Back to Back Lakers Championship News the Day After

Back to Back Lakers Championship News the Day After


It was a hard fought and difficult Game 7 for the Lakers, but they willed themselves to the finish lines and became NBA World Champions.  The Lakers defeated the Celtics last nigh, 83-79, to complete the season with their second consecutive title.  Kobe Bryant was named the Finals MVP as he scored 23 points and grabbed 15 boards.  His teammates also stepped up big, as Pau Gasol had 19 points and 18 rebounds, while Ron Artest had 20 points.   Every Laker made big shots and especially their leader, Derek Fisher.  The Lakers finally beat the Celtics in a Game 7, and they did it in a great fashion.  With his fifth ring Kobe put himself closer to Michael Jordan and he tied the Laker great Magic Johnson.  Phil Jackson added to his ring total, as he won his record 11 championship.  But most importantly, the Lakers franchise got their revenge on their rivals and won their 16th NBA Championship.

Here are all the links you need to relive and celebrate the Lakers 16th championship.  The links include the recaps, finals gear, parade information, and the highlights of an unforgettable game.

The Lakers overcame a 13 point deficit and won the NBA Championship.  It is the franchise’s 16th title, Kobe and Fish’s 5th, and Phil’s 11. [LA Times]

The Lakers got dominated in the 2008 NBA Finals, and were hoping for revenge in the 2010 Finals.  The series was a hard fought battle and the Lakers came out victorious.  To this team, nothing has tasted any sweeter; they finally beat Boston and did it on the Staples Center floor. [LA Times]

The Lakers’ stars carried the team in the final stretch to secure a title.  Kobe, Pau, Ron, Lamar and Fish proved once again that they are the true champs of the NBA.  This team had to fight through adversity, not to mention a 3-2 deficit, in order to win a championship.  The Lakers stayed calm and never panicked, which ultimately made the difference between number 15 and number 16. [ESPN Los Angeles]

Kobe struggled for most of the game, but stepped up big when his team needed it the most.  Bryant trusted his teammates to make plays, and they did just that.  He won his 5th title and his second Finals MVP.  After the game Bryant said, “ I got one more that Shaq.” [ESPN Los Angeles]

The Laker faced a deficit in the fourth quarter, but they never lost hope.  The team refocused and was determined not to relive 2008.  They understood that this was their best chance to beat Boston, and the Lakers rose to the occasion. [OC Register]

The game was not the greatest played Game 7, but the Lakers are not complaining about the result.  The franchise’s 16th title came last night after the Lakers beat the Celtics for the first time in a Game 7. []

Kobe Bryant won his 5th title, which beat Shaq, and he won his second consecutive Finals MVP.  With that fifth ring on his hand, many people consider him the greatest Laker of all time. []

The Lakers never lost faith when they were down 3-2 to the Celtics.  However, the team never lost hope and battled all the way to win the title.  The Staples Center crowd was a huge advantage in Game 6 and Game 7;  not only did the Lakers keep faith, so did their fans. [Silver Screen and Roll]

Some videos that will give you a  chance to relive Game 7 and the Lakers 2010 NBA Championship.

Game 7 Highlights

Here is a video remembering the sounds and sights of the Lakers’ celebration.

A very, very entertaining press conference from Ron Artest.

The final thoughts of the Finals MVP Kobe Bryant.

The presser after Game 7 of the Zen Master.

Hear what the Spaniard said about Game 7 and his second title.

The Lakers’ captain Derek Fisher reflects on his 5th ring.

The trophy ceremony of the 2010 NBA Champions, Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Finals Game 7 Video

A little champagne never hurt nobody

Locker room celebration

Get your Lakers NBA Championship gear, which all Laker fans should rep during the summer.

The parade will be held on Monday and who will have a chance to see all your Lakers.

Parade Info

Yes, we are the champs of basketball, but the fans went a little overboard after the win. Please fan be safe and don’t cause any havoc. [LA Times]

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