past few NBA seasons, but they haven't been severe enough to warrant hi Andrew Bynum's string of knee injuries may have handicapped him during his play over the past few NBA seasons, but they haven't been severe enough to warrant hi Rating:
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Bynum Ticketed for Parking BMW in Two Handicapped Spots

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Andrew Bynum’s string of knee injuries may have handicapped him during his play over the past few NBA seasons, but they haven’t been severe enough to warrant him special parking privileges, much to his dismay.

According to an article by LAist, the 23-year old center was recently hit with a $353 parking ticket for parking his black BMW in two marked handicapped spaces outside of a Bristol Farms market in Westchester, Calif.

Bynum reportedly slammed his car door and drove off when NBC4 reporters sought a comment from him.

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Michael Goldsholl is a junior English major at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Calif. Follow him on Twitter @PURPLEGOLDsholl

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  • Ryan

    Tsk. Tsk. Tsk

  • Chad Shimabukuro

    Come on, man.  This is just lacking in tact.  I hate when “regular” people do something like this.  And when ‘Drew does it, he takes up TWO SPACES!

    Maybe this is a self fulfilling prophecy – maybe he’s so used to being injured, that he just inadvertently parked in the handicapped spot.

    It’s time to make a trade before he starts calling the HandiVan to pick him up for his daily errands.   

  • oldmanflow

    Andrew Bynum parked his BMW in two handicapped parking stalls. That’s why the Lakers should get rid of this douche bag. Bynum was seen digging in his nose in the Supermarket. This is absolutely disgusting behavior. He should be traded. Bynum farted in a crowded elevator. He’s gotta go! Andrew Bynum woke up this morning. Trade him. Andrew was spotted breathing in downtown Los Angeles. Get rid of him. Yes, the Lakers need to trade Drew before he does something to really embarass the organization like being arrested for sexual assault, getting caught in a prostitution sting on game day, contracting a deadly disease, the girl your cheating on your fiance with “tweeting” about your affair, or some gang member extorting you over an alleged sex tape. Yes, by all means please trade Andrew before he really does something to bring such public shame to the organization. I don’t think trading him his good enough. Maybe he should be burned at the stake or death by firing squad. That seems much more suitable for this horrific crime.

  • http://yahoo rondo

    How come people who called people douche bag are the biggest slime balls? don’t you dig in your nose don’t you fart. No not you. Your slime ball ass don’t stink. You sound like a real asshole!

  • oldmanflow

    Apparently you completely missed the entire point I was trying to make Rondo. My comment was directed at Chad, since he has been leading the charge to trade Andrew Bynum for everything under the sun. Yes, I dig in my nose, fart, scratch my ass, breathe, wake up in the morning. I do all these things. I know I sounded like a real asshole. I DID IT ON PURPOSE TO MAKE A POINT. To show how stupid people sound when they take any little incident and then try to use it as an excuse to get rid of Andrew, becuase THEY have something against him. If you go to the very first article written about this subject you’ll find over 30 comments. It was other people calling him a “douche bag” that’s why I used THAT particular term. You will also find a comment by ME, asking “Is this really worth reporting” and “If Drew should be traded for parking in a handicapped parking space, then Lindsey Lohan and Robert Downey Jr. should be executed the next time either one of them spits on the sidewalk.” If you would have taken the time to read between the lines you would have noticed I talked about Kobe’s rape case, James Worthy being arrested in Houston, Magic Johnson contracting the Aids virus, Matt Barnes “jumpoff” on twitter, and Shaq being extorted by gang membes. ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE FAR MORE EMBARASSING THAN PARKING IN A HANDICAPPED PARKING SPACE. Not one person demanded that any of these players be traded for their actions. I suggest you take a second look at that comment and you’ll see that I’M NOT THE ASSHOLE! I WAS BEING SARCASTIC.

    • http://yahoo Rondo

      My Bad!

  • oldmanflow

    How come ignorant people can’t recognize sarcasim when they see it? And as a result they resort to name calling because they lack the level of education to understand what they’re reading. They themselves end up sounding like real asshole!

  • Chad Shimabukuro

    Let me comment on something – I was never suggesting that BECAUSE of this issue, we should trade Bynum.  That would be foolish and a poor business decision.  I was merely commenting that Bynum appears to lack maturity and sound judgement at times, this instance being no surprise.

    I do, however, think we should trade Bynum for a variety of other reasons, particularly how he’s not a “healthy” player and doesn’t average much time on the court (see my previous, and very detailed” comments about this issue).

    To think I was suggesting we trade him because he parked in a handicap space is silly. 

  • oldmanflow

    That’s the point I was trying to make. It would be silly to trade Drew over something like this. I saw your comment and I understood you were being sarcastic, unlike some other people who are having a difficult time grasping that concecpt. That’s the reason why I did the same. 

