Andrew Bynum’s Agent on Talks with Mitch Kupchak: ‘Nothing To Do With...

Andrew Bynum’s Agent on Talks with Mitch Kupchak: ‘Nothing To Do With An Extension’


The past few weeks have been hectic to say the least for the Los Angeles Lakers with a lot of talk about a potential blockbuster trade for Dwight Howard and the free agent signings of Antawn Jamison and Jordan Hill.

With the recent signings of Jamison and Hill to go along with the acquisition of Steve Nash, the Lakers have made some considerable improvements to the starting lineup and the second unit. Unfortunately, the Howard saga continues and as a result All-Star center Andrew Bynum has taken a backseat in the Lakers’ long-term plans.

After meeting with Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak recently, Bynum’s agent, David Lee, was thought to be beginning talks of a long-term contract extension with his client. Reportedly, Kupchak and Lee did have a conversation recently, but not about a potential extension for Bynum according to Lee via Ben Bolch of the L.A. Times:

“I think Mitch’s comment was that we had ‘a cordial and productive’ conversation. It was cordial and it was productive, but it had nothing to do with an extension.”

It’s no secret that the Lakers are pulling out all the stops to land Howard via trade before next season and that Bynum is the player most likely heading out of Los Angeles as a result. With that being said, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Bynum will be traded at some point between now and the beginning of next season if a Howard deal does come to fruition.

Along with possibly being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets or Orlando Magic, Bynum stands to make considerably more money signing with the Lakers or the team that acquires him as an unrestricted free agent after next season. Howard also fits into this category as well with the superstar center saying he’ll be holding out until next summer to sign a long-term deal with the Lakers or elsewhere depending on how this trade fiasco pans out in the coming months.

If Bynum were to ink a deal with the Lakers at some point between now and the end of next season, the up-and-coming center would only be eligible to sign an extension for the amount of $57 million over three years. If he waits, Bynum can sign a new contract for five years up to as much as $101.9 million.

Obviously, Bynum waiting to sign a deal after next season makes a lot of sense with the benefit of making almost $45 million more than signing a deal this summer or during the 2012-13 NBA season.

The conclusion of the Howard saga remains to be seen with seemingly no end in sight for the Lakers until the three-time Defensive Player of the Year is traded to Los Angeles or another team that can swoop in and offer a better deal for the Magic. Until that time, the speculation surrounding Howard and Bynum will continue.

  • shockjay

    On a per season basis, it would be in Bynum’s best interest to sign a
    three-year contract because he becomes a 10+ year player, thus
    increasing his per year salary to +$20 million/year.  Dwight Howard
    could do the same thing if he signed a two-year extension, which is what
    I think he would sign if he did come to the Lakers.  Two years to work with Kobe on getting a ring or rings, then see after that if he wants to stay in L.A. or go to Brooklyn.

    Bottom line:  No matter where each player goes I think they will sign three-year (Bynum) and two-year (Howard) extensions.

  • Kmac562

    Damn…..F*ukin pro athletes are way overpaid man…. give that money to doctor’s, lawyers, or a purple heart veteran, they deserve it more it takes hell to get where their at sheeesh

    • Joe

      Did you say lawyers?  lol

    • Mellow

      Yea doctor’s deserve more money for denying patients

    • Justsaying

      Calm down KMAc! These athletes put in hard work day in day out since high school! What were you doing in highschool? probably getting drunk? while athletes put everything aside working through blood sweats and tears so one day they can negotiate millions. Im a veteran and yes i think purple heart veteran should be getting paid but at the same time lots of purple hearts members do it for the love of country! not for the money!

      • Jellybeanjay

        correction! not members, recipient! But if you ask the majority of soldiers and veterans, they will tell you the same thing! If they are in the service for money and fame then they sure are in the wrong place! 

  • Mikeymoreno10

    Very good game just wanted to try it and now I can’t stop

  • Dillo

    lets do a deal for Bynum with Houston or Cleveland str8 up i love Houston assets we can take jeremy lamb as back up 2 kobe we need help there and we can move Gasol to the 5spot sign Kenyan Martin we have Joardan Hill and Scrae maybe we use that next years pick to get a great pg for the future

    • Lestat1777

       Trading an all-star center for Houston’s assets is a bad move. You don’t trade back-the-basket centers with Bynum’s skills for assets.

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  • Ervin Paul DC Marquez

    ref whistles Lebron Travels! 

  • Lestat1777

    This article could’ve easily been expressed as a Twitter update. The title is the only new information provided. 

  • Charlesperez277

    bynum is not worth all that money, are this people blind,how can you pay this idiot so much money