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BREAKING: Lakers Finalizing Trade To Acquire Jeremy Lin From Houston

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The Los Angeles Lakers are apparently out of the running for superstar Carmelo Anthony and as a result have started to make moves to rebuild the roster.

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Lakers are on the verge of acquiring point guard Jeremy Lin from the Houston Rockets:

With Carmelo likely heading to the Chicago Bulls or New York Knicks, Mitch Kupchak and company have decided it is time to move on. Although not considered a game-changing move for the Lakers, acquiring Lin along with a first-round draft pick is an attempt to bring in some much needed youth to a team that needs to rebuild.

In exchange for Lin, the Lakers send the following assets to Houston via Wojnarowski:

Last season, Lin averaged 12.5 points and 4.1 assists per game with the Rockets while shooting 44 percent from the floor. A solid contributor in the backcourt for Houston and could become a great addition to the Lakers roster next season.
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  • dorian jones

    they get both

  • meep

    lin and young in one day not a bad day

    • independentbynature

      Did we just sign Young? Cool……

      • meep

        4 years 21.5 mill 4 year a option

        • independentbynature

          I like it.Seems a lot of these delusional wannabe fans didn’t want anything but Melo.Look what some of them want.It’s like a fantasy league draft or NBA2K.It’s laughable.

          • Carlos From East Los

            Delusional is right man.The Lakers are supposed to suck balls next season but hey whatever it is what it is.

  • dorian jones

    about 5 mil a year for young not bad a little overpriced but not bad

    • independentbynature

      Look at what some of the other guys are getting.It’s a players market.He’s worth that.

    • AK

      8 mil a year

      • meep

        how 8 mill a year for young =21.5 more like 4.5 mill a year maybe more like 5 for 4 years

        • AK

          oh i thought it was about lin since this is his article..

          • meep

            naw i think he meant nick

  • Nashir Mohammed

    i was hoping they would’ve been able to dump nash and have the rockets waive him….

    • Bruce

      We ain’t going to be able to dump Nash, get over it, Lakers will just let him play out his contract, he’ll be off the salary books next season anyways, which team would be stupid to take Nash’s contract and in return Lakers gets no contract back?

  • David

    Jeremy Lin is clutch, he will be dishing to Swaggy and that’s a combination that will be entertaining on the perimeter even though on defense they will be vulnerable but it’s not as bad as some think. Swaggy can still play defense if he wants to but Kobe whom he will back up at SG at times can’t or won’t play defense anymore.

    • Monix

      I see absolutely no reason to keep Swaggy P on a rebuilding team. He’s a joke. Swaggy No D.

      • David

        Agree but we gotta accept it now.

        • Monix

          Who’s reporting it?

          • david

            I heard this over half an hour ago on espn radio.

          • david

            four years at just over 5 million per year. The FO still loves offense and jacking up shots like Kobe.

      • Fernando

        Ya i agree.But that’s the team it stinks and is a lottery team.No future for the Lakers all overrated scrubs.Fuck you Jim Buss!

  • Kb24

    Try to get noh pick too(protected 3-19)

  • Lakers4Life

    Great, now we get an overrated Lin who Melo hates. Say bye to Melo too.
    Then we signed Hill for 2yr/18mil, so say bye to Pau as well. Now we have a mediocre Hill with a rookie Randle with foot injurty who should get traded with Nash to free up more cap space.
    What a sad day for Lakers…we definitely won’t be winning any championships for several years, that’s for sure. Kobe’s ring count will unfortunately end at 5. What a sad, disappointing day for us.

    • BULL

      com on man.. melo was not comin here from the start dog.. Lin is a very good pg .. better then Thomas or Bledsoe .. goes to whole with ease and shoot the jay .. Nic make the bench much better not to mention giv kobe rest .. now the problem is small fwrd position .. if you are goin to start nick and kobe together.. I don’t like that.. neither can defend I was hoping for Ariza .. but im not mad at all for the Lakers trying .. Melo and Pau turn us down .. fuk both of them .. and im happy Houston got screwed! hahaha

      • Bruce

        Lin better than Thomas or Bledsoe?? wow, maybe on the defensive end. Just my opinion, if not for future cap space considerations, why would you take J Lin over Isaiah Thomas?? They are getting paid about the same, but Thomas averages 20 pts per game last season for the Kings, so who would you take?

