2014 NBA Trade Deadline Facts: Which Lakers CANNOT Be Traded? (Video)

2014 NBA Trade Deadline Facts: Which Lakers CANNOT Be Traded? (Video)


With the 2014 NBA trade deadline just a little over 24 hours away, did you know there are certain NBA players that cannot be traded? Lakers Nation breaks down which players on the Lakers roster cannot be traded before February 20th with Eric Pincus of BaketballInsiders.com and the L.A. Times.

Of course, there’s one Laker legend that will come as no surprise to Lakers fans. But, there’s another Laker player that’s sure to catch you off-guard (unless you know the intricacies of the trade rules). Plus, what’s the biggest misconception before the trade deadline? Check out our Lakers Nation video above and for more information, check out Eric Pincus’ article, “Which NBA Players Cannot Be Traded?” on basketballinsiders.com. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel.

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