As TMZ Follows, Phil Jackson Can Sympathize with Kobe

As TMZ Follows, Phil Jackson Can Sympathize with Kobe


As former Lakers Coach, Phil Jackson and girlfriend, Jeannie Buss peruse around Beverly Hills, shopping for some clothes that fit Phil, the crew at TMZ caught up with him and asked some simple questions.

TMZ – Where is your favorite place to go?

Phil: “to eat”

TMZ – What do you think of the current lockout?

Phil: “I did this the last time.”

TMZ – What’s Next?

Jeannie: “He just filmed a national commercial 2 days ago . . he’s as busy as he’s ever been”

Phil: “She’s my PR agent.”

TMZ – What’s the gift you get for them man that has everything?

Phil: “An Airplane”

TMZ – How’s the Leg?

Phil: “Gotta get worked on . . . swimming is it”

TMZ – What do you think about Kobe’s Church incident?

Phil: “you don’t know what happened . .

TMZ – Has it happened to you?

Phil: “oh ya!”

TMZ – everywhere you go?

Door Shuts.

Part of me thinks that Phil misses these interactions with reporters, as you can see how much fun he’s having coming up with smart remarks for them to keep on asking making them work to think of the next generic question.