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Lee joined Lakers Nation in 2011 as a staff writer and attended Ryerson University in Toronto for journalism. To read more of Gabe's work for Lakers Nation click here. Follow Gabe on Twitter @therealgaber.

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Supporting Steve Nash In His Limp To The Finish Line

I still support Steve Nash. There, I said it. In most circles, advocacy towards the oldest player on the Lakers (and the league) is met with more backlash than there was when the Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak was broken last night. The front office should just use the stretch provision on him, some say. He should just retire, even more will say. But look at how hard he has worked just to have ...

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The Uncertainty Surrounding Kobe Bryant’s Return

Before beginning the journey toward overcoming any goal, the biggest question facing one is if the reward at the end of it all is worth the time and effort in order to get there-- I believe the fancy term for it is quantitative risk assessment. For Kobe Bryant, he has given himself seven months after announcing he will officially sit out the rest of the 2013-14 season (18 games), yesterday. Seven months for ...

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Growing Up With Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher: A Fan’s Reflective Essay Part II

Part I: http://www.lakersnation.com/growing-up-with-kobe-bryant-and-derek-fisher-a-fans-reflective-essay/2012/05/16/ “The central reason most smart people (and certainly most critics) tend to disparage nostalgia is obvious: It's an uncritical form of artistic appreciation. If you unconditionally love something from your own past, it might just mean you love that period of your own life. In other words, you' ...

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Kobe Is Wrong In Declining All-Star Game Invite

We didn’t need Nostradamus to predict that Kobe would be voted into the All-Star game this year. As long as the NBA elects to stay with the current system of fans deciding the starting five for both conferences, the sun will rise and Kobe will be a starter; simple as that. When Kobe was announced as a starting guard and he declined, my head agreed. But my heart disagreed, vehemently. Now, I’m not going to s ...

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The Trepidation Of Flying: Bracing For Kobe Bryant’s Return

If you've ever met someone who has trepidation of flying, they’ll tell you the takeoff, the landing and the various levels of turbulence in between are the scariest parts. Those three parts of the flight no one has any control over besides the pilot. The uncertainly that clouds Kobe Bryant’s return sends similar shock waves through every fan’s nervous system. While we all can’t wait for Kobe to come back, w ...

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The Sobering Side Effects of Steve Nash’s Latest Setback

At some point in every conflict, there comes a point when the desire to continue is outweighed by the practicality of simply removing yourself from the situation.  When your palms are burning so intensely in a game of tug of war, you’d rather just let go of the darn rope and accept the punishment of 50 pushups. When you’re in a heated senseless argument with your significant other, you’d rather just admit t ...

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The Most Overlooked Storylines Heading Into the New Season

By this point, the major topics of discussion revolving around the Lakers have been exhausted: when will Kobe return from his Achilles injury? When he does return, what type of player will Bryant be? After an injury ridden season last year, will the team be getting the old Steve Nash back or just an old Nash? Can Gasol thrive without Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum taking up his preferred position? We, the f ...

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A Fan’s Reflective Essay: Why I’ll Be Rooting For Jordan Farmar

The grass is always greener on the other side, as they say. The biblical tale of the Prodigal Son exemplifies that euphemism. For those unfamiliar with the parable, here’s a quick synopsis: a young man asks his wealthy father for his share of the inheritance. He goes out to a distant country and exhausts whatever money he was given. With no money and remaining, he decides to return home to beg for his fathe ...

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Count On Kobe Bryant Return For The Lakers Season Opener?

Like every other Lakers fan, I miss Kobe Bryant. A lot. With media day now over and done with, and the regular season set to tip-off in exactly a month, the yearning for Kobe Bryant’s return grows stronger. Kobe is a global icon. And if you take any merit in correlation of one’s sphere of influence through their Twitter followers, then Kobe, with 3.5 million followers, is more popular than the Los Angeles L ...

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Being More Receptive To Change And Giving Short Sleeves A Shot

On Christmas Day of 2002 versus the Sacramento Kings, the Los Angeles Lakers debuted a home white jersey, much to the scorn of long time fans who felt that the team should maintain the tradition of being the only team in the NBA to rock a color other than white at home (the gold shirt). This upcoming Christmas, the Lakers are due to make another slight tweak to the jersey. It was announced earlier this week ...

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