Basketball Breakdown: What’s Wrong With The Lakers?

Basketball Breakdown: What’s Wrong With The Lakers?


For half a season now people have been asking the same question – what’s wrong with the Lakers? Nobody can seem to figure out why a team with so much talent is having trouble winning games, and is currently sitting at third place in the Pacific Division and is out of the playoff picture altogether.

In order to help understand the Lakers’ woes, Coach Nick over at Basketball Breakdown put together a tremendous video explaining some of the team’s problems. Nick breaks down the team’s offense as well as their defense, looking at all possible explanations for what’s ailing your Lakers.

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*Video courtesy of SB Nation

  • KcS

    Good video. It just emphasizes how much we need to fire D’Antoni and his stupid system, get rid of Howard and Nash for younger energy and athleticism, hire Phil to control Kobe’s ego and his gambling defense. Bench needs some tweaking as well.

  • Marty Susman

    I wish Magic Johnson would have bought the Lakers instead of the Dodgers…