    There’s another site like this one with a similar name. People were calling Andrew a “douche bag” and saying this is the reason he should be, or should have been traded. After reading those comments and then seeing yours, it led me to respond the way I did. It really wasn’t a personal attack aimed towards you, it was more of a combination of the two. 

    I HAVE read your previous comments. We have had this discussion in the past over Andrew vs Dwight. You left a very detailed comment on how much Drew makes, games played vs number of games he could have played, the amount he makes per game over an 82 game season, how much he actually makes per game because of injury, etc… I have to give it to you; you did your homework. But when I suggested you do a similar breakdown of Luke Walton’s contract , I got no response. He also has issues with being “healthy” and “doesn’t average much time on the court.” I believe he’s played in less games than Bynum since he signd that contract, but you don’t demand he be traded. Would you say Luke is more important to the team then Drew?

    As far as “Bynum appears to lack maturity and sound judgement at times.” Need I remind you of Kobe’s sexual assault case, Worthy’s arrest in a prostitution sting – on game day, Artest showing up on JKL in his underwear, Still roaming the streets of Los Angeles 4 days after the Championship wearing his game 7 uniform, etc… All of these incidents show a lack of judgement, yet no one demanded they be traded. Not to mention Shaq. Has there been any other player that lacked more maturity than Shaq? And how many games did he miss due to injury. People came down on Drew because he postponed his surgery to attend the World Cup Finals. At least he had the surgery during the off season. Shaq’s theory was “I got hurt on company time, I’m gonna have surgery on company time.” He missed the start of trainging camp and the beginning of the season because he refused to have surgery during the off season, because he said that was “his time.” And then he had the nerve to demand a max contract for making a dunk in a pre-season game. Add it up, Drew’s had major injuries because of a couple of unfortunate incidents that could happen to any player. Shaq had nagging injuries every year because of his lack of conditioning. Where is Andrew when he’s not taking up two handicapped parking spaces at the bank or the supermarket? He’s at the gym working out with Freddie Roach, taking up two parking spaces. Peace!

    • http://yahoo Rondo

      Because Walton is privileged!

  • Chad Shimabukuro

    @ oldmanflow – very, very good points.  

    Here’s my response –

    Regarding Walton – I never applied any value to him EVER.  He’s a great team player and I always felt he only had value within the triangle, and moreso within Phil’s system.  When he signed his extension, I felt he was severely overpaid.  How can management justify a market value that only exists on one team?  

    That said, the reason I never provided an assessment for Walton was because it’s not that controversial to suggest trading him.  If we had any takers, I’m sure that would’ve already happened.   When his contract is up, he’ll either have an early retirement, playing oversees, or riding pine.

    You bring up an excellent point regarding the behavior of Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, etc.

    In my opinion, here’s the big difference.  First, Kobe is a superstar.  He’s had such an impact on not only the Lakers, but the entire league – past, present, and future.  There will be people chasing after his records for generations.  Does that give him the right to act like a fool?  Not at all.  In fact, there was a time when he was HATED, and voted one of the most vilified athletes in all of sports, until LeBron pretended “the Decision” was about raising money for the Boys & Girls Club.  He’s made one notable error, which I feel he’s done a lot to turn it around.  He’s also a big contributor to charities, camps, etc.  Yes, he committed adultery, but the charges of “rape” were far fetched by all accounts of the testimony and evidence.  I would suggest that the good FAR outweighs the bad.

    Artest – He’s a freak and that’s one his most endearing qualities.  He’s completely changed since the “incident” in Detroit and has made substantial contributions to the community and with all his efforts for creating awareness for mental illness, I wouldn’t be surprised if Artest gave Bynum a piece of his mind for parking in those stalls.

    Shaq – Same things with Kobe… he’s a superstar.  In sports, if your on-court (or on-field in other comparisons) production allows you a little leeway so long as it’s not criminal with malicious intent.  Shaq is a big kid and always playing around, and very good to fans (I can attest to that personally).

    All that being said – I am being sarcastic in some regards with Bynum.  I’m not a fan of his, not for any other reason that he’s a marketable commodity that I feel could be parlayed into a bigger and better asset.   Most of my frustation surrounding him is how so many people think he’s a legitimate superstar.  The numbers and his production simply don’t support that view.  

    Should we trade him over a handicap space?  No.   Should we trade him because there’s better players we could get for him?  Yes.  And, just for you, ‘oldmanflow’, tell Jim to throw Walton into that trade as well.  

