Andrew Bynum Suspended Indefinitely By Cleveland Cavaliers

Andrew Bynum Suspended Indefinitely By Cleveland Cavaliers


David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
Lakers ex-center Andrew Bynum has been suspended indefinitely by the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to USA Today.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have suspended Andrew Bynum indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team, general manager Chris Grant announced Saturday.

Bynum has not bought in to what the Cavaliers are trying to accomplish, and with a young a team, he had turned into a negative influence, a person familiar with the situation told USA TODAY Sports.

Bynum’s post-Lakers career hasn’t been much to write home about. After the trade that brought Dwight Howard to Los Angeles and sent Bynum to Philadelphia, Bynum has sat out a full season following another knee surgery and has now been suspended by the Cavaliers who are desperately trying to move him.

Bynum signed a two-year, $24.5 million deal with the Cavaliers this summer, but is only is only guaranteed $6 million of that deal should be be waived by the team before Jan. 7.

The Cavaliers may try to trade Bynum before the Jan. 7 deadline and if he can’t be moved, they may waive him to avoid paying his full contract.

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  • kobe24

    In before anyone says something stupid like

    No, Lakers should not even think of bringing him back, sure he was good during 2008~2010 but even then he had a bad attitude. The guy is injury prone, he was out an entire season because of bowling

    + Now he just sucks

    • laker depression

      hell you could bring moses Malone kareem hakim and Patrick ewing it would not matter Jim buss Mike dtoni and mitch kuchek are the problem but if u can get him for a million a year id take him that jack ass coach don’t know how to coach a center

      • luzzjl524

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    • chris k

      totally agree…..

    • Al Haldie

      He just wants the money and has no common sence-on what a team really is – its all about him and him only….

    • ra

      If the Lakers were to really try to acquire Bynum, then they should keep Pau, sign LO, try to get back MWP, fire D’Antoni, hire back Phil, and get the old team back together.

      Otherwise, forget it. Bigs don’t work well with D’Antoni’s system (i.e., post up bigs, etc. – not PF-type bigs like Stoudemire).

      On the flip side, if the Lakers are truly going to trade Pau in the future (or, let him go after the season), then they should also make future attempts to acquire Bynum (maybe test out for 10-day contract in March). Both Bynum and LO did better with the Lakers organization. They just weren’t the same after leaving here. I think both could actually do well here (but not necessarily in D’Antoni’s system).

  • Frnk Sinatra

    He’s finished due to a poor attitude and bad knees

    • GM Jack

      He would still be Lakers best center today.

  • chris k

    no one should be surprised of that, his immaturity was evident as a Laker which is why he was let go to begin with…

  • ShamOnKey

    “BRING HIM BACK”…if he’ll sign on at a ‘Dollar Tree’ rate. If he doesn’t want to play then so what- we didn’t really spend anything. At this point, he has to PROVE himself. So its a steal if anyone gets him off waivers and pays close to nothing for him.

  • Jim213

    Detrimental conduct…………………………….. but blah blah posted this before LN.

  • Shahin Tabassi

    seems like pau gasol was a bad influence on bynum.

  • GM Jack

    What has Bynum done. We do not know!!

    It also, clear that Cavaliers has a habit of chastising players in the public. This great for the Lakers. Irving would be a Lakers of the management knows how to play it right.

    2009, 2010, No rings for the Lakers if Bynum did not contribute.

    Also, If he wants to come and stay healthy, he would a better defender than Gasol for far less.

    Cavaliers are just making excuse to waive him.

    • Daryl Peek

      Sorry man, Bynum barely played in those playoffs. Bynum was injured and when he wasn’t Phil often opted to sit Bynum for LO along side of Pau. Contrary to popular belief Phil preferred a stretch 4 also. This is why LO got so much PT VS. Bynum. It’s Why Horry got so much PT next to Shaq.

      MDA is not the only coach that wants to space the floor. Phil never truly ran a twin tower set. Like D’Antoni there were times the two big’s were on the floor together but not often.

      • GM JAck

        Phil did use Pau like a real center because he was soft. But during Shaq time Phil was all about dumping the ball into Shaq for an inside out game. So yes you are correct but that is because Phil did what he had to do. And bynum did play over 25 minutes in 2009 and 2010. That is major minutes considering Lakers had to rotate Odom and Pau, and Ron Artest.

        • Daryl Peek

          LO played over 31 minutes a game off the bench that season. Bynum was backing up Pau for the most part. They did see the court together but Bynum was rarely in the game in the 4th to close games out.

  • GM Jack

    ” Bynum has a point and so do the Cavs. The team’s guards generally did a poor job of getting him the ball consistently, even when he was running hot. Guard Kyrie Irving openly admitted he had never played with a post player like Bynum and didn’t know how to best take advantage of it. There were games when Bynum was dominating his man but couldn’t get a pass in position or with any time on the shot clock.’

    From ESPN, I must say, Kyrie Irving is out of Lakers Plans. If he does not know how to play like a point guard, then he is not going to help the Lakers. Lakers are all about big centers.

  • Geoff

    Glad we got rid of him when we did. Too bad, he had so much potential. But he’s poison now.