  • Mark J.

    People saying the Lakers were helping Houston… Just the opposite. Mitch Kupchak was proven to be even more of a genius now that Bosh is staying with the Heat.

    • BULL

      exactly .. those are people not knowing what the hell they are talking about .. the only bad thing that came out of this is we not getting Ariza or Deng

  • http://www.myspace.com/LewisSmithJr LewisSmithJr .

    if lin proves himself to be good he might even be considered to come off the bench for the Lakers after next season so we will see how this plays out.

  • http://www.myspace.com/LewisSmithJr LewisSmithJr .

    lets go after parsons and really shit on houston

    • plansmaker

      Love that…Like D12

    • Bruce

      Parsons most likely resign with Houston, after the Bosh disaster that resulted in losing Lin and Asik, they cannot afford to lose Parsons.

      • http://www.myspace.com/LewisSmithJr LewisSmithJr .


  • Keymon Thomas

    It’s a great deal. Lin gets paid $8.3 million for 1 year and we get a 1st round draft pick for next year. Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin’s salaries will come off of the payroll and we can continue to rebuild with cap space. Excellent deal and it solves a short term issue this year. I hope DeAndre Kane can make the roster.

    • VillainKing™

      Deandre Kane had the talent he needs more playing time..Jordan Clrakson doing great..Kendall Marshall still no improvement!!!!!!

      • jared

        watched the summer game clarkson was ballin 21 pts shooting from bout 52% from the field.. ad the K.murphy kid seems kinda good too

        • VillainKing™

          agree of Clarkson his playing great and Kane needs more minutes..

      • Keymon Thomas

        I like Kane and Clarkson, but I can’t believe what I saw out of the rest of the prospects. We have to scout better talent.

  • Ezekiel E. Chavez

    that was a smart move by mitch kupchak, nice one

  • Louie

    Jeremy Lin is a starter.The Lakers needed a Point Guard.No free agent wants to play for the Lakers check the roster out nobody from other teams voluntarily signed with the Lakers all the players are either from last season or draft picks or in Lin’s case a trade.Yeah Lakers are in deep shit players are anti Lakers nowadays.Pau rejected a huge money offer.Time to fire Mitch The Bitch.Lakers are out of it.

    • Bruce

      You don’t get it, it’s not that nobody wants to come play for the Lakers, it’s because Kobe’s past his prime, he’s old, Lakers are in rebuilding mode, that’s why players doesn’t want to come. If Kobe was still in his prime, I bet you anything everybody wants to come play.

  • plansmaker

    Rockets screwed themselves. Traded two 2013 starters, who took them the the playoffs to make room for Chris Bosh?
    Well, Mr. Daryl Morey, your calculation is a bit off. Bosh ain’t coming to a team with classless owner and clueless coach.
    Just ask Melo, Bosh, Love, Lowery and Lebron. They all say, NO!

    • Bruce

      I am thrilled Bosh played Houston as a fool, and gave up 2 assets for nothing in J Lin and Asik. Got me worried a bit when news of Bosh potentially heading to Houston, whew…
      D12 will never get that ring he desired

      • plansmaker

        Between D12 & Harden and McFail, Rockets are long ways from been a true contender.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    At least this means I dont have to watch Kendra Marshmallow and his bald head run the point nearly as much

  • Jay Brodes

    this is worthless in my opionion..if i am mamba i am ticked..period..bar none!

    • DJSlik

      mamba probably ok’d the move. he knows JL’s game.

    • Bruce

      I know you are ticked, like many other fans including myself, but when you come to think of it, what else can the Lakers do?? Lakers approach is all or nothing, if struck out on Melo or Lebron, then they rather save cap space for 2015 or 2016 or whatever then to overpay players like Luol Deng, Trevor Ariza, Lance Stephenson, Isaiah Thomas, or Eric Bledsoe. I know from potentially Melo dropping down to Lin is a big disappointment, but let’s just sit back, relax, and watch a healthy Kobe’s greatness, a young Julius Randle developing, and hope the best for the future, that’s what us fans can really hope for.

