2014 NBA Free Agency: Dwight Tells Carmelo To Follow ‘Head Not Heart’

2014 NBA Free Agency: Dwight Tells Carmelo To Follow ‘Head Not Heart’


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Last summer, Dwight Howard decided to sign with the Houston Rockets in free agency rather than re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers for considerably more money.

As a result of Dwight’s decision, the Rockets have become a legitimate force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference while the Lakers have struggled and seem to be headed toward a high pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft.

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According to Howard, the main reasons for making the move to Houston was winning and to be happy playing the game he loves. Dwight felt as if Los Angeles wasn’t the right place to accomplish both of those things in the near future.

With Carmelo Anthony potentially becoming a free agent this summer, the superstar will be in a similar situation in comparison to Dwight last year. Dwight offered some advice for Carmelo saying the following according to USA Today’s Sam Amick:

“I can’t say (what he’ll do). That’s on him. He’s got to decide. (But) he can’t be what everybody else wants. In this situation, you’ve got to take your heart out of it…So I’d just say for him, take his heart out of it and think with his head and think about business….

Dwight also went on to describe his experience with the Lakers and the result of being on a losing team in Los Angeles via Amick:

“If you don’t win, you’re not going to get all the (off-court endorsement) stuff you want anyway,” Howard said. “I saw that last year (in Los Angeles). I was in the biggest market for the NBA, and we lost, so those (companies) aren’t going to be coming to you for losing.”

It’s interesting Dwight would tell Anthony to follow his head rather than his heart and that he was unable to get endorsement deals in Los Angeles. Not only was Dwight wrong about Los Angeles being the biggest market in the NBA, it’s actually New York, but it’s not that difficult for superstars to get deals in L.A. when you stick around for more than a year.

Although speculation continues to swirl about Carmelo leaving the Knicks in free agency with the Lakers ready and waiting, the consensus at this point in time seems to be that he’s staying put. Anything can change from now until July, but most believe Anthony wants to turn things around in New York rather than starting over elsewhere.
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  • robert

    Howard giving advice, are you kidding me? what a joke. How could anyone listen to Dwight Howard. .

  • lakers72

    endorsements in a big market like LA for what? you were on a one year loan.. why would any of “those companies” give you a major endorsement knowing you might be gone 5-6 months later ? think with your head?

  • lakershow1

    How is New York the biggest NBA market?….NY hasn’t won schitzel in decades! Everyone wants to play in L.A…..

    • kobe24

      New York is the NBA biggest ( based on $$$$)

      but i agree LA > ALL

  • Jay

    This entire website is a joke, and I’m a lakers fan

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    & that shows that Coward is about money alone & he giving advice that’s the joke of the day LMAO

  • Fred Elliott Sr.

    I was going to say how stupid ” heartless ” even sounded and see I’m late ! Howard will never win a ring because he doesn’t have the heart for it. He’s a big kid always showing you just how goofy he is. I swear I was glad he left to ride Harden’s coat tails since he definitely can’t carry a team and had the nerve to say he would stay if Kobe got dumped. Mr. Ring less please !

  • jo

    what’s up with these stupid ads blocking the article unless I click on it,so annoying…..

  • afs

    I hate to be honest, but even though Dwight can be a joke, I think he definitely made the right decision. I mean just look at it: He’s having a great season and the Rockets are doing pretty well. Imagine if he had to stay with the Lakers. He’d have to deal with Mike D’Antoni’s offense that doesn’t reward post players, and he’d be playing without Kobe, Nash, etc. He wouldn’t be having fun at all.

    • truth24

      Rockets are not going to win any championships I guarantee that

  • Kenneth Simkins

    I’m sure the Lakers will win a championship again before Howard does!