Biggest Mistake Lakers Could Make is Trading Pau Gasol Reviewed by Momizat on . Sometimes the blame game is the only game in town. When the season is over, when your team has exited the court amid disappointment and embarrassment, feelings Sometimes the blame game is the only game in town. When the season is over, when your team has exited the court amid disappointment and embarrassment, feelings Rating:
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Biggest Mistake Lakers Could Make is Trading Pau Gasol

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Sometimes the blame game is the only game in town. When the season is over, when your team has exited the court amid disappointment and embarrassment, feelings of bitterness are bound to take hold.

Over the past few weeks Lakers fans have made their frustrations abundantly clear. There have been many soft targets to go after. Bynum’s disgraceful foul on Barea, the bench’s lack of production, Lamar’s distracting foray into reality television. But head and shoulders above all all others was the performance of Lakers big man Pau Gasol.

For his part, Gasol asserted that his porous play had less to do with any truth to the rumors swirling around his personal life than it did to with what many of us suspected about his physical condition after virtually three straight years of playing basketball, “It wasn’t about self-esteem. It wasn’t about confidence. I collapsed. I was exhausted a little bit too. It hasn’t been a lack of confidence,” Gasol told the Spanish website Marca in a recent interview.

Still, an admission or not, many Lakers fans are in a frenzy. I see comments on message boards, editorial pieces, people calling in to talk shows, all with the same pitch fork attitude. This guy has got to go. He’s soft. He admitted he was too weak to give it his all and he folded on us. Ditch him!

Truth be told the Lakers will likely explore every option available to them in the off-season, save trading Kobe Bryant.  But if the Lakers do decide to move Gasol it will biggest mistake they could make. And to prove it all it takes is a simple look at the numbers that the Spaniard brings to the table.

Let’s start with two. As in two consecutive championships with Pau playing Robin to Kobe’s Batman. Two more than they would have had if Mitch Kupchak hadn’t swiped him away from the Memphis Grizzlies (I know Marc Gasol played well in the postseason, but come on, the Lakers traded Kwame Brown and some prospects for a perennial All-Star. This was still highway robbery).

Next is one. As in the type of player Pau is, one of kind, irreplaceable. The Lakers could probably get back a decent package of athletes to fill out the roster should they decide to move Gasol (Denver seems like a possible destination) but they will not a receive a player of Pau’s order in return. And generally in the NBA when you swap a star player in his prime for multiple pieces, the team that ends up with the star invariably comes out ahead. Think Barkley to Phoenix, Garnett to Boston, Shaq to Miami. Let’s not have Gasol to whoever make that list.

And then there is seven. As in seven years between when the Shaq-Kobe dynasty won its last championship and this new incarnation of the Lakers managed to climb the mountain again. Before the Lakers go blowing up a team that has made the finals three of the past four years, let’s just ponder, how easy is it to build a championship combination in the first place?

Put it all together and what do we get? 217. That’s two hundred seventeen. Two hundred seventeen games that Gasol played after  joining the Lakers before the team finally endured it’s first three game losing streak. That is a remarkable track record, one that speaks volumes about what Gasol brings as a player.

You can lambast for him being soft. He can call him overly sensitive or openly question his toughness. He can make these accusations and yet they all wilt in the face of the raw numbers, the wins and losses. It constantly amazes me how people so easily forget this one simple fact. Pau is a winner. And isn’t that, more than anything, what Lakers fan want?

Moreover, Gasol is hardly past his prime. He may have been exhausted during the playoffs but don’t bet against him to use the criticism as motivation, to rest up and to be ready to elevate his game once again when next season begins. Sure, the Lakers could trade Gasol over the summer but consider them warned. They do so at their own risk.

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  • No Excuses

    Ehh you’re making excuses for him…he wasn’t the only one that had been to 3 straight finals, but yet he was the main/only player not to show up for the postseason.

