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Carmen is an Editorial Columnist for Lakers Nation. She may be a Chicago transplant but you'll find her yelling at the TV during Lakers games with the best (or worst) of 'em. Follow her on Twitter @CarmieV.

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With Kobe Leading, Lakers Look Like They’ll Be Okay Down the Stretch

The Lakers still haven’t ‘got it’ yet. But with Kobe’s promise of making the playoffs and the team winning four of their last five, falling only to the powerful Oklahoma City Thunder on the road, that promise doesn’t seem completely crazy. I have to wonder if this is a temporary spurt though. The Lakers are probably the most talked about team in the NBA, with as many off-the-court stories circling the inter ...

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Lakers’ Competition for the Elusive Western Conference Eighth Seed

I will admit I wrote most of this article prior to the Lakers’ wins over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday and the Hornets on Tuesday. I thought I had the tone and feel of the article all set up. I thought I was going to have to write about the Lakers’ abysmal chances of actually reaching the playoffs. I thought I was going to have to endure countless comments about how I must be either dumb or living in ...

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Earl Clark: The Lakers’ Diamond in the Rough

“Some days it’s like man, am I ever going to get a shot?” Earl Clark is always thinking about the next step. That shot came on January 6th against the Denver Nuggets. Lakers forward Pau Gasol went down with what later turned out to be a concussion and Nuggets’ head coach George Karl picked none other than Earl Clark off the bench to shoot Gasol’s free throws. Much to Karl’s chagrin, Clark drained both. The ...

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Lakers Chemistry Suggestions To Help Promote Team Unity

Let’s start with a couple of major records broken this season. Kobe Bryant eclipsed 30,000 points. Steve Nash joined the 10,000-assist club. Dwight Howard tied his career-best 26 rebounds against the Denver Nuggets. All of these are individual accolades. On a team of individuals. The game against the little brother Clippers last week brought into sharp realization that off-court chemistry goes a long way. I ...

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Sibling Rivalry: What the Clippers’ Success Means for the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers share a city, share a population and share a building. They aren’t cross-town rivals: they’re brothers. The Lakers are the older, more established big brother to the up and coming Clippers. They hold the records, they hold the championships, and they hold the majority fan base. But what happens when little brother grows up? Since the team’s move to LA in 1 ...

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Lakers’ Season Not Doomed; Patience Crucial For Team, Fans

We thought yesterday was the end of the world, but it was still far from the end for the Lakers. Despite a sub-par start to the season given the star power this team has, all is not lost. Yes, it’s nearly Christmas and the time when games don’t matter is behind us, but so is the Lakers’ rock bottom performance. It’s hard to say whether said rock bottom performance came against the Orlando Magic or the Cleve ...

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Despite Fan Demands, Phil Jackson Still Not The Answer For Lakers

Well hindsight is 20/20. Foresight is non-existent. And when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers, current sight is blurry. Slumping at 10-14 on the season and having gone through three head coaches, it doesn’t seem that the Lakers know which way is up. The only constant so far has been Kobe Bryant yelling at his team to get off their backsides and work harder. What’s more is that I am hearing fans calling fo ...

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Injuries to Steve Nash, Blake No Excuse for the Lakers

The only thing in LA that shines brighter than the sun are the stars, especially on the Los Angeles Lakers. But with all this star power is it possible that the Lakers players and coaches have been blinded by their own light? Don’t get me wrong; the Lakers have a right to be confident. They have arguably the most talent of any team in the NBA. This is a team of veteran and well-established athletes. Individ ...

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Andrew Bynum Not Handling Lakers Divorce With Much Dignity

Between his latest off-court shenanigans and injuries, am I the only one who sees what this break-up with the Los Angeles Lakers is doing to Andrew Bynum? How quick we were as Laker fans to forget about the legitimate 7-footer who provided the salt to fellow big man Pau Gasol’s pepper. We’ve moved on. After all, there's Dwight Howard now. Oh look! Something shiny. Something new. Look at Bynum now. You have ...

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