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Andrew Ungvari is a Los Angeles native and a Lakers season ticket holder since 1989. Follow him on twitter @DrewUnga.

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How The James Harden Trade Affects The Lakers Future

When James Harden was traded to the Houston Rockets on Saturday, a small ripple from the trade made it's way out to Los Angeles. That's because the Lakers present, as well as their future, were affected by the trade. For starters, the Thunder were considered the favorites by most to repeat as Western Conference champions. How many of those pundits now consider the Lakers to be the favorites is yet to be see ...

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The Theme For The 2012-13 Lakers: Cautious Optimism

I remember October 28, 2003 like it was a yesterday. In fact, I still have the "Lakers Reloaded" poster that was handed out at Staples Center to those of us who were lucky enough to attend the first meaningful game featuring four future Hall of Famers: Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton. I remember how that season began, how it ended, and everything that happened after it. So when I ...

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The Truth About Steve Blake, Chris Duhon, and Derek Fisher

I didn't really need ESPN's Marc Stein to tell me the Lakers had made Steve Blake and Chris Duhon available to any team interested in a trade. For starters, every player outside of the top-6 on this season's Lakers team is essentially costing them double when you factor in the luxury tax. So if the Lakers could find a taker for the final two years and $8 million left on Blake's deal, they would jump at the ...

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To Avoid Embarrassment Time For Shaq To Shut His Mouth

It's impossible to ignore the dozens of things that Shaquille O'Neal accomplished in his 19 years as a professional basketball player. But it seems as if Big Shaq waited until after his playing days were over before setting out to accomplish something that's never been done before. By the looks of things, Shaq is trying to become the first athlete in the history of professional sports to get booed during hi ...

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Lakers Fans, Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I did something over the weekend that I'm not proud of. I allowed a few idiots to get under my skin on Twitter. They decided to take our conversation to the gutter and instead of either ignoring them or trying to keep things civil, I allowed myself to stoop to their level. It all started when I wrote my open letter to Kobe Bryant last week. The premise of the letter was that I don't feel there's anyone left ...

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On The Eve Of Training Camp, An Open Letter To Kobe Bryant

With training camp still a few days away, we can finally allow ourselves to get excited about this upcoming Lakers season. This was one of the more strange off-seasons I can remember. For starters, it still feels like summer outside my window. Since we're not really allowed to complain about the weather in L.A., most people still have no idea that this past month's heat has been brutal. But it isn't just th ...

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If Mike Brown Can’t Handle the Load, Who’s Next in Los Angeles?

There isn't anyone in the Lakers organization who will be under more pressure this upcoming season than head coach Mike Brown. While last year's team thrived defensively, at least early in the season, it was Brown's inconsistent rotations and predictability on the offensive end that had fans throwing up their hands and cursing at their televisions in disgust. Nobody should be surprised that Brown will be ba ...

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Matt Barnes Might Be Gone But The Lakers/UCLA Connection Continues

It was a bit of a surprise when the Lakers signed Reeves Nelson to a non-guaranteed contract and gave him a training camp invite last week. Even though it's still a long shot for Nelson to make the Lakers opening day roster, the signing isn't as surprising with Thursday's news of Matt Barnes leaving the Lakers to play for the Clippers next season. That's because ever since they moved to Los Angeles the Lake ...

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Mark Cuban’s Constant Complaining Provides Off-Season Entertainment

This is probably the toughest time of the year for NBA bloggers. With free agency now far behind us and training camps still a few weeks away, it's tough to come up with stuff to write about. There are only so many top-10 lists one can come up with that readers have any interest in. If it weren't for guys like Shaq and Mark Cuban being unable to keep their mouths shut with a microphone in front of them, I c ...

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Would Kobe Be Justified If He Skipped Out On Shaq’s Retirement Ceremony?

Last month the Lakers announced the dates they plan to retire the jerseys of Jammal Wilkes and Shaquille O'Neal and when they will dedicate a statue outside of Staples Center to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I started thinking about the Shaq ceremony and what it's going to be like. For starters, Shaq and the Lakers didn't really part on the friendliest of terms. The jersey retirement ceremony will serve as an opport ...

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