Andrew Bynum Believes Kobe Bryant Hindered His Growth

Andrew Bynum Believes Kobe Bryant Hindered His Growth


kobe-bryant-andrew-bynumAndrew Bynum is now a member of the Philadelphia 76ers and his days with the Lakers are long over. Now that Bynum is across the country and does not have to see the Lakers on a daily basis, he now thinks it’s a perfect opportunity to criticize his former teammates.

Bynum spoke to ESPN Los Angeles and he talked about the impact Kobe Bryant had on his career. Even though Bynum does mention the good Bryant has done for him, Bynum believes Bryant hindered his growth as a player.

“I thought it really helped me a lot obviously at first, because he draws so much attention it’s hard for guys to double team and key on you, so it helped me tremendously,” Bynum told a group of L.A. reporters before the Lakers played the Sixers on Sunday. “Later, I felt I was able to get the ball more and do more things with the ball, so I could definitely see how it could stunt growth.”

Bynum won two championships with the Lakers and Bryant, and he became an All-Star for the first time in 2011-12. Bynum no doubt became the Lakers’ second option on offense and it was clear that Bryant developed more trust in his young center. The young center polished his offensive game and the Lakers could rely on him to score if he had the ball in the paint.

Bynum has been sidelined due to injury and he was unable to appear in the Sixers’ match against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night.

  • Monty Parks

    This guy can’t get the attention he craves on the court, so he’s got to get it some other way. So glad the Lakers wised-up and got rid of this immature baby. Things don’t go his way, so he yells in the media…or makes dirty hits on players at the end of games!

  • Don Juan

    During his tenure with the Lakers, he was injured and spent more time on the bench than on the court. When he finally began to develop and had a good year, he not only became an All Star but second team All-NBA at the center position. .Kobe and the Laker organization probably game him more chances to develop than he deserved.


    Bynum is the know it all in basketball…. He know more then the captain KAJ, he knows if he should have got the ball more he just doesn’t know when to shut the hell up.PLEASE LEARN THAT.