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PHOTOS: Nike Kobe X ‘Easter’

Introducing the new Nike Kobe X 'Easter,' part of the 2015 Nike Basketball Easter Collection. The new Kobe X 'Easter' features key Kobe X elements, dynamic traction, hybrid cushioning system and a modern aesthetic with its seamless textile upper. -- Think You Know Everything About Kobe Bryant? Take The Ultimate Kobe Quiz! -- Launching in a Hot Lava/Black-Sunset Glow colorway, the Kobe X 'Easter' gets its in ...

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PHOTOS: Nike Kobe X ‘Silk’

The new Nike Kobe X 'Silk,' inspired by Kobe Bryant's personal connections to both Asia and Europe, and the transcontinental Silk Road. Born in Italy, adored by China, known worldwide, Kobe Bryant is a cultural icon and a global ambassador. His connections to Europe and Asia led the Nike team to the idea of the Silk Road, and the Kobe X 'Silk.' -- Think You Know Everything About Kobe Bryant? Take The Ultima ...

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PHOTOS: Nike Basketball Elite Series, Nike Kobe X Elite

Nike unveils the Nike Basketball Elite Series, featuring the Nike Kobe X Elite. Three colorways are unveiled including the Kobe X Team, Kobe X Elevate, and Kobe X Rose Gold. The Kobe X Elite features a return to Nike Flyknit upper construction with dynamic Flywire technology which allows for superior strength, breathability and support. The X version of the Flyknit Elite is the first Flyknit basketball shoe ...

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PHOTOS: Nike Kobe X ‘Vino’

The Nike Kobe X 'Vino' has arrived. Inspired from Kobe Bryant's love for fine wine, and one fond memory with teammates from years back. During the early days of Kobe Bryant's career, Kobe met with then teammates Derek Fisher and Rick Fox over dinner and wine. Kobe learned the importance of communication, a skilled used to elevate his leadership on the court, allowing his game to improve and like wine, get b ...

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PHOTOS: Nike Kobe X ‘Blackout’

Photos of the Kobe X 'Blackout' were recently released and inspired by Kobe Bryant’s fearless workout routine. Kobe Bryant's famous 'blackout' workouts are embodied in the newest Kobe X. Known to work himself to exhaustion, Kobe has coined the term 'blackout' to describe how far he pushes himself in training. The term is used to describe training sessions as Kobe has previously described these in his annual ...

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PHOTOS: Nike Kobe X ‘All-Star’

Nike Basketball unveils the 2015 Nike Basketball All-Star Collection, paying tribute to NYC's iconic cityscape and future-forward energy. Drawing inspiration from NYC's historic landmarks, the KOBE X is inspired by the 1964 New York World's Fair Unisphere. The KOBE X mirrors that innovation, bringing along Nike’s best inventions together in a futuristic themed shoe. Black mesh upper, metallic silver on the ...

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PHOTOS: Nike Kobe X

Nike unveils Kobe Bryant's latest signature shoe, the Nike Kobe X -- featuring hybrid cushioning, advanced traction system, seamless textile upper. The left heel features four red lines, symbolizing four feet of thread used to repair the Achilles injury, similar to the Kobe 9 line. It represents Kobe Bryant’s determination and resilience. The right heel features Kobe Bryant's signature Sheath logo. -- Have ...

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PHOTO: Nike Kobe X Official Release Date Unveiled

The Nike Kobe X will be officially unveiled by Nike Basketball on January 31st, just days from now and a couple of weeks before the 2015 NBA All-Star game. The Nike Kobe X is set to be 'decoded' in ten days, leading up to its official unveil at month's end via Nike Basketball: 10 days. 10 symbols. 10 ways Kobe always strikes with precision. The sum of the Mamba's parts revealed 1.31. #KOBEX pic.twitter. ...

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PHOTOS: Nike Kobe 9 Elite ‘BHM’

Nike unveils the Nike Kobe 9 Elite 'BHM,' part of the Nike 2015 Black History Month Collection. The Kobe 9 Elite BHM was officially unveiled as a part of a collection of products across sports in order to honor athletes and six coaches who have made a difference in the world of sports, including: Theotis Beasley, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Jerry Rice, Brianna Rollins, C. Vivian Stringer and John Thompson. -- Hav ...

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PHOTOS: Nike Kobe 9 EM ‘Silk’

Nike Kobe 9 EM 'Silk': Uniting East and Western cultures. Kobe Bryant's excellence on the court has attracted fans worldwide for years. Kobe has in turn, throughout the years visited different cities around the world to promote the development of basketball. The Kobe 9 EM 'Silk' has linked inspiration to the Silk Road in Asia, connecting the West and East, and represents a mix of different cultures to show ...

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