Antawn Jamison Reacts to Mike D’Antoni Hiring

Antawn Jamison Reacts to Mike D’Antoni Hiring


The Los Angeles Lakers have named Mike D’Antoni their new head coach, someone who is known for his amazing offensive plays and schemes. Players have enjoyed playing for D’Antoni and he allows freedom on the offensive end of the court. With Steve Nash running the point, the Lakers will have one of the best pick-and-roll players in the league and someone who has shined under D’Antoni before.

The former Suns and Knicks head coach will adopt a very talented team in the Lakers and on his bench he will have long-time NBA veteran Antawn Jamison. Jamison has struggled so far in his Lakers career, but everyone is hoping D’Antoni and Nash can make things easier for him.

Jamison spoke to Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports and and talked about what he is looking forward to with the new coaching staff.


There has been a lot of criticism directed toward D’Antoni’s defensive prowess and a lot of people are wondering if the Lakers can win a championship under D’Antoni. There is no question the Lakers will improve on the offensive end with D’Antoni, but at this point no one knows how dangerous the Lakers will be on defense.

D’Antoni is reportedly going after Nate McMillan and is hoping he can make McMillan an assistant coach to help on the defensive end.

  • Rasheed

    Antawn Jamison: biggest disappointment for Lakers fan and for Lakers organization.
    He is so far all talk and no action…
    This guy has so much talent and potential, he is not serious. His heart is not in the game.

    Only comment which he made in this article is “defense”, to which I agree.

    • Voltumus

      “This guy has so much talent and potential”..the man is 36 years old. What in the world were you expecting?? Just because he his old and his hops are gone doesn’t mean his heart is not in the game.

      • Rasheed

        I agree with you partly but he still is not playing the way Lakers Organization had expected him to play and he knows it. Media is all over it too. All I am saying is AJ needs to do what he was hired to do otherwise go play for other team or retire.

    • john doe

      maybe his heart is into dressmaking and tree planting…

  • Joseph Apohen

    The Lakers don’t have the run and gun type of players D’Antoni had in Phoenix, but then he did not have in Phoenix the defensive caliber type of players as Kobe, Howard, and Meta. Nash is now 5 (?) years older than when he was in Pheonix? Players like Meeks and Morris will flourish under D’Antoni as they are fast and quick. My only regret still is we don’t have Barnes who runs the floor and Barbosa. I think with his spread offense, Gasol willl benefit with his medium range jumpers. It will be an exciting team. We may not win the championship, magic words are “may not”, but we’ll have fun. It’s an offense that will be difficult to go to sleep on.

    • Rasheed

      majority of the people are saying we will not win Championship, in your case may not, win. All will change with defensive coach addition and possibly addition of another player for the bench. I CAN’T tell what is going to happen before it happens but I am optimistic as a fan.

  • LakErz

    Showtime is not only about speed and young players it’s about how to handle the ball and position of the players at the time of the final execution.

    • Rasheed

      well said

  • pat

    If we get Nate McMillan the defense will be fine.

    • Rasheed

      Hope he comes to Lakers…