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Brian Champlin

Brian is Director of Business Development for LakersNation.com and the creator of TouchdownLA. You can follow Brian on Twitter @bchampla.

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The NBA Reset – 4/11/2011

Oh how the tables do turn so quickly. I feel like I could just take last week's Reset, hit Ctrl - F to find and replace "San Antonio Spurs" with "Los Angeles Lakers" and I'd be done. Watching Los Angeles have a semi implosion was a kick to the groin for the Lakers faithful, but fear not purple and gold nation. If this season has told us anything it's that there is no dominant force in the NBA at the moment. ...

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The NBA Reset: 4/04/2011

It's Monday so it must be time for another edition of the Reset. The Starting Five: 1. How the west was won. All week, as the losses mounted for San Antonio, the vogue story became the Lakers incredible rundown of what was once seemed an insurmountable lead. But here's the reality. With the Spurs pounding the hapless Suns yesterday coupled with a Lakers loss to Denver, the difference between the two teams s ...

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The NBA Reset: 3/30/2011

New York, New York Okay, so New York managed to fend off Orlando in OT to pick up what Carmelo Anthony had termed an “almost must win” game. As if that placing a label on a game then following through achieves anything. The bottom line is that they’re still 2 - 8 over their last ten and things aren’t exactly looking up. During last week’s fourth quarter meltdown against Boston the Knicks allowed the Celtics ...

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What Andrew Bynum Could Learn From Grant Hill

Character, some say, is what you do when no one is watching. But in the NBA that isn't quite right, is it? We put the athletes on our favorite teams on pedestals and expect them to be perfect, both on the court and off.  Perhaps more egregiously, we sometimes condone the sins of our "role models" because of their performance on the field of play. We stretch the bounds of what character means because we don' ...

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Bynum Suspension the Right Call

Lakers fans may not want to hear it. They may see it as an excessive penalty, an irrational reaction or just another draconian decision coming down from the NBA league office. But let's be clear. Suspending Andrew Bynum following his flagrant foul of Michael Beasley was the right decision. And it's not even close. When considering whether to suspend a player based on a flagrant foul the league office states ...

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Lakers and Bulls on Collision Course

It’s late. Very late. I should be fired up. Instead I’m pensive... forward thinking. About three months forward to be exact. But more on that in a moment. Monday evening I watched as the Lakers have just put on a dominating second half performance against the Orlando Magic, spanking them like they were one of the eighth graders from Dazed and Confused. With their recent surge the Lakers are suddenly back in ...

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The Secret To Drew’s Success

So much for Carmelo, eh? Something tells me that any Lakers fans who were pining for the ‘Melo express are now officially back on the Bynum bandwagon. And why not? Bynum may not be scoring points in bunches but he certainly deserves headlines. The Lakers young center is averaging 11.5 boards and 3 blocks per game since the All-Star break but those numbers hardly begin to state the effect he’s having on the ...

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Are The Lakers Flipping The Switch?

With the Lakers jumping out to a five game winning streak after the All-Star break many pundits have been quick to attribute this recent mini surge as a sign that the team has finally started to arrive. They have, for lack of a more elegant term, flipped the switch. As if some magic light bulb went off in the players heads to decide that these are the games that really matter now. As if winning before was n ...

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For Lakers Ides of March Will Tell Story

The NBA schedule is not a sprint. It’s a marathon divided into segments like the acts in a movie. You know, like that new Black Mamba flick. As in any film first comes the opening act, the introductory phase that takes place before the All-Star break. At this point some teams are still searching for an identity. Slowly but surely a hierarchy is hashed out, the pretenders sorted from the contenders game by g ...

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In Game of Stars Expect Kobe to Shine Brightest

Kobe Bryant certainly likes his All-Star games. He likes going there (13 straight appearances) and he likes bringing home the hardware (Three MVP trophies). With Sunday’s East vs. West confrontation taking place at Staples Center, there’s some added incentive for a vintage Kobe performance, and perhaps a little something special for the hometown fans. It’s been an uneven season for the Lakers team as a whol ...

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