Breaking News: Mike Brown Officially Hired as Lakers Head Coach

Breaking News: Mike Brown Officially Hired as Lakers Head Coach


After much deliberation the Lakers have hired Mike Brown as their next head coach. Brown is best known as the former coach of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers where he led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals in 2007 and to the best record in the regular season in back to back seasons in 2008-09 and 2009-10.

Before coaching in Cleveland Brown was an assistant with the Indiana Pacers where he coached current Laker, Ron Artest. During his time in Cleveland he also coached Shannon Brown and Trey Johnson, who are also on the Los Angeles roster.

The deal is for three years with a fourth year option, and is worth a reported $18.25 million. After having the highest paid coach in the NBA the past two seasons in Phil Jackson the Lakers stated that saving money was something they were looking to do with their next coach. Regardless, the decision to hire Brown came as a surprise for many close to the situation. After rumors that the team was interested in a variety of other coaches, Brown managed to rise above the rest after the interview process concluded.

Brown became the frontrunner for the coaching job after the team’s executive vice president, Jim Buss, was impressed with his defensive mindset. The Lakers made the offer late Tuesday night but had to wait until Wednesday morning to hear whether or not Brown had accepted.

After accepting the offer Brown became the 18th coach in Los Angeles Lakers’ history, and the 23rd coach in total Lakers’ history (including the Minneapolis days).

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  • Ishaan Mishra

    I have a feeling this may not end well. 

    • Niccdogg2002

      and I agree with you

  • iamraena

    WHATEVER. HAVING veteran players we can rise to the top. I trust the lakers owners and staff know what they are doing. 
     Let be known we have the best player in the league Kobe. Kobe will have to be a key role next season to prove everybody wrong. 

  • Jasneel Chaddha

    He is a great choice to be coach for a great team like the Lakers. I was thinking it would take LA a couple years to find a good coach and become a Title contender again, but it seems like next year we will see them in the Finals again! 

    • Niccdogg2002

      in the finals? are you serious? we will be lucky if they make the playoffs, you must not be a basketball fan, because if you were, you would know the problems run deeper than just the coach…!!!!

    • Jamal Ford

      I’m totally feeling what you said he”s a popovich product n look what he did with San antonio despite them losing in the first round,unless you had red areubach coming thru that door there was no coach who could fit Phil Jackson shoes so there would be some drama I live in portland adelman to me was overated he had all that talent on his team n couldn’t win I think we will have mike brown around for a while why cuzz he will win championships here n 2nd cuzz the majority of players want to play in LA 3rd is cuzz the lakers will make moves n get better so people should chill



    • Niccdogg2002

      the defense wasn’t the problem…the starting point guard and the bench was the problem, if you were a real basketball fan, you would know that…even if Phil came back, they would still be in trouble…

      • Bro

        Dude. Stop calling people out for not being real basketball fans. Yes, a starting point guard and the bench are an issue and so was finding Phil Jackson’s successor. And a “real fan” would know that the reason we lost to the Mavs is because we couldn’t defend Dirk. So stop calling people out. It makes you look like a dick.

  • S-Quire

    Seems like a good, balanced pick.  Safe picks like Adelman, Van Gundy, or Dunleavy aren’t going to embarrass you, but they won’t win you a championship.  B-Shaw is too risky, and has the potential for a disastrious season.  Brown is the best of both worlds, a relatively young coach with experience and cred.  Definitely some risk involved, but these are the kinds of risks that lead to championships, not recycling old coaches or making a sentimental pick.

  • Jarmarmcclary

    Defensive coach!….Sounds good to me!

  • lakers

    its good that they didnt spend all sorts of money on a big name coach maby they can still get a star player likec paul or d howars now! just think…..kobe howard and a defensive  coach like brown….

    • Niccdogg2002

      you might want to learn how to spell first…and Mike Brown is a nobody and no big time players are going to want to play for him…

      • Randxellnickolas

        nobody are you serious he is one time coach of the year man.. give the man respect… wait for the 2011 -2012 season and you’ll be eating your words…..

  • Jonathan Medders

    I think it is a pretty good hire. I like a defensive mindset. Will be interesting to see if he keeps any assistants around, like Chuck Person, for some continuity.

    Now lets see what we do in free agency/trades.

  • Dion Richardson

    He’s the first African American coach for the Lakers too, is he not? I hope he and Kobe can get along and bring the trophy back to L.A.!!!

    • Dave Dubell

      Magic Johnson coached the Lakers too!

  • bostonsucks

    Me too. Got a bad feeling about this…