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Daniel is a staff writer for Lakers Nation that loves studying and analyzing the NBA. To read more of Daniel's hardwood analysis click here. Follow Daniel on Twitter @DanielMuli08.

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Kobe’s Adjusted Game From Mid-Range Helping Lakers Find Success

When it comes to studying basketball, knowing a player's shooting spots (where he feels comfortable, as is exhibited by his shot attempt totals in that area) on the court is incredibly helpful in breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of said player's game. For years pundits and professionals lamented LeBron's inability to utilize his superior strength in the post, let alone be effective there. It's not ...

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System Failure: Pau Gasol Must Come Off the Bench

Okay. So this topic has been beaten to death already, but Pau needs, for his sake, to come off the bench. There's no need to get wordy about this. The harsh reality is that Mike D'Antoni has been unable to evenly facilitate both Howard and Gasol's superior talents, and unfortunately, their time on the court together has yielded less than desirable results. In a system that is predicated on speedy wings rath ...

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Lakers’ Social Capital All Spent; Intimidation Aura Nonexistent

It's not enough. In the sociology world (yes, it's awesome), there is a term called social capital: the idea that increased human networks allow for greater productivity among people groups. Alex de Tocqueville noted in the 19th century that Americans often meet in groups to discuss all realms of the public sphere, and that openness allowed for increased efficiency when dealing with social problems. Social ...

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A Regression to the Mean: Kobe Bryant Steps Up the Efficiency

Kobe's start to this season has been, by all accounts, his most efficient game yet. As of this writing, Kobe has hit 55 percent of his shots, and 44 percent of his 3-point attempts, averaging 26.4 points a game. Kobe is averaging nearly five assists a game, and 5.5 rebounds in every contest. LeBron weenies would love to point out that LeBron has averaged these stats or better his entire career, but Kobe is ...

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The Not So Fantastic Four: Free Throws, Rebounds, Defense, Turnovers

One of the most common sports jeers, and perhaps one of the most effective, is a mere syllabic enunciation of a seemingly harmless word: Fun-da-men-tals. Had the Lakers played their season opener in that God-forsaken little town of Dallas, that annoying rant would have permeated the Mavericks home atmosphere. I doubt the Lakers players would have been able to purge the mantra ringing in their ears. Fundamen ...

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Making the Right Choices: Do Top NBA Teams Spend Wisely?

This past week, I watched Moneyball for the first time. Impressive, to say the least. I get it, I'm obviously late on my movies: I don't live in L.A. anymore. But wow! I absolutely loved it. If you haven't seen it, you won't get a detailed synopsis here, but I suggest you watch it. Now, I'm not a baseball fan in the slightest, but the depiction of the culture shift in the management of Major League Baseball ...

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Princeton Offense Bringing Offensive Excitement Back to Lakers

Ender's Game. Heard of it? If not, read it. For many, the tome lies in the obscurity of their middle school classrooms. For others, the title marks one of the greatest science fiction books of all time; a brilliant jewel that shines in the muck that characterizes much of science fiction. The plot itself does not deviate much from the general extra-terrestrial thriller: Aliens invade Earth, the technology of ...

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Dwight Howard: From a Change of Mind to a Change of Heart

If you haven't heard of them, I'd suggest checking out The Head and The Heart. They are one of my favorite bands of all time; a highly talented group of folksy looking individuals who've come to together to produce beautiful, beautiful music. Maybe it's not your cup o' tea, as they say, but any normal human being can appreciate talented people using their God-given gifts toward a common goal. But aside from ...

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Steve Nash Addition Opens up Lakers Shooting Options

Basketball is a spatial game. Unlike the increasingly realistic images that NBA 2K12 provides us, basketball is a game that is played in three dimensions: rough, physical, harmonious, balanced, and chaotic. Sometimes we, as fans, get too accustomed to the manufactured chemistry that video games synthesize for us. If we want to put five LeBron James' on the same team, in a virtual reality, it could be transl ...

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Rebounding is Our Business, and Business is Good

Rebounding, for most NBA players, can be a thankless job. It's not always flashy, it's not always graceful, and more often than not, great rebounders don't receive the respect deserved for such an important facet of the game. Magic made passing fun, and Jordan made scoring sexy. But rebounding has never made it to the highlight reel, and most fans as a result under appreciate its value. But most fans do app ...

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