Brandon Jennings: Kobe’s Numbers ‘Should Be Retired Throughout The NBA’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="170"] Brandon Jennings is a huge Kobe Bryant fan and recently went as far as saying that the five-time champion is "really the greatest eve [new_royalslider id="170"] Brandon Jennings is a huge Kobe Bryant fan and recently went as far as saying that the five-time champion is "really the greatest eve Rating: 0
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Brandon Jennings: Kobe’s Numbers ‘Should Be Retired Throughout The NBA’

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Brandon Jennings is a huge Kobe Bryant fan and recently went as far as saying that the five-time champion is “really the greatest ever” ahead of Michael Jordan.

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On Sunday night, the Pistons point guard continued the conversation and believes the numbers Jordan (No. 23) and Kobe (No. 8 and 24) wore should be retired throughout the NBA on Twitter:

While the Chicago Bulls never retired Jordan’s No. 45, Jennings thinks Kobe will be the first player to ever have both numbers retired in the NBA:

Over the course of his basketball career dating back to his playing days in Italy, Kobe has worn three numbers: 8, 24, and 33. The five-time champion made the switch to 24 in 2006 and there have been reports that his preference is to have this number eventually retired by the Lakers at Staples Center.

With No. 24 likely going up in the rafters because of his accomplishments after winning three championships with Shaquille O’Neal, the No. 8 will probably not be worn by another Laker. Since the change nearly a decade ago, no player has worn his former number.

With Kobe likely playing the final two seasons of his career, all eyes will be on the future Hall of Famer as he looks to continue playing at a high level in hopes of winning another championship.

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  • JustMeJip2

    First of all sorry for my bad English I’m from Venezuela. Now lakers, well, I am a hard die lakers fan since I was a kid I’m watching lakers games since 98 99 and my favorite player is the black mamba and I think Jennings is right, lakers should retire #8 and #24, I don’t want Kobe to retire I hope he could play 1 more year after his contract ends and he can be the first nba player to play 21 seasons and it will be amazing if he plays the last season with the number 8 we would remember old times ;) damnnnn I hope I could find a delorean and go back in time and watch again those lakers from 96 to this time ;) my favorite moment is 12 3′s against Seattle, 62 in 3 quarters against Dallas and 81 vs Toronto and 4 straight 50 pts games damnnnnn so many memories :,,,,,,,,,,( don’t retire Kobe :(

    • LakersLifer

      This is beautifully said.

      Great times. So exciting to watch.

  • joshhh

    emeka okafor and chris Livingston players to fill out roster

  • rofl


  • joshhh

    how much u wanna bet 100% this will be the final 8 cavs,chicago,wizards,heat,spurs,okc,clippers,and last spot is up for grabs it either gonna be mavs,portland,grizzlies or golden state oone of those I could guarantee u its gonna be that. I think okc will finally get over the hump and beat the spurs very close series and okc wins it all Durant gets his 1st title and mvp AGAIN 3rd time and finals mvp and now Durant takes over the league Durant era is coming and im a laker fan huge kobe fan just stating wats gonna happen I know the future

    • https://twitter.com/ybpaperchaser Rich Kid Yellaboy

      I doubt the thunder beat the spurs they gotta vs the blazers again i bet

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      You know the future and are 100% sure about it, but you don’t know the fourth team in the West? Also, no way the Clippers get past the first round.

      • joshhh

        wtf is wrong wit people these days need medical help

  • Jose

    Pau Gasol is destroying the competition in the FIBA Summer Games.He tore up Splitter and Anderson Varejao today and he is running the floor dunking the ball and hitting all sorts of shots and even 3 pointers and playing good defense he had 3 blocks today and was on his man and grabbed 9 rebounds.Looks like he was sandbagging it since he got traded for Chris Paul in that 3 way trade with New Orleans and Houston.The veto trade forced him back to a place he really didn’t want to be at but he was too proud and shy to say trade me and force his way out instead he walked when he a FA.Big void left.He looks like another player now and he is revitalized and showing new found energy.

    • lakeshow

      Fuck Pau. He plays with more heart for Spain than he did for the Lakers. That’s always been the case. The fans didn’t try to trade his ass and didn’t deserve to see him half-ass it because of it. He won’t be this dominant back in the NBA during the grueling 82 game season either.

      • Jose

        Sure as a Lakers fan i feel ripped off that Pau Gasol sandbagged it and tanked it the last couple years and he should have just demanded a trade like Lamar Odom did.Yep it’s crazy how a player can just turn it up when the feels like it and sandbag it when he feels like it.

    • Truth B Told

      Reality Check……..He’s playing good in FIBA……….FIBA is not the NBA………You may have some players from the NBA mixed with International players but it’s not the NBA…………He’ll come back to earth once the NBA season start.Same of Gasol….No disrespect……He’ll be playing in the East which is much easier.

      • Jose

        IDK man i think Pau Gasol will be a big force in the East on a new team and with Noah picking up the defense and also Taj Gibson giving him rest and basically playing defense for him.Pau will also have Rose passing him the ball and that is a big factor in him being a good bet to be a All Star next season just watch Pau next season.I am a Lakers fan but a realist.Not some fucked up homer,more of a realist that’s honesty.

    • LakersLifer

      That’s all fine and dandy for FIBA but I seriously doubt he’ll be able to do that we’ll against a good NBA team.

  • joshhh

    Jason maxiell, nazr mohamaddd, br mullens, ekpe udoh, Jermaine O’Neal, emeka okafor, Kenyon martin, marcus camby, ronniee brewer, Jason Collins, ryan hollins, greg steimsma

  • lakeshow

    Brandon is bordering on stan territory. Kobe gotta be careful out there lol. He’s smart though to get LN fanbase on his side.

  • Spade

    I’m starting to get a little concerned about Jennings. He talks like he has a Kobe shrine in his home. He’s probably stalking Kobe right now.

  • Old Souldier

    Damn! Brandon Jennings is a bigger Kobe fan, than ME! I definitely expect him to be on the Lakers roster, one day. Kobe’s number won’t be retired “throughout” the NBA. But the Lakers will obviously retire both the 8 and the 24 jersey numbers. The Lakers number 8, is basically unofficially retired, already.

  • J Taylor

    There is only one number to retire….. KB24.

  • Ill Wink

    We will always own the Clippers….how many championship did they win against ? Ok

    • lll Wink


  • GR3ddy

    @clippersrunla: Dude, Kobe may not be the young athletic Kobe from before, but I bet you any money that he will be way more efficient these last 2 seasons. You can knock the Lakers all you want for last season, ie, injuries etc etc, but now that the team is at full health, have a better coach and have nothing to lose will probably do better than the Clippers this upcoming season.

  • LAKERSrunLA4ever

    Clippersrunla is the biggest TROLL ever. Get the Fck out of here. I wonder what selfies they are going to hang this year to cover up our championship banners .

  • lakeshow

    As soon as you learn the difference between perpetual first round exists and actually going to the western conference finals, winning that and then winning the NBA Finals. How you run LA with no titles? Ya goof.

  • lakeshow

    That;s alright, we’ll get more draft picks and the Clippers won’t go to the WCF or the Finals. Chris and Blake will just keep getting older while the Lakers will keep getting better. Sounds good to me.

  • J Taylor

    Clippers not going to the Championships this year or next, or next….
    The end is the same for both teams. – Except Clippers fans have to be obnoxious and haters.

  • lakeshow

    No I’m spending my money on the “CLIPPERS STILL NO RING EVEN WITH NO STERLING” shirt. Who you goofs going to blame now?

  • lakeshow

    Have you bought your “CLIPPERS STILL NO RING EVEN WITH NO STERLING” shirt. Who you goofs going to blame now?

  • J Taylor

    Why do we respond to the belligerent postings of a teenager?

    - I see a bunch grown men (and women) responding to a kid deliberately trying to be obnoxious and combative.

  • lakeshow

    Weren’t the Clippers supposed to be winning the title? It’s been 84 years. Yes we’ll collect draft picks and young superstars while the Clippers head back to irrelevancy. God is good all the time.

  • J Taylor

    How can a team with ZERO banners have any sort of voice?
    - Join the club before you can talk about the elite who are in it.

  • Eatadickson

    We weren’t suppose to get anyone unless the deal was official, if that’s the basis of your argument then I guess all the teams including the Clippers are losers since every team has suffered “what could’ve been” and plus we don’t need kevin love lol.

  • KB24forLife

    Yet another idiotic Clipper fan on the Lakers website. Nobody here respects your opinion, you’re a Clippers fan for God’s sake lol

  • Fan

    LAKER NATION Home of The Championship Banner.Parades and Rings on all the Fingers.Sup you really think it’s your time again.You know ghat has and always will be the biggest Joke of all the NBA.Maybe next year in Settle you might make it past 2 round.Hahahahaaaaa Ho Ho Ho Ho all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth that just got smacked out you mouth from Snoop Dog Pimp Hand .So Cal is and will always be Lakers Land .Can wait for Kobe next Ring Parade and Banner is what Lakers are all about.Settle Clipper nice sound to it.

  • Fan

    That’s the difference between You Champions and losers.Champions don’t care about making to playoff we ate focused this year on Championship For Kobe 6th be # 6 for Kobe.So keep dreaming big maybe you can get plastic 2 round that would be a 1st for you .Better luck in Settle with your new owner.HahahahahhahahahahhaHo Ho Ho Ho Have fun watching Kobe leasing the Parade FROM staple Center down to the Beach .Kobe think of Banner and Ring and Clippers think about What ?Settle Clippers the sound of it.HahahahahhahhHOHoHoLoLO.

  • Aaron Brown

    You’re welcome here, seeing as though the Clippers aren’t relevant enough to have a site.


    How many points u think Kobe will avg this season? Kevin Durant is coming to the Lakers along with Westbrook.

  • vdogg

    wake up, man. there ARE no clipper fans. there are only lakers haters.

  • Aaron Brown

    Kobe’s going out with at least five more rings than your franchise. Yeah, what a chump

  • J Taylor

    You think the Clippers have a chance to win the Championships this year?

    The end is the same for both teams. Except Lakers fans call the season a failure. – In any other city, the Clippers would proudly hang their “Division Champion” Banner.

  • Jerry Arthur Newcomb

    Ha! Ha! Ha! How many season do the Clippers have like that… add them up then compare. The Clippers will always be the “B” team in LA. GET USED TO IT!
    You are a 2nd rate fan! PERIOD!!!

    The 27-55 Lakers beat the Clippers on the first game of the year, Just think your team was so inept that a 27-55 team beat them. ;)

  • J Taylor

    These words are funny to hear from a guy supporting a team in cap hell and that has hit it’s peak.

    Clippers fans get giddy and speak of hope when they reach the Championship Game. Lakers fans get sad and talk about a wasted season.




    We might :). For sure ur not tho. Lol


    how many points do u think KB24 will average this season?

  • Zachman and Ruin Rules

    It’s all for fun cause he thinks we are getting all upset and shit but we are just having fun…


    vdogg, you haven’t told us how many minutes and points per game u think KB24 will average this season. put yourself on the line and make a prediction. stop trolling.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    I think he will average 20pts, 6asst, 5reb/game, what do you think?


    23.8 ppg, 45% shooting, 32 minutes per game.

    I hope he gets held to less though…

  • Henry

    Yeah, your Clippers’ team knows all about shitty seasons; don’t they? lol

  • Eatadickson

    That’s a bold statement

  • Clippers Ruin LA

    How many more pea-brain comments do you think you can muster on this site? Hope it would be as much as Clippers Championship rings.

  • Joe Haeberle

    Wow you actually said something nice and realistic for once. In proud of you.

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