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Andrew Ungvari is a Los Angeles native and a Lakers season ticket holder since 1989. Follow him on twitter @DrewUnga.

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Lakers Make The Right Move With The Mitch Kupchak Extension

There are two kinds of Lakers fans out there: those who think that it was a good idea to extend the contract of general manager Mitch Kupchak and those who we should be embarrassed of. The fact that there is anyone out there even the least bit critical or angry with the decision is hilarious. In simplest terms, Kupchak is the last remaining link (not named Buss) to the franchise's glory days. Jerry Buss and ...

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Lakers Showed Their Faith In Kobe, Now He Must Return The Favor

Oh yeah, let's just play next year and let's just suck again. No. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. It's my job to go out there on the court and perform. No excuses for it. Right? You got to get things done. It's the same thing with the front office. The same expectations they have of me when I perform on the court is the same expectations I have for them up there. You got to be able to figure out a way to do ...

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Fact vs. Fiction Vol. I: The True Story of How Kobe Became A Laker

This is the first installment in an ongoing series of stories that will attempt to separate the truth from fiction. When a franchise achieves as much success as the Lakers have over the past 40 years, it's almost assumed that critics and envious fan bases will try to tear them down. Since they don't have the ability to erase those accomplishments from the history books, they instead try to either distort or ...

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Magic Johnson’s Criticism of the Lakers Has Gone From Constructive to Destructive

Earvin "Magic" Johnson 9100 Wilshire Blvd.#1000W Beverly Hills, CA 90212 January 29, 2014 Dear Magic: As a lifelong Lakers fan, I would be remiss if I didn't make it clear upfront that you were my childhood hero and had more of an influence on me than any non-relative. It is your signed jersey that hangs on my office wall. Much of my life philosophy is built upon what you taught me. That it is better to mak ...

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Kobe Bryant: Adopted Son of The City of Angels

The following is an excerpt written by Lakers Nation writer Andrew Ungvari. It appears in a new book by Alex Wong (contributor to The Classical, Hardwood Paroxysm, Yahoo!'s "Ball Don't Lie" and ESPN's True Hoop) entitled, steven lebron volume 1, a collection of sports writing and original art illustrations from a long list of talented artists. The book is available for purchase for a limited time at the onl ...

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Lakers Recent Slide Sheds Light On The Timing of Kobe’s Extension

At 14-25, the Lakers are in the midst of one of their worst stretches of games since 2005. Even at their lowest point during last year's "Season of Hell" they were never more than eight games under .500. While injuries to key players can be pointed to as the most glaring explanation for them having lost 12 of their last 13, the unlikelihood of them making this year's playoffs shouldn't come as a surprise to ...

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The Lakers Main Goal For This Season Should Be Avoiding ‘The Stink’

Basketball fans are a funny bunch, myself included. We make fun of guys when they don't win by calling them losers and chokers and then we act surprised when they put themselves in better position to shed those labels and put an end to the name-calling. If you're a Lakers fan who still harbors venomous ill-will towards Dwight Howard, then I ask you to forget for a moment that it was the Lakers who Dwight tu ...

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Timing, Not Personnel or Agendas, To Blame For Dwight’s Departure

Regardless of how you feel in the aftermath of Dwight Howard deciding to leave the Lakers and sign with the Houston Rockets, it's important to note that there isn't a single individual to blame for the position the Lakers find themselves in today. This isn't David Stern's fault because he did the job he was supposed to do as "owner" of the New Orleans franchise and took the trade that would best increase th ...

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Duncan, Spurs Title Won’t Pass Kobe, Lakers In Battle For This Era

There's been a lot of talk lately about who the best player of this current era was and much of that has to do with Tim Duncan and the Spurs being back in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2007. Some were genuine in their support for Duncan and others just seemed to be inflating his accomplishments and downplaying his shortcomings in what seemed like a blatant attempt to diminish Kobe Bryant's legacy ...

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Dwight Howard, Golden State Rumors Shouldn’t Be Worried About

Another day, another team. Dwight Howard's list of possible destinations has reportedly expanded to include the Golden St. Warriors. While nothing in the NBA is impossible, the English language doesn't have a word for the closest something can be to being impossible without actually calling it impossible. Here are three big reasons why Dwight Howard won't be a member of the Golden State Warriors next season ...

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