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Mark Heisler, 2006 winner of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame's Curt Gowdy Award, writes for Sheridanhoops.com, HoopsHype.com, TruthDig.com and Huffingtonpost.com, as well as Lakers Nation. | Follow @MarkHeisler

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Tips For Surviving The Season, If The Lakers Don’t Tank

Just what long-suffering... OK, it hasn’t really been that long... Laker fans were yearning for, an inspiring victory that starts a (brief) winning streak! Or not. Losing is hard, Lakerdom is discovering the hard way. Say, you end a seven-game losing streak in Cleveland despite running out of players and learning you have to keep five out there, even if they’re only Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly, Kendall Marshal ...

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Deja Vu All Over: Can A LeBron Who Can’t Go to Heat Go to Lakers?

Update from LAX: no Bron sightings, yet. If Laker fans aren't incredulous at the notion of LeBron James either leaving $110 million in Miami for $88 million with the Lakers to play with Kobe Bryant, who has to show he’s still Kobe, and would re-up cheap... you should be. Of course, who thought Bron would agree to take $27 million less to leave Cleveland in 2010? Who thought Bron and Dwyane Wade would ever c ...

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After Metta, Lakers Future Financial Situation Begins Taking Shape

Good news, bad news... and the worst news of all for Lakerdom. In the bad news, the Lakers went ahead and amnestied Metta World Peace, after all. In the worst news of all, you don’t get to bash Jim Buss, even if I did it in advance, noting there wasn’t one benefit other than lining their pockets with an additional $15-20 million, on top of their already projected $100 million profit. Unfortunately, I missed ...

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To Amnesty or Not to Amnesty: It’s Metta World Peace or Jim Buss

In which MWP becomes MVP. I know, he’s only Metta World Peace, which means anything can happen, including the Auburn Hills riot which started when he charged into the stands after a Piston yahoo who threw a drink at him... and cold-cocked the wrong one. We all make mistakes, don’t we? Some are just harder to live with, as the Lakers will learn if they go ahead with their plan to Amnesty him. What’s so bad a ...

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Life After Dwight: Sources Say Lakers Seek LeBron, Melo, Kyrie, Love

Life is earnest, life is real and Dwight Howard was not its goal. Yes, there’s life after Dwight, even with Jim Buss and Mike D’Antoni, with Phil Jackson limited to tweeting bemused comments from Playa del Rey. Cutting to the chase, here’s the Lakers’ target list: 2014 1. LeBron James 2. Carmelo Anthony 2015 1. Kyrie Irving 2. Kevin Love (That’s as far as I’ve gotten. Come back next week when I do 2016-2100 ...

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NBA Rumors: Houston Rockets Still Closing In on Dwight Howard

So, it’s Houston? Forget the Lakers. If Dwight was portrayed as clueless, goofy and a whirling top here—by no one more than me—deciding between the Lakers and Houston wasn’t a no-brainer. The Rockets have James Harden, a budding great, at 23. The Lakers have Kobe Bryant, an all-time great, at 35, coming off Achilles surgery, hoping to be back opening night. On the other hand, Houston vs. Golden State, which ...

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Golden State Warriors Emerging As Major Contender For Dwight Howard

The Golden State Warriors are closing in on that that max slot for Dwight Howard, a source told Lakers Nation. So, if that’s all Dwight needs, he’s theirs. After meeting with Howard Tuesday, the Warriors, who had started trying to unload the expiring contracts of Andrew Bogut, Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson, kicked the project into high gear. ----Want to show off your Kobe love? Check out this VINO t ...

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Quote the Mamba, Nevermore: Kobe Tells Dwight, Man Up or Ship Out

That’s the last time the Lakers tell Kobe Bryant, “Want to come with us to try to sign ____?” Bryant was part of the delegation that met with Dwight Howard in what may have been Dwight’s Laker farewell. If Howard expected a continutation of the three-day prostrate-a-thon by officials from the other four teams on his list, he was now sitting across from the wrong Mamba. “You need to learn how it’s done first ...

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Lakers Not About to Start Tanking If Dwight Howard Leaves Town

With Dwight Howard’s Laker career teetering between “over” and “no, really, I’m coming back!” it’s not too soon to discuss going into the tank, for a splash heard ‘round the world. Tanking for newbies... like the Lakers? As if. Oh, we've already agreed that the Lakers should lose as many as they can, and intend to? Unfortunately for those who think that—that’s like 90% of you, right?--the Lakers have no int ...

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Sources: Rockets Think They’re ‘Clear Leader’ for Dwight Howard

He’s Dwight, so you never know but confirming previous reports, the Rockets think they’re the “clear leader” for Dwight Howard—and have already started working on a list of things to do to reconfigure the team around him. Before getting into the Rockets’ plans, insiders who think Houston is the leader in the clubhouse still think the Lakers could turn Howard around. One source projects the Rockets with a 60 ...

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