BREAKING: Mike D’Antoni Resigns As Head Coach Of Los Angeles Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video Through all of the conflicting reports since the start of the off-season, Mike D'Antoni has resigned as the head co Please enable Javascript to watch this video Through all of the conflicting reports since the start of the off-season, Mike D'Antoni has resigned as the head co Rating: 0
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BREAKING: Mike D’Antoni Resigns As Head Coach Of Los Angeles Lakers

Through all of the conflicting reports since the start of the off-season, Mike D’Antoni has resigned as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

With the Lakers finishing with the worst record in franchise history since moving to Los Angeles, there was speculation that the organization would move in a different direction at the head coaching position.

For most of the off-season, there were conflicting reports on D’Antoni’s future with the Lakers. Recently, there were reports that D’Antoni was looking for the team to pick up his fourth year option.

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With the 27-55 season which was the sixth worst record in the league, it does come as a surprise that D’Antoni has decided to resign. In two seasons in Los Angeles, D’Antoni posted an 67-82 record after being hired instead of Phil Jackson five games into the 2012-13 season.

With the head coaching position of the Lakers now available, there are numerous candidates the team will consider. In perhaps the most important off-season for the franchise since the 2003-04 season, the Lakers will have a high draft pick in this year’s highly anticipated draft to go along with ample cap room.
Lakers Coach D’Antoni On His Future, ‘Ludicrous’ That His Style Of Play Causes Injuries

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  • John


  • KingEmperor

    thank you very much at least he realized lakers fan must have fun..

  • rik

    Good news! Next years roster:
    PG: Sessions farmar nash
    SG: kobe meeks bazemore
    SF: Deng young
    PF: Love kelly
    C: Okafor Hawes sacre
    Coach: Lionell hollins

    • Marcus Franco

      I wouldn’t like to see Sessions here again. Kyle Lowry would be way better than him or Eric Bledsoe.

    • independentbynature

      I thought you said good news.

    • KingEmperor

      what a weak roster is that this starting 5 is a championship caliber line-up:
      PG: Marcus Smart
      SG: Kobe Bryant
      SF: Gordon Hayward
      PF: Kevin Love
      C : Greg Monroe

  • Jan

    I hope it’s Lionel Hollins

  • Boricua


  • Boricua




  • ranfan

    It’s better for his health if he leaves lol. Guy’s heart wouldn’t have been able to take another terrible season in LA. Hope he does better on a fast break college team somewhere.

  • Lakers

    Yes finally loving this first move in the off-season or 2nd don’t matter best move they will make the whole offseason

  • LegendInMyMind

    While it would have been interesting if he’d had a full on “Mike D’Antoni roster” to work with in these last couple of seasons, I don’t think he was a good fit for the job. You have to be able to adapt, particularly in huge markets like LA. And he stubbornly could not do that. Still, I think this may have had a lot to do with the team not wanting to pick up his 4th year option after next season at this point in time, which essentially means that he’d be entering a lame duck season with only one guaranteed year left on his contract. But the point of an option is to earn it. Do a good job, you stay. Do a bad job, you’re not retained. That’s a team option.

  • Nalin Shukla

    I am not ashamed to admit i cried… TEARS OF JOY!

  • WestCoast323

    Now Melo can come..

  • Lakers4Life

    I told you folks all along that idiot Dumbtoni will be gone soon, and now it’s finally out in the news :-)

    A bad day for the very few Dumbtoni cock-sucking lovers on LN — no need for names, we know who they are lol.
    What a glorious day in Lakers basketball history!!! Bye bye DUMBTONI~~~!

  • Anony Mous

    CRAIG ROBINSON of the Oregon State basketball team. He is the brother of Michelle Obama, and the brother in law of Barack Obama. This would be the biggest hire!

  • Wiggins Lakers #22

    Lakers Nation Happiest Place On Earth

  • Gemini Ac

    Happy Days for L.A LAKERS fans..God listen to our prayer..thank you god and bless this teams always..

  • Guest

    Very thankful to the OWNER ang GM of L.A LAKERS you made the right decision.

  • Gemini Ac

    Very thankful to the OWNER and GM of L.A LAKERS you made the right decision..Many of the Lakers fans is happy now.

  • Gemini Ac

    Thanks for a prayer lakers fans…joy to the world….

  • Peer Zimmermann

    please sign phil jackson !!!!!!!!

  • corky carroll

    Good decision and shows that he is a class guy. Wish him the best in his next go around. Interesting options now. Steve Kerr?

  • Mitch

    I kept telling Lakers Nation that Mike D’Antoni would be gone.I was right all along.Should have listened to me folks.Mike D’Antoni is a douche bag piece of crap.The Lakers will get a top 5 coach in NBA/NCAA i guarantee it.Go Lakers!To Mike D’Antoni see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya.GTFO you scumbag.Happiest day ever.

  • Mitch

    Celebrate Lakers Nation Mike D’Antoni is gone for good from the Lakers.

  • Ronald Velez

    I can’t believe this happened. I hate that Mike D’Antoni had to resign because the Lakers didn’t want to pick up his option. He still should have stayed but the way the Lakers handled this was wrong. I mean for them to act like that is horrible, especially after hearing Magic and his comments smh. I’m upset as a Laker fan who thought the organization had better class then this. I know Mike isn’t the greatest coach but the guy tried hard, but the worst part was is how the Lakers never put him in a situation to succeed. People say oh he had Nash, Kobe, Gasol, and Howard yet they forget that Howard had back issues, Nash was old and injured just like Gasol. Mwp wasn’t that great last year with his defense nor his offense. Not to mention, the Lakers had no bench. You expect to compete with Blake, Darius Morris, Andrew Goudelock, Antwan Jamison, Earl Clark and Jordan Hill. That isn’t a really good bench and the majority of the time, they all struggled. The Lakers had a injured roster which hurt them this year as well. Please don’t talk about Gasol and Kaman because they were both far from consistent. Yes they had some big nights at times but they were times where they would get killed like the game against the Clippers where Griffin and Jordan dominated. It also sucks that the Lakers never game him a roster that would benefit him. I’ve been saying it for years that the Lakers needed to trade Pau and get a stretch athletic 4 and a shot blocking center and you will see how Mike D’Antoni would coach the Lakers. People say Gasol was playing that way because of Mike which was bs because Pau was doing that stuff on his own. If the Lakers would have acquired athletic sound players 1-5 they would be a better team. I understand the fans love the Triangle and the post play but that is the past and that’s not a successful formula. Teams haven’t won that way since 2010. Even the Lakers were using p/r to break the Celtics D to throw them off a bit because Bryant can pass,score and shoot just like Gasol. What are in common with the teams in the league today are that they are young athletic and use speed as a way to play the game.

    • independentbynature

      Good grief and good riddance to him.Enough excuses already.We’ve heard them all.Bye,bye No D,smallball.

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