Baron Davis to the Lakers Already Not a Good Idea

Baron Davis to the Lakers Already Not a Good Idea


The Cleveland Cavaliers exercised their amnesty clause on Baron Davis yesterday. For those of you who don’t know how the amnesty clause works:

….the Cavaliers remove the remaining $28.7 million and two years left on his contract from their payroll for salary cap and tax purposes. The team is obligated to pay Davis the entire amount – minus the $1.9 million that was guaranteed in the final year of his deal and any possible waiver bid from another team. – Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports

Next, the Clippers signed Chris Paul six days after the Lakers were hosed by Darth Stern.

Naturally, Lakers fans are reaching now for the last life lines they can see to help improve the most obvious spot on the roster – the point guard spot – and have been tweeting like crazy on our Twitter feed (@LakersNation) when the Lakers are going to sign the southern California native.

Before you get all excited, please note that according to the same Yahoo report, Baron Davis has a herniated disc, which is going to sideline him for a minimum of eight weeks. For a 32 year-old point guard who has a history of missing huge chunks of games, a back injury like this isn’t something the Lakers can risk during this very sensitive time.

Couple this injury with the assumption that Davis has a way of being distracted in Los Angeles with his fledgling production company, celebrity friends and their parties, this definitely is not the type of move that will set the Lakers up to improve their championship chances.

The last week has definitely been a whirlwind of transactions and non-transactions, so I hope the Lakers front office is able to take a step back, reassess the current market place and make a solid move that will get the Lakers back on track.