  • M_youssef94


  • Evilmrchicken

     Exactly what I have been saying, trading Pau will be the dumbest thing the Lakers would have ever done. If we really want Dwight…trade Bynum and Odom for him.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1560576133 Arlene A LeBeauf


    • true hero

      Not a good move to trade both bynum and odom for howard if the lakers want howard well wait until next year when he is a free agent without a team option if possible blow up the bench keep steve blake and let everyone else go including luke walton sorry but he needs to go try and get back dj mbenga or a quality back up center maybe keep matt barnes bring back the machine or get a pure outside shooter like leandro barbosa and someone to start at the point  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tyeree-Deeboyoazz-Stines/1073798573 Tyeree Deeboyoazz Stines

     where ever his head wuz it definitly wuznt in the game for the playoffs.. O really hate to see his talent displayed on anutha team but if it wont be displayed on the lakers wit a lil more aggression then that mite be the better option to trade him.

  • Bigballer2484

    Stupid if u trade gasol,yea he had a bad playoffs this year but damn giv the man a break gessshh we need a bench&a point guard we can’t stop anyguard from getting in the paint aka chris paul aka barea in the past nash,deron williams etc shit any point guard period, For that matter just look at every playoff series & ull see that&we don’t have shooters either that the main problems not gasol remember we did have kwame brown b-4 him we got lucky to even get him&we went to the ship 3straight times when he showed up to the lakers front door,ppl forget quick he save us not kobe when it was game 7 against boston&among other playoff games he play well throughout his laker career gasol not the problem period its just the blame game ppl putin on him where else u gonna get 20&10 2 blocks with 5 assist a game he will do better next year I bet that cause if u do u don’t have to worry about us being contenders again then ppl are gonna wanna find sumone else to blame& get rid of

  • guest

    no need to trade him… we need a back-up forward aside from LO though. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1560576133 Arlene A LeBeauf


  • http://www.facebook.com/laureen.foat Laureen Foat

    Thank you for this article!! How quickly fans forget it was Pau who brought the Lakers to the finals 3 years in a row and won back to back championships. The 2009 championship where Orlando got their asses beat! Now, the dumb, forgetful, ingrateful, and, fickle fans want to trade Pau for Howard?!!! Therefore, the Laker franchise and owners are not going to rely on stupid fickle fans that have a bad memory! DO NOT TRADE PAU!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/laureen.foat Laureen Foat

    Not all fans are bad and that selfish but, some have pissed me off royally with all their hate and selfishness!

    • EncinoKawasaki

      Laureen is a cyber bully of gigantic proportions.  Please ban her from this board

  • http://twitter.com/Diandra_M Diandra M.

    Thank you for posting this article!  I’ll admit I was pissed at how he played, but we need to remember what Pau has done for this team.  He should not be traded, but he does need to get it together. 

  • Long Time Laker Fan

    I agree that trading Gasol would be a mistake. They must get stronger and athletic on the bench.
    As much as I hate to say this, they need to upgrade at the starting point guard position.

  • Lbskatelife

    keep pau gasol but if you can get dwight howard pau gotta go!

  • LakerFan85

    Why would you trade him? What would you get back? The article is right. You never get back anything close to what is given up when a star player is traded. The Lakers cannot give up Pau. We need to rework the bench, add a guy that can shoot from the outside, and make at least one trade that betters the bench.

  • http://twitter.com/Meerca16 Sameera Ahmad

    This is an amazing article, I completely agree with you. Shipping Pau out after a single season of inconsistency makes no sense, he’s still our second-in-command, and I expect with this long break and the frustrations, the Lakers and Pau will come out next year firing and in championship form once again!

  • cutiepii893

    dat wud be so stupid on the lakers part

  • Blinkman987

    It’s pretty absurd the way in which players are considered soft by giving honest, thoughtful answers. Chris Bosh honestly said that the moment got to him in Boston. Instead of praising the player for giving such a candid answer, “sports journalists” use it as a dagger. He’s not soft. He arguably had the best stat season out of all PFs in the league and he’s undeniably top 2 in that category. The article is right– you’ll never get anybody close to Pau and the talk of trading him is stupid.

    Also, ridiculous casual Laker fans a little too dense to understand the irony of calling Pau soft because Dirk lit him up in a playoff series. Let that one sink in for a bit.

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