  • reddogs

    I like this move and the pick we get. No risk from the Lakers, his contract is of the book next year, and he can surely help this year as well, he`s a solid player. If he plays well and he is comfortable, maybe we can sign him for like 5M next year. I`m not sold on tanking, we need to play as good as we can. I would love to see Lance and Gasol this year, with Lin, Kobe, Randle and a good coach I think we would be a playoff team – but it`s unlikely we can get both Pau and Lance unfortunately.

    • Bruce

      You make sense, good with the math, unlike many ppl in here.

  • LakerWTFrUdoing!

    They must be trying to tap into the Asian market with jersey sales..your a mess L.A.

  • Bruce

    To be honest, 2 reasons why Lakers got J Lin, one, we need PG help, plus he’s an expiring contract, so next season, he can come off the books, or if he plays good, we can resign him for cheap. Second, it’s a business move by the Lakers FO. Los Angeles has a HUGE Asian community, it will draw more attention and fan base for the franchise, and marketing

  • Matt Martini

    So the Rockets didnt get Bosh, why did we take Lin off their hands? lmfao Lakers front office blows.

    • Bruce

      At least Lakers FO made a move, it’s an upgrade from Marshall to Lin, plus we also got a future 1st rounder, smart move.

  • Vicboy Macky De Lima

    Can’t complain with this move. From a market standpoint, this is smart. This appeals to the big Asian market. When the starting backcourt rests, the Lakers can now field an all-Asian backcourt of Lin (Taiwan) and Clarkson (Philippines).

  • rebecca

    oh em to the effing g! linsanity in la? :)

  • dollarbill4life

    Garbage trade. Would have been better off signing Farmar instead.

  • Nalin Shukla

    I feel like the lakers will be cursed by Phil Jackson and the 11 rings for awhile…mike d’antoni? Seriously!?

  • Keymon Thomas

    The CP3 trade block is hurting the Lakers more today than it did back then.

    • plansmaker

      Lakers should develop Lin into an elite PG with NASH’s help instead worry about spilled milk.

  • Joe

    Lakers are where they are because of David Stern, plain and simple. I have never seen a commissioner void a legit trade like that before. It was not OK for the Lakers to get Chris Paul but it was just fine for the Clippers to get him. That was the knife in the back that doomed the Lakers for years to come.

  • Guest

    vamos lakersss el titlo tarde o temprano llegaran KOBEEE NUNCA PASARA antony y jamess siiiii pasarannnnn VAMOS JUGADOR FRANQUICIA VAMOS KOBEEE

  • andylauo

    Welcome Jeremy Lin

  • plansmaker

    How will Jeremy Lin plays in LA all depends what role he plays.
    You can have Melo or Bosh off the bench in Lakers but that will not utilize their maximum values.
    Lin needs to have ball in his hands to be most effective. He can score loads if given the opportunity. In Houston, Lin was shackled by Kevin Mcfail and MoreyBall. Never got a fair shake. When James Harden SG demands to run the offense, Lin PG was forced to stand in the corner, used as Rockets spot up shooter almost nightly.
    I give Omer Asik credit for stand up to D12 asked to be traded. Lin should have done the same with Harden.

  • hookedonnews

    Drafts picks are good. Lin will probably be just a one year rental unless he wants to play for a lot less than he got in Houston.

  • MagicPG

    It was a good move, we gave up very little except the cap hit, but I don’t see Lin as having an impact on the team. If he proves himself then fine, but I think Marshall is still a better playmaker and Clarkson has a higher ceiling as combo guard. Lin might be good for 10-15mins off the bench as offensive spark. He has major consistency issues and poor lateral movement on D. A one year rental


    Face the truth. Dr. Jerry Buss was a once in a lifetime owner. However, his kids are clueless. Kobe’s ridiculous deal, Old geyser Steve Nash and his contract, flake Dwight Howard and keeping D’Antoni way too long are four examples. We can only pray that they leave town, turn over the Lakers to someone with half a brain and live it up somewhere else on their inheritance.

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