Around the NBA – March 25, 2010

Around the NBA – March 25, 2010


The Lakers went into San Antonio last night and manhandled the Spurs.  The Lakers looked spry, having only played two games in seven days. The Spurs, looked… what’s the opposite of spry? Decrepit? Decaying? Archaic? The Spurs looked like all three of those words rolled into one. Tim Duncan had six points on 2-11 shooting. The crazy thing was, Tim Duncan was his typical stoic self. This guy’s family could be butchered by a group of machete-wielding Armenians, and I’m not sure he would blink or show emotion. It’s just uncanny.

In other news, is this not the worst part of the season, or is it just me? Hardly any news, playoff spots pretty much secured (save for the 6-7-8 seeds scrambling to not be the annual 8th seeded sacrificial lamb offered to the 1 seed). Nothing good for the Lakers can happen until the playoffs. Nothing. Only injuries and losses that will be spun as “bad ones” by the media. I hate it. It could also be that I’ve nearly died in anticipation for the playoffs. I love March Madness, but the level of basketball played during the NBA playoffs simply can’t be touched. Consider me stoked.

Links forthcoming after the statistical jump-off.


Record: The Lakers are 53-18. They picked up their 21st road win of the season after the downing of the Spurs last night.

Seeding: The Lakers are currently first in the Western Conference. They’re 6 games up on the Denver Nuggets and Dallas Mavericks. They currently trail the Cleveland Cavaliers by 3.5 games for the overall best record in the league.

If the playoffs started today: The Lakers would play the Portland Trailblazers. However, only four games separate the 5th place Suns from the 8th placed Trailblazers. The Spurs, after losing last night, are only .5 games ahead of the Blazers right now. A lot could change.


– Andrew Bynum is expected to return after the road-trip. Lakers Nation sighs in relief. [The LA Examiner]

– Derek Fisher and other Lakers have struggled from the 3-point line this season. Phil Jackson isn’t concerned because the team only focuses on that during the “latter part of the season. [OC Register]

– From the “Ron Artest is a Boss” file: Artest has quietly become one of the best thieves in the NBA. Apparently, it runs in his blood. He used to steal Little Debbies from corner stores as a youth in Queen’s Bridge, NY. In typical Artest boss-hoggery, he says that it helped prepare him for the league. [OC Register]

– With Lamar Odom inserted to the starting lineup, the Lakers need bench production. Last night, Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown answered the call. [LA Times]

– Pau Gasol, once again last night, quietly owned Tim Duncan. He has been a thorn in Duncan’s side for years. [LA Times]

– Did you know Pau Gasol once attended Medical School? And that he enjoys opera and classical music? Sports Illustrated had a fascinating article about Gasol in its current issue. Highly recommended to anyone who is a fan of his game. [SI]

– Jerry Buss emerges from his cave of women, poker, and stacks of money to quell the rumors of tensions within the Buss family and the upper echelons of Lakers management. [Land o’ Lakers]


Meanwhile, in Mordor…

– Atlanta’s Josh Smith had a pretty sick put-back slam to cap steal a win from the Orlando Magic last night. [Youtube]

– I’ve heard Tony Allen called a lot of things in my life. Never in my years have I heard him referred to as  a “winning spark”. Apparently he was last night in the Celtic’s drubbing of the Denver Nuggets. Their “resurrection” appears to be ongoing. [Boston Herald]

– It is time for the Celtics to take a stand. How Kevin Garnett will stand on one leg has yet to be seen. [Boston Herald]

– Boston fans are questioning Doc Rivers’ rotations. I simply question Doc Rivers. [Celtics’ Life]

– With Danny Ferry soon to be promoted to President of Basketball Operations in the Cavs organization, the Cavaliers would be wise to look at Kevin Pritchard for their GM slot, should he come available. Pritchard is deft at building a team through the draft… which is what the Cavs should have been doing from the beginning with LeBron. [Bleacher Report]

– Zydrunas Ilgauskus returned to the Cavaliers last night. LeBron James was also spectacular, and the Cavs swatted the Hornets in New Orleans. [Cav Men]

– Carmelo Anthony says his team was “soft” in last night’s loss to the Celtics. [Denver Post]

– The Denver Conundrum: Who will backup Chauncey Billups? Ty Lawson or Anthony Carter? [Denver Post]
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