After The Lakers Agreed To Trade Pau, The Moment You Haven’t Heard Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_85146" align="alignright" width="253"] Photo taken just hours after the Lakers tried to trade Pau Gasol©Pau GasolPhoto By: Lori Shepler[ [caption id="attachment_85146" align="alignright" width="253"] Photo taken just hours after the Lakers tried to trade Pau Gasol©Pau GasolPhoto By: Lori Shepler[ Rating:
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After The Lakers Agreed To Trade Pau, The Moment You Haven’t Heard

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Photo taken hours after Lakers tried to trade Pau Gasol ©Pau Gasol Photo By: Lori Shepler

Photo taken just hours after the Lakers tried to trade Pau Gasol
©Pau Gasol
Photo By: Lori Shepler

Los Angeles Lakers fans will never forget Thursday, December 8th, 2011. On that day, almost two years ago, the Lakers essentially traded power forwards Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom in a deal involving the New Orleans Hornets and Houston Rockets that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers, that is, until NBA commissioner David Stern nixed the trade that night. Several days later, the Hornets reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Clippers. Gasol stayed with the Lakers, Lamar Odom, upon request, was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, and the rest is NBA history.

For a moment, forget the fan’s perspective or the business side of professional sports. What was it like to be in Gasol’s shoes on that cold day in December? In Gasol’s new book Life · Vida, award-winning photographer Lori Shepler spent four years capturing moments of authenticity, and this day happened to be one of those moments. Early in the book, there is a photograph (right) of Gasol hooked up to an EKG machine. There is text to the left of the photo, in which Gasol explains the normal testing he has to go through so that teams know he’s in tip-top shape.

Little do you know, that that photo was actually taken on the day the Lakers agreed to trade Pau Gasol. After Gasol’s last chapter in his book, in a section titled, “Behind The Lens,” Shepler describes the meaning behind that powerful photo:

“Just hours after the Lakers tried to trade Pau for Chris Paul, the Lakers told him he needed to get tests done before he could start the season. He slipped out the side door, away from all the media, and let me ride with him to the clinic. The whole drive over there he talked about the trade over the phone with his brother, Marc. When he went into the room to get the EKG and treadmill tests, they had posters of the Lakers championship win in 2010 on the wall. It was a tough moment.”

pau gasol life vida bookGasol briefly writes about that specific moment and realizes that he’s proud of how he handled that situation. Through the adversity of being “pretty much traded and then the trade was blocked,” he’s specifically proud of how he “dealt with the constant uncertainty after that moment.”

Despite being so abruptly thrown into the recyclable reality of professional sports, and faced with a unique situation of having to stay with a team that agreed to trade him, Gasol did not break down. In his chapter, “Challenges,” Gasol takes time to reflect:

“What’s a trade rumor or a potential change of teams? What’s it like to play for a coach who doesn’t believe in me or trust my abilities 100 percent? What’s the criticism that I may get at times for not accomplishing what’s expected?”

Gasol considers those obstacles as simply “bumps in the road,” though I can only imagine that learning to manage these doubts is far from simple. Where most would fall apart, Gasol is, as Kobe Bryant describes him “calm in the face of a storm; controlled in the throes of confusion.”

To purchase Gasol’s book, you can click here. All of Gasol’s proceeds will benefit the Gasol Foundation.

VIDEO: Did You See Pau Gasol’s Reaction When The Lakers Were Ranked 12th In The West?

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  • Dingle

    Serena is the best writer on this site…the rest of em suck. How many times can you hype up a bullshit story about Odom coming back. Who gives a shit, he’s done with basketball and gonna get adopted by Kanye

    • Ivann

      Adopted by Kanye lmfao good one!

  • Paytc

    Bottom line is everyone to include the players have to understand and appreciate the business side of the sport. The players need to continue to focus on giving their best regardless to any trade rumors or trades. Just keep “STEPPING UP ” and everything will fall into place for you.

    When your in the public eye you have to learn to be tough. Many will pass the wrong judgements on you,but you can only control your own conduct. You have to keep working hard to battle back whenever you fall off in the public’s eye IMO.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    LOL I actually really thought Pau Gasol just got traded by reading the headline.I been hearing some trade rumors saying Pau Gasol to back to Memphis in exchange the Lakers would get Zach Randolph,just a rumor no credence to it,but anything is possible.You really had me worried thinking Pau was a goner in a trade,welp he stays just a old archive.

  • vdogg

    interesting excerpt. pau is indeed a class act. he could have done what odom did and ‘checked out’ of being a laker once the trade was nixed.

  • Gregory Choa

    Pau’s a class act through and through – the sooner Lakers fans embrace this reality, the better. All Pau has done in his tenure with the Lakers is produce a solid 19/10/3 line season in and season out as the team’s 2nd or 3rd best player. The dude has played his entire career under the spectre of being dangled out there as trade bait, but has never really let it get to him…unlike Lamar Odom, who literally went on a national pout fest the minute he got his wittle feeling hurt in the wake of that heinous Stern trade veto debacle.
    And to think there are still “Lakers” fans out there clamoring to get Lamar Odom back into the fold while kicking Pau to the curb…unbelievable, still smh…

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