  • oldmanflow

    I can’t argrue with anything you just stated because at least you’re being truthful. You admit you don’t really care for Drew and you are entitled to your opinion. I don’t see him as a legitimate superstar just yet, but I believe he has the potential to become one in the near future. Yes, he’s had some injuries and he’s missed some games. But he’s always working hard to improve his game and I like his work ethic. I can’t blame him for wanting the ball more in the post, but this team has a set “pecking” order. The whole world saw Pau do his impression of LeBron James’ disappearing act against the Mav’s. Other than Kobe, Drew was the only one who showed up. The cheap shot on Barea was uncalled for, but Phil should have made an adjustment and went to Bynum more in the post instead of continuing to feed Gasol, waiting for him to snap out ot his slump. Even when he’s out there with the 2nd unit they refuse to feed him the ball in the post. I was never really impressed with Shannon Brown’s dribbling skills and that’s all we saw with the 2nd unit when Drew was on the court: dribble, dribble, dribble, look into the post, dirbble, dribble, dribble, swing the ball, Jumpshot. The 2nd units execution of the triangle looked more like a trapazoid.

    Like I said, I can’t argue with your honesty and you’ve made some very valid points about Luke, Kobe, Shaq and Artest. Trading Bynum for someone or something of equal value makes sense, but just trading him because you don’t like him as a player makes no sense to me, and that’s the problem I have with a lot of people on here. I’m passionate about the Lakers and I especially like Drew because he was drafted by the organization. I enjoy stimulating conversations with people who are knowledgeable, even if we may have a difference opinion. As long as you can back up your statements with facts or a valid point of view, I don’t have a problem with it. I’m pretty sure this won’t be the last time we’ll have this debate. Nice talking to you.

  • oldmanflow

    For some reason I can’t leave a reply because the insertion point won’t come up, but if I click “Submit Comment” and then go back, I can leave a comment but it ends up down at the bottom of the page. Anyway, this is for Rondo. I accept your apology. I understand because I get a little heated myself when it comes the certain issues. It’s all good, and I apologize for calling you “ignorant.”A real ignorant person wouldn’t have taken the time to acknowledge they were wrong. Peace.

  • http://yahoo Rondo

    I am also sorry! 

  • http://yahoo Rondo

    How come all the Bynum haters Worship Kobe Bryant? How come when Kobe use to get the ball he would pass it to Ron Artest & Derrick Fisher who’s been off all night rather then Bynum?  How come Kobe wants Bynum to stay 3rd or 4th on the pecking order and keep quiet and don’t try to improve. How come kobe wants Bynum to take only 7 or 8 shots and be happy? How come Kobe told some young guys in the parking lot that the Lakers need to ship a teammate (his ass) out?  Kobe’s fans always use Bynum injuries as an excuse why Bynum will never improve.  Does Kobe and his fans dislike Bynum?

  • oldmanflow

    Ok Rondo, where do we start. I for one, am a Kobe fan and I love Andrew. I think the difference between me and other fans is I am a LAKERS FAN. So as long as you’re rocking Purple & Gold I got cha back. You can’t have a team divided like we saw with Kobe and Shaq. It won’t last. That’s why I too have a hard time understanding how some people call themselves “Laker” fans, but then they go out and demand this player be traded or that player be traded because they came up short this season. I love the entire team. I’m not just a Kobe fan or a Bynum fan. I love the team as a whole. From the starters to the guy sitting at the end of the bench. I don’t think Kobe dislikes Drew at all, and I don’t think he’s trying to stop him from improving as a player. The rant Kobe made in the parking lot was before the season started. Mid-way through the season Kobe admitted “We are a championship caliber team with Andrew in the lineup.” He said that before Bynum went down. Before the first injury, Kobe and Drew played pick & roll the same way they ran it with Shaq and Kobe, so he doesn’t have a problem sharing the ball with Drew. After they picked up Gasol it changed the dynamic of the team. Pau is one of the most skilled big’s in the league. His addition gave the Lakers a definite 1-2 punch. I think Kobe was just more comfortable with Gasol being the 2nd option. Pau wasn’t physical enough to hang with the Celtics in the Finals in 08 and Drew wasn’t completely healed. The following year Pau was hurt at the beginning of the season and Bynum was averaging a double-double while he was out. He was on pace to make the All-Star team. When Pau came back then Drew went down again. He made it back for the Finals but wasn’t the same player he was before the injury and Gasol was able to hold his own against Howard in the Finals. In the rematch against the Celts you could see how important Andrew was to the team. His size, length, and strenght was something Boston couldn’t handle, and he was playing hurt. When they’re on the court at the same time there’s not much room in the post. Pau has a better low-post game right now, but Andrew is always working to improve his game. So that’t the reason why Andrew is the 3rd option in the starting lineup, and one of the reasons he only gets a handful of shots when he’s on the court with the starters. As far as the bench, there’s no excuse for not passing him the ball in the post when he’s got good position. Most of the time Gasol went to the bench first, if Drew wasn’t in foul trouble. That left Bynum on the court with the 2nd unit. Why they wouldn’t feed him the ball in the post was a mystery to me. But it’s all good. The triangle is gone and Mike Brown wants to run an offense similar to the one used by the Spurs when they had Robinson and Duncan. This should give Drew more touches in the post next season. Something else people fail to realize is, if Andrew emerges as a definite low-post threat along with Gasol, this will take the scoring load off Kobe and prolong his career.

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