  • Jose

    Look the Lakers need to shed salary before the trade deadline. Trade Pau for Bynum and Clark. You get Clark back that was playing well for the Lakers and you can waive Bynum since his contract is not guaranteed and they shed 12 million of salary. It works for both teams.

    • GM Jack

      The trade also have to be equal, Lakers would have to pick up 19 million dollars worth to match Gasol’s salary.

      • kobe24

        I see no reason that Cavs would do it…or thats what I believe so, if they can waive Bynum and only give him $6 million why would they want to afford Gasol’s $19 million salary???

        • TeamMike206

          That’s $19M of expiring money. If I’m Cleveland and I can dump Bynum and have $19M come off the books so I have the cap space to pursue LeBron I’d do it. If I’m the Lakers I ask for Bennett and the right to swap 1st rd picks in either of the next 3 years before I consider that move.

          • Teammike206

            On 2nd thought I wouldn’t do it unless I’m getting Kyrie back. That expiring $19M has Melo written all over it

          • Daryl Peek

            The only way I’d do it if I was Kupchak and Jimmy is if I was leaning towards giving up on the season. I’d trade Pau and Meeks for Bynum and Waiters. That trade saves just under 5 mil and you could waive Bynum and save another 6 mil bringing the team well under the luxury tax.

            Sacre, Kaman and Hill would now man the C spot and could actually do a decent job. Kelly would get more PT and Waiters is a younger version of Meeks that’s a bit more explosive. Waiters has had major beef with Irving so the Cavs might be willing to do it.

            I wouldn’t take on Pau salary if I were them.

          • Daryl Peek

            No disrespect man but what kind of math are you doing? Trading Bynum for Gasol makes no sense for the Cavs salary wise. They can cut ties with Bynum only having paid half of his salary this season.

          • Jose

            It’s not about the money it’s about the playoff push. They need a big and Gasol can fill the void. They would pay an additional few mil to make the playoffs.

          • Daryl Peek

            I could see Brown liking Pau given he’s worked with him but financially your dreaming man.

          • Al Haldie

            Every one is saying trade PAU to the CAVS so they can get in the play offs and on the other hand ur saying trade PAU HE IS NO GOOD you sure do get mixed up reading that crap……

        • Jose

          They need some inside offense and believe it or not I think Gasol would benefit from playing in that system. He could help them out. They are trying to make a push for the playoffs so the cavaliers would go for it.

      • Jose

        The money side of it works with the trade the cavs are not over the cap so they can do this trade just with those players mentioned and the salaries as they are.

        • Daryl Peek

          No it doesn’t. There would have to be another player sent to LA. I’ve already tried it on ESPN trade machine

          • Jose

            I did too and it went right through. Because my original post said to bring Bynum and Clark for Pau which seems you did not see.

          • Daryl Peek

            Why would the Lakers want this? Bynum is damaged goods both mentally and physically. Lets keep in mind the Cavs will likely waive Bynum and some team could pick him up for Vets min for the remainder of this season if he in fact still wants to actually play. Anyway you cut it this trade make absolutely no sense for both sides.

          • Jose

            Did you read my original post? Pau for Bynum and Clark.

          • Daryl Peek

            I didn’t see that but I addressed it below. BTW, Pau is not jumping rope happy to go play for the Cavs and Mike Brown who pushed him out of the post also. Varejao is a solid big. They actually have enough Big production.

          • Al Haldie

            Clark is starting with the cav–why would they break up their starters and what would the lakers want with clark–u make no sence…

        • GM Jack

          Then let’s go for it. Nothing is guaranteed to Bynum and Lakers get to dump Gasol early.

    • Al Haldie

      Bynum has a 6 mil guaranteed….

  • edit patrol


    • yeah

      so annoying to read typos and repeat words etc…

  • LakersHeatBeef


  • gemgem

    I am the biggest Andrew Bynum fan in the world but even i don’t want my main man Andrew Bynum coming back to the piece of crap owner Jim Buss.Lakers are a terrible team and a very poorly run franchise.No need for Bynum to waste his time playing for a garbage coach that ignores using centers properly.Lakers are in the 13th spot in the west no way in hell will Andrew Bynum sign with the Lakers for the veteran minimum.If he is waived he will either sign with a contender or retire.

    • Al Haldie

      retire, no team in their right minds would want him – the guy is a head problem….

    • papi

      Yes the true .

  • limdog

    Brown didn’t know how to handle him the first time around. Did the Cavs really think this time would be different?

  • Irving Mark Bailey

    Who cares. Bynum was a dumb ass anyway. Every time the Lakers gained momentum, he would always fuck it up. He cost the Lakers the game against the Mavs two years ago in the Playoffs. He was never really a team player, and always so quick to throw everyone under the bus. He was just as immature as Dwight Howard.

  • meep

    bynum just a fool and cav fans see what the lakers fans saw a immature center.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Nothing surprising about Andrew anymore HELL NO we don’t want him back either lol

  • Marty Susman

    Of all the comments below, the one thing that was said that i lOVE was, “Irving could be a Laker”