Bovada Gives Julius Randle 9-1 Odds Of Winning Rookie Of The Year

Bovada Gives Julius Randle 9-1 Odds Of Winning Rookie Of The Year


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Julius Randle is believed to be one of the most NBA-ready prospects in the NBA Draft. The brusing power forward led the NCAA in double-doubles last season and already has the body of an NBA power forward.

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Going to a Los Angeles Lakers team where he could possibly start immediately puts him in a position to succeed immediately. So it comes as no surprise that Randle is one of the favorites, having 9-1 odds at Bovada Sportsbook, to win the Rookie of the Year award according to ESPN’s Arash Markazi:

Randle’s biggest competition is almost definitely Jabari Parker, who was selected second by the Milwaukee Bucks. Parker is an extremely talented scorer who, like Randle, will start right away. Unlike Randle, however, Parker will likely be his team’s number one option.

Andrew Wiggins, drafted first by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Nerlens Noel, last year’s first round pick of the Philadelphia 76ers who missed the entire season due to injury, will both likely have an impact, but may not put up the numbers that Parker and Randle are likely to do.

Randle looked angry after he fell to the seventh pick. While he is happy that he gets to play with his childhood idol Kobe Bryant, he vowed to make the teams who passed him up, regret it. The first step to that is winning Rookie of the Year, and according to these odds, he has a great chance of doing so.
Lakers Forward Julius Randle First Phone Conference

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I say it will be Julius Randle winning rookie of the year i bet on Julius Randle.

  • ltsJoeMama

    I hope he proves the haters wrong.

  • incendy

    Randle is the only player I have seen that demanded triple teams almost every time he touched the ball in college. Going to be so interesting how his game transitions to the NBA and whether that quickness and strength will still be a large advantage at that level. Can’t wait!

    • Derrick

      You all can’t be serious, this guy has no real game, he is all power with one move. the Lakers didn’t wanna make this pic but they had no choice mark my word this guy will be your bench role player for life

      • nlruizjr

        Derrick, you have been expelled from watching the lakers for the rest of your like, ha,ha,ha !!!, just joking but I think Julius will prove a lot of haters wrong.

      • Shaka Saphir

        DUDE,did you ever watch any college BB at all or any of the NCAA tournament, if you did,i wouldn’t tell anybody because it would reveal how little you know about the sport when you make an idiot comment like the one you just posted. Please don’t ever watch another LAKERS game or another BB game cause you are totally clueless when it comes to evaluating BB skill and talent.

  • Kb24

    What are these odds?explain it please…

  • Jim213

    Possible, determination/motivation seem strong with Randle. But he’ll have a shot IMO being the way the game is played today. It’ll be interesting to observe Randle vs Griffin and other top PFs tho Randle would seem to have the disadvantage given his inexperience in the league.

  • Shaka Saphir

    I was so damned pleased when the hated Celtics took Smart with the sixth pick even though I think even if Smart were still on the board,the LAKERS still would’ve taken Randle because he’s flat out the better player and brings more to the table than Smart does and most sports columnists believe that Randle should have been no later than the fourth overall pick. Now Randle can prove all the haters and know nothing idiots who thought that the LAKERS should have taken a no jump shot making PG. Rookie of the year will come down to Parker and Randle,period and Smart will be no where in the picture. GO JULIUS!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Pretty much all the “experts” agree that the Lakers nailed it in the draft. I am hoping they are right. It got so confusing towards the end with all the hype is just about everybody that it was hard to tell what was fact and what was just bla bla bla pre draft stories. So, with the A for the draft in hand, time for FO to show us what it is really made of and nail it even bigger in Free Agency. GO LAKERS.