Andrew Wiggins Calls Kobe Bryant ‘Closest Thing To Greatest Ever’ Reviewed by Momizat on . Heading into the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday night, Andrew Wiggins will be one of the top tier prospects tuning in to find out where he could be going on June Heading into the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday night, Andrew Wiggins will be one of the top tier prospects tuning in to find out where he could be going on June Rating: 0
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Andrew Wiggins Calls Kobe Bryant ‘Closest Thing To Greatest Ever’

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Heading into the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday night, Andrew Wiggins will be one of the top tier prospects tuning in to find out where he could be going on June 26. Wiggins is expected to be selected among the top three picks in the upcoming 2014 NBA draft and the results of the lottery will be crucial to his immediate future.

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The potential number one overall pick in the upcoming draft spoke about who he’d like to face one-on-one last year before winning the Gatorade Athlete of the Year award. Wiggins didn’t hesitate to say Kobe Bryant would be the player he’d like to face because via ESNEWS:

“He’s the closest thing to the greatest ever. I think Michael Jordan is the greatest ever, but Kobe is second.”

Before committing to Kansas last year, Wiggins was considered to be a top prospect for the 2014 NBA draft. The hype surrounding Wiggins was comparable to LeBron James when he was in high school with many believing the Canadian would become the next big superstar in the NBA.

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After one year with the Jayhawks, Wiggins is still considered to be a top tier draft prospect, but no longer the consensus number one overall pick. Wiggins may still be the first player selected on June 26, but Jabari Parker (Duke) and Kansas teammate Joel Embiid could end up going ahead of him.

H/T Kobe Bryant – Our Legend Facebook Page

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  • Chris Park

    Man if by some miracle Lakers can get 1st pick definitely lock up Andrew Wiggins

    • Zimmeredge

      i think we might be looking at a future scottie in andrew… well my bad we are looking at wiggins ^^

      • Jim213

        Lakers draft 7th expected 6th or 7th. Not bad tho given they could’ve ended 9th at worst but at least the celtics fell too Bill Simmons..

        • Zimmeredge

          great results imo. it will kill the none sense hype around draft pick for love.
          let’s keep this guy. we have the chance to grab a very good young lad imo vonleh, Saric and Gordon are good f, f/c ennis, smart and mcD are good g,g/f plenty of good opportunities.

          • Jim213

            Best choice for the Wolves if they wanted to trade Love this off season would be the Nuns. They have 3 first rounders with one second rounder. But Love would still need to agree to sign an extension IMO tho the Lakers would have better odds of acquiring Love come trade deadline.

        • kookiebuger

          If they’re good down the line then their teams will probably match any offer unless the screw up there salary cap, it might be 7-9 years before we see Emiid,Exum,or Wiggins on the Lakers

          • Jim213

            Longest contracts (max) go for 5 years now but anything is possible.

      • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

        lets not forget Dante Exum , i like how nobody really says anything about him lol , love underdogs

        • Zimmeredge

          Being 4-5 in the upcoming draft at 18 that´s not an underdog. Kyle Anderson is an underdog. Payne is an underdog. Proving players but with a big question Mark over their head. Likely to be drafted in the mid draft. Russ Smith is an underdog too.

  • ra

    how about just, ‘greatest ever’? Well if he’s close, and if he has good few years, he can qualify as ‘greatest ever’.

  • VillainKing

    Andrew Wiggins all the way..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers must win the lottery tonight.Andrew Wiggins We gotta get the #1 pick!

  • VillainKing

    what the fuck lakers 7th pick cleveland win the #1 pick again..FUCK..

    • LAL

      It’s called LeBron James Agreement – signed by the commissioner.

    • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

      guess they get a do over cuz Bennet was a bust lol

  • Zimmeredge

    okay we are seven… no trade for love for sure now. well get vonleh, gordon or smart, mcD, Saric and Ennis are probably the best players available for us.
    Vonleh, Gordon and Ennis/Smart in my 3 top.
    Then very close Saric and Smart/ Ennis and then McD.

  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    Wiggins is goign to be gone by the time LA gets to choose lol

  • ghost

    And what are his arguments? Uhm… none. Just the next fan. Kobe is not even top 10.

    • vdogg

      not top TEN? lol.. yeah, right. learn something about the game.

      THEN post.

      • ghost

        I know about game much more than you. His 1vs1 game might be but it’s subjective opinion and can’t be proved, his basketball value and career – nope.

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