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Ryan studied sports broadcasting and advertising at Marquette University and currently works as a freelance copywriter in Orange County, CA. Follow him on Twitter: @ryreegs

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2012-2013 NBA Division Preview: Central Division

When the reigning MVP Derrick Rose tore his ACL against the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs last year, it drastically changed the landscape of the NBA. Really, the injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Bulls, a team tasked with fighting off the Indiana Pacers for division supremacy. The Pacers, who once held a 2-1 lead on the eventual champion Miami Heat, are loaded with talent and appear rea ...

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2012-2013 NBA Division Preview: Southeast Division

When you look at the Southeast Division, you see a lot of teams in rebuilding mode. With Joe Johnson’s departure to Brooklyn, our very own Dwight Howard finally saying goodbye to Orlando, and the punchline of the league, the Charlotte Bobcats, trying to get things on the right track, this is a division that is clearly the Miami Heat’s to lose. In fact, this might very well end up being the worst division in ...

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Comparing the 2012-13 Lakers to the 2010-2011 Miami Heat

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. Over the course of a single NBA off-season, a brilliant GM reloads his team’s roster with high profile free agent acquisitions that sends shockwaves throughout the league. Fans are up in arms complaining about the rich getting richer, the big markets attracting all the talent and players having too much power. It’s a plot the NBA community has gotten used to, like an ...

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2012 NBA Season Prep: Dealing with Lakers Haters 101

As in life, the sports world has its fair share of ‘haters’: People who, for whatever reason, have an extreme distaste for a team or player. And these reasons always vary. It could be the franchise’s reputation, the personality of the team’s owner or maybe you just met someone from that city eight years ago and couldn’t stand them. But there’s only one sure-fire way to build an army of haters, a method